Harry Potter Wants To Speak To You


Hey, it's me again. Or you? We need to get this thing sorted but now is not the time.

I have something more important to talk about. I WENT TO THE HARRY POTTER STUDIOS!!!

Ever since it was opened to the public in 2012, I have begged my parents to take me. So on Saturday 24th September 2016, I was finally able to enter the Great Hall and see how the Harry Potter movies were created.

I don't know if you will be able to see this beautiful collage of photos I have put together over the phone, but if you can, here you go:

It was incredible. Seriously. As I am really into films, I found it so so so interesting to see the props, and sets and how the directors and the creators turned the books into what we have seen on the big screen!

One of my FAVOURITE scenes is in Deathly Hallows when Voldemort and his crew (including Snape) are sat around a large table at Malfoy Manor, and they torture the Hogwarts teacher Charity Burbage. Nagini then eats her. Even though this is a disgusting moment which is horrible to watch, it is so powerful and the fact that I was able to see the costumes, the set, and how they made it, is crazy to me. (I also love when Bellatrix is torturing Hermione. I know I sound really sick, but from a director/writer/creative point of view, it is such a powerful moment that sparks Ron and fills him with courage.)

As I am writing this, I still can't believe that I have been able to go to the ACTUAL STUDIOS WHERE HARRY POTTER WAS MADE!! It is now on my bucket list to go to the Harry Potter World thing at Universal Studios. Let me know if you wanna come with me and I will be down to fly over there and fangirl.

Tips for going to the studios:
  1. Say it is your birthday. Wear a birthday badge. Trust me, you will thank me.
  2. I would say it takes about 3 hours to fully experience the studios and try everything (e.g. fly on the brooms, take photos, read everything, etc), however you could spend 4 or more hours there if you stopped at the cafĂ© on the way just before you see the backlot. If you are planning to stay longer, check the official website to see when the studios close on the day you are going.
  3. There are 2 merchandise shops. 1 is located on platform 9 and 3/4, where you see THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS. The items you can get in that shop is specific for the train and the platform, and you can't get any of the items you see in that shop in the main shop (except the wands). So if you see something you wanna get on the platform, get it then and there because the studios is one way and you might not be able to get back. The BIG FINAL shop is crazy, with people everywhere! You may want to look at the official website again to plan if you want to find anything in particular to get. The shops are slightly pricey, but what do you expect?? (chocolate frog- £8.95, keyrings/magnets- £4-£15, tshirts- £15-£40, wands- £20-£200, etc)
  4. Look up and down and all around in the main exhibition space because there are props and sets all over the place! You don't want to miss anything!
I think that is everything. I hope you are ok and MAYBE WHEN YOU ARE READING THIS YOU HAVE VISITED UNIVERSAL STUDIOS?!?!? A girl can dream!

Speak to you soon future anna. Stay magical!


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