Girls (and boys) on the phone (film).

p.s. the title is a play on 'girls on film' but I mixed it up and it makes no sense and I need help with titles cuz I want them to link with phones but idk, k on with the blog...


So I think last week was one of the best experiences of my life. From Monday to Thursday, I shot my short film AND IT WAS GREAT. It is up there with seeing all my faves in concert, so you know it's good.

I haven't even said hello to you future anna. hey, how you doing? I'm currently trying to catch up on the 100s of youtube videos I wasn't able to watch last week because of filming, and writing this!

so after finishing the script and deciding to film over the week of half term, this is how it went down:

On Monday, Ciara and Harry came to my house who played Sara and Tom, and we filmed their sections of the film that only require those characters. It was so much fun, and as it was the first day I was slightly worried that things would go wrong, but it went so smoothly and I know that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life! Even though filming was so much fun and I can't wait to make a bloopers reel, I would say that the highlight of the day was when me, Ciara, and Thomas (my younger brother if ya don't know) were eating pizza during lunch (harry had a salad wrap because he likes healthiness) and Thomas was saying that you should always get the slice next to you, but if you want the last slice and it isn't near you, you are allowed to jump over the table! haha!!

On Tuesday, Gina and Josh came round, who played Ellie and Chris. This was like Monday, and was so fun! There were moments where I couldn't stop laughing, and I think the most memorable moment of the day was when we were shooting in "Chris' Room" and it was the final take and it was going so so so well, but then Gina got a clothes hanger stuck on her jumper and everyone was laughing but she tried to carry on! haha, it was so funny and I love re-watching that clip!

On Wednesday, Brendan who played Matt came round, and in the afternoon, Ayron who played Yasmin came round. Brendan and I seemed to get all of his shots done in like an hour, it was crazy fast! However I think my highlight of his individual filming time was when he had to get angry and do something a bit crazy and I was so worried that it wouldn't work, BUT HE WAS INCREDIBLEEE!!! Yessss for getting the shot first time!! Filming with Ayron in the afternoon was so fun, because we basically chilled whilst she smoked out of "Yasmin's bedroom" window. I got some super cool shots though that I can't wait to put together!

THEN CAME THURSDAY. All the cast, and Max (AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER) came round and it was so lovely to get everyone together! It was such an amazing atmosphere and it seriously felt like we were one big happy family! I WANT TO DO IT EVERYDAY!! It was so sad when the day came to an end, because even though I could have a lie-in on Friday, I wouldn't be able to film anything else to do with the film. I think one of my favourite parts of the day was when we were filming "Yasmin's room" which is a really small space, and I had to sit under my tripod because there was a massive light box and loads of cables I had to dodge, BUT WE DID IT!!! I will include some pics here for your enjoyment future anna:

Thank you so so so much to the whole cast and Max for an amazing week! I had so much fun and Hopefully we can all work together again in the future (sequel????)

So that's it future anna. my next blog post will either be about my sudden obsession with makeup BECAUSE IT IS SO SHINY AAND MAGICAL AND I FEEL LIKE A PRINCESS MERMAID UNICORN EVEN TALKING ABOUT IT, LET ALONE USING IT!! or seeing bastille in concert. ACTUAL GODS OF MUSIC. #fangirllife

See ya round future anna xoxo


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