Legally Ginger


hi future anna. as you are aware, the title of this blog post is a play on words with the musical 'Legally Blonde' because I/you are ginger. unless in the future you have dyed your hair. ooohhh have you dyed your hair future anna? is it a pastel blue?? I think that would be really cool but I already wear a lot of blue so it may clash and they say that ginger hair is dying out so it probably isn't a good idea to dye your/my hair because ya know i'm ginger. maybe one day i'll dip dye my hair pastel blue. I just like that colour.

anyyywayyyy...... on Thursday 17th November I went to go and see 'legally blonde' performed. it's the week before the play I am helping to direct starts and one of the cast has a spare (FREE!!! YASS) ticket to the show because his mum, who was gonna go, has to go down to London because his sister has just given birth to twins. congrats and all that but good luck because I know how difficult twins are to look after through the sims. gosh it's so stressful.

anyyywayyyy...... I had never seen the show before, film or on stage. I had never heard any of the songs. I don't even really know the story. but I love going to see shows and supporting people, especially as we want support for the play we are doing IN A WEEK!!! I hope it went ok future anna!!

so the show was BRILIANT!! the cast were so energetic and even though I didn't really know the songs, I just wanted to get up and dance because of how good they all were! if you have forgotten the story future anna, here ya go:
  • There is a girl called Elle Woods who is in a relationship with a guy. He breaks up with her because she is not "serious" enough for him, especially because he is about to attend Harvard Law School.
  • Elle studies and gets into Harvard Law to try and get him back, however she meets new friends and like most musicals, the ending is quite predictable but you feel so happy for the characters!
Even though BRIGHT PINK HAPPY SINGING SORORITIES aren't my thing, it was such a good show, and I really recommend it, just give it a chance!
ooohhh you know what future anna, well the girl who played Sophie in 'Honey Honey' that you went to go and see on your birthday, also played Elle Woods in this! I thought I recognised her,and she is still amazing at acting, singing and dancing. I hope things go well for her!
So yeah! it was a fun night and you got a lift home. what more could you want? I don't know when abouts in the future you are reading ts future anna, but I hope yo have been to support many more local ameture productions and seen new shows that you hadn't seen before. GIVE THEM A CHANCE GIRL!!
Bye for now, wish me luck for the play this week, even though you already know how it goes.

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