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ok. this title would fit in nicely with melanie Martinez's crybaby album track list. that is all, the voice message may continue.

the photo on the left is from my Instagram a few weeks ago when the tickets arrived. I didn't take the photo on the left, I found it on google and hope who took it doesn't mind me using it :)
hi future anna. something was meant to happen on Wednesday 23rd November 2016. I was meant to go to Manchester on the train, meet my bae Nikki, and then see MY PRINCESS MELANIE MARTINEZ PERFORM!! I was so so so so excited! I love her music so much, I feel her aesthetic and music style is so new and fresh, yet everyone can relate to it. I love it, and her.

I had a suspicion that the show would be cancelled, as 2 days before, she was meant to be performing in Paris, but had to cancel because she was ill. The show I was meant to be going to was cancelled the day before, so I guess that's a good thing. At least I wasn't stranded in a city late at night.

The reason I have chosen to talk about this, is because I have seen so many mean comments on twitter, Instagram and facebook, towards melanie, saying how she owes it to them to perform, and she would be nothing without her fans.


I agree in some ways, because ANY celebrity or singer would be nobody without fans. But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't put their health and life before anyone else.

The reason Melanie cancelled was because she couldn't physically sing. Her voice was hurting her so much. So many people who went to the London show said that they tried to sing every word with her so she didn't hurt herself. She couldn't do an encore because she physically couldn't speak. Melanie has said this. Fans have said this. Her family have said this.

Surely, Melanie taking care of herself is so much more important than her risking her voice and career.

Yes, I am slightly annoyed. I have waited so long to be able to see her live and hear her sing, but because I support her, and want her to be ok, SO LET HER HAVE TIME OFF TO RECOVER!!

I hope when you are reading this future anna, you have been able to see Melanie live, and that she is fully ok. I wonder what her next album will be? She has said that it explores somewhere in Crybaby's town, so I am really excited!

I know that this message is being left after the play has finished, so I will leave you a message about that in the next few days! Bye future anna, stay safe xoxo


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