Ring Ring, It's 2017!


good'ay from down under future anna, and happy 2017!!! I am currently in Australia, and so far I have been having the best time ever, even if i have felt a little home sick at times. I am currently 11 hours in the future which means when this message is left, nearly everyone i know won't even have celebrated new years yet. Wierd.

To celebrate the new year last night, my uncle got me a ticket to Luna park, so that I could experience the Sydney fireworks from inside of one of the most famous theme parks! it was INCREDIBLE, and an amazing way to say tah tah to 2016, and hola to 2017!

Here I am going to list my current goals for the year, let me know if you manage to achieve them all future anna! These aren't really resolutions, just things I would like to complete before 2018!
  1. Create 2 new films. I have some ideas and would love to create something over summer, and something else nearer winter. If I do more, that would be great, but this is how I want to challenge myself to get on with creating and not letting anything stop me!!
  2. Learn to play the ukulele. wait, is that how you spell it? well no red line has come up underneath, so it must be. Anyway, I bought a ukulele early 2016, hoping to learn it. it has sat in the corner of my room since. hopefully 2017 is the year I drop everything and release a number one ukulele album. hahah, maybe!
  3. Go on holiday with my sister. I think this is a lovely idea, and as she is 17 in like 15 days, it would be nice to do something before we never get the chance again! Maybe a weekend in Llandudno, London, Edinburgh, or someplace else! oohhh, I really hope this happens!!
  4. Learn every word to 'car radio' by Twenty One Pilots. I love this song, but the rap never seems to go right when I sing it! maybe if I wish really hard, the lyrics will just flow out of my mouth like they do with Tyler Joseph.
  5. Enter 'The Best Days' in the Raindance film festival! I am so proud of the film and everyone in it, that I want to enter it! I don't mind if we're not nominated, it's just an exciting opportunity and imagine if someone famous saw the film!?!??!!? ahhhhh!!!! I wonder what happened future anna?
  6. be more happy. I felt so unhappy when I moved to my new house. I have improved, but I want to be fully happy here, for me, and for my family! It's a work in progress, but IT WILL HAPPEN!!!
  7. Pass my driving test!! It has been a complete rollercoaster trying to learn how to drive, but hopefully all the stress and time will be worth it! who knows, maybe I will drive myself and my sister to our little trip! hopefully you can drive future anna!

That is all I can think of right now, but I hope when you are reading this future anna, it is 2018, and you completed everything you wanted for the year 2017. hopefully there are many more memes and exciting oppurtunities! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! see you around future anna!


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