Bad Signal


the title is a play on words with 'bad blood'. I know it's awful, ha. help me with titles.

Hey future anna. hope you have been ok since I left you a message like 2 weeks ago. since then I saw BASTILLE, SUCH A HEAVENLY BAND WHO HAVE MY HEART AND MY SOUL, perform in Manchester!! This was like 1 and a half weeks ago but I think I have only just recovered from what happened.

if you can't remember (WHICH YOU SHOULD BECAUSE IT WAS BASICALLY THE GREATEST MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE!!) the main singer DAN SMITH walked past you when they were performing flaws.




I think i'm still alive. *checks pulse*. yeah I think i'm good.

I don't know when you might read this again future anna, but maybe you have actually spoken to the members of bastille (or even had a hair flipping contest with woody but who knows...) or met one of your other singing idols.

If you have lost the footage (either no because it's so precious or yes because you always format computers and stuff wrong), here is a clip from flaws where the heavenly moment took place. enjoy (I know the quality I awful but that doesn't matter. I was there and that's all I need to know):

So that happened. yep.

the whole show was visually AMAZING! there were loads of big screens with crazy videos and animations that changed depending on the song that they were performing which created a whole experience for each song. have you seen the 'fake it' music video?? well the politician guy from it was on screen as well introducing the band and the support acts (who were also pretty cool!!) which created the idea that we were watching a news broadcast or something which I loved!! the whole experience was so beautiful and like every concert I go to, I just want to relive it again and again and again!

also the merch. let's take a minute for anna's bank account and the £60 she spent. yes future anna, present anna doesn't regret anything. sorry if you are in debt.

next week I am seeing melanie Martinez in manchester (ahhhhh!!!) so expect another blog post with me fangirling. also the short film is nearly finished being edited so it should be out early December. I really hope that it turns out well and everyone loves it and I can enter it in the raindance film festival, but i'm sure that when you are reading this back you know what happened.

I think that's everything. I hope the future is ok. speak later :)


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