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Ok future anna. When you create films in the future, please actually finish the script before you get a cast and set a week to film. This is because SURPRISE I have done exactly that. whoop whoop.

Yes, in 2 weeks (2 WEEKS WHAT?!?!?) I will begin to film my first short film. It is super super super exciting because most things are planned, I have an amazing cast and I just really want to get started with my dream in making films. Ok, so that is the positives. Now for the main negative. I HAVEN'T EVEN PROPERLY FINISHED THE SCRIPT YET AND I PLAN TO GIVE THE SCRIPT TO THE CAST TOMORROW!!

Ok, the way I want to work as a director (ooh la la sounding fancy) is that I give the characters the script for the scenes that they are in, and nothing else. I really like this idea (and so do the cast which makes me really happy!!) because if the stories that I am wanting to tell were real, the people would only know their part of the story and wouldn't see everyone's secrets. That is how I would like to work, so I am trying it out with this film. I hope that makes sense, and hopefully you are still following this method future anna! (This also means that when the cast see the finished film for the first time, they can see the whole story for the first time and not know what might happen!)
So I have just stopped writing this post to go and speak to my parents. They asked if I am still going to apply to university. I replied with: I haven't even written my personal statement.
They are fine with me not going to uni, they just want me to start having a look at what I want to do with my future. TBH I just want to make films, but I am starting to think if I can even support myself doing that? My dad said I shouldn't worry about that. I should worry about getting experience and getting my name out there. I feel a bit sad (If you know me you know that EVERYTHING makes me emotional. I need to sort my life out) because I feel a bit stuck and stuff, but hopefully future anna is reading this and she has everything sorted. PLEASE HAVE EVERYTHING SORTED!

So I guess that's it for now. Good luck future anna.


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