The Importance of Being on the Phone


ay up future anna. THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST IS DONE AND IT WENT SO SO SO SO WELL!!! WOOOOO!! Ok, sorry for screaming at you down the phone.

Between Wednesday 23rd November, and Saturday 26th November, a drama group that I am part of performed 'The importance of being Earnest' by Oscar Wilde. I had so much fun heloung to direct the show and the final week was so much fun. I will include some memories here for you to look back on future anna:


So on Monday 21st November, it was the tech rehearsal in the evening. However, in the day I met up with Rach and Beth (I hope when you are reading this in the future, future anna, you are still besties with them both because they are both so amazing!!) and Hanley to do shopping, eating and watching of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! It was such a fun day and I was able to get some more buts for Australia and HAIR BOBBLES BECAUSE I WAS LIVING OFF 2 AND IF THEY BROKE THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD HAVE COLLAPSED BUT YOU MANAGED TO GET THEM SO chill.

The film was really good, and we had baskin robins ice cream in the cinema which was really tasty!! HOWEVER, the only thing I didn't like about the film was how they force a relationship on Newt and the brown haired lady at the end. THEY HAD NO CHEMISTRY SO WHY DO THAT?!?!?! never mind, ay. at least i'll never do that if i'm writing anything.

we were having such a fab day until we realised it was 5:30pm and we had to be at the tech rehearsal at 6. oops. it would have been quite close, but we could have managed to make it on the bus, however Rach had to go to her house to grab some props. we got the bus to Rach's house, picked up her stuff, and then Beth's dad drove us to the rehearsal. we were an hour late. it was fine....

The tech went really well and everything got sorted (I think. I didn't do tech stuff so i'm guessing it went smoothly). then I went home and went to sleep,


Tuesday 22nd November was the day of the dress rehearsal, and also the day we would film the play. James had asked me to do shots of it which I was fine with and I was pretty excited. I took my camera, tripod, microphone, and 3 batteries with me.

all was fine until we forgot which tripod was mine in the mass that James bought with him. We got all that sorted in the end.

Then came the oncoming storm. I previously (about 3 lines up) mentioned that I had taken 3 camera batteries with me. This was fine UNTIL I FOUND OUT THEY ALL HAD NO BATTERY!! I felt so stressed and had to run between the camera, charger, and microphone to make sure everything was running smoothly. It all worked out fine in the end AND WE WERE READY FOR THE SHOW TO START THE NEXT DAY!! WOOOO!!


so I wasn't even meant to be going to the show today. On Wednesday 23rd November, I was meant to be seeing Melanie Martinez in Manchester and this had been planned for weeks and everyone knew I couldn't do the first night. However the show had been cancelled as Melanie was too ill to sing. (here is a cheeky blog post about it: http://annasnothere.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/play-phone.html)

However, I had told James the night before that I could help out now because obviously I had nothing else to do. It was so much fun and even though I would've loved to have seen Mel perform, I was so happy I could be there for the first night!


Today I was working until 4ish, so as soon as I had finished, I ran (well not ran because I live on a country road which could be dangerous, I hope you are still staying safe one the road future anna, or have you moved out yet???) back to my house, ate, changed, and jumped in the car to get to the second show night!! Again, so much fun was had and the show was great! It was a bit of an odd audience because they were laughing at odd bits, but at least they did laugh, at future anna?! hahah!


Third show night!!! Tonight my parents came to the show so it was super excited to hear their feedback. They had never seen/read the play before, and only knew the famous lines, so it was really great to see how they understood what was happening with all the characters and enjoyed the show!! It always makes me really happy when my family and friends want to see that shows that I am apart of!


Today I had work again, so after finishing, I got home, ate, changed, and jumped in the car to get to the show! It was the final night so I was so so so excited because this was the last time we would be able to do the show all together. Also, my granny and grandad were coming to see the show that night so I really wanted them to like it, as I had stayed over at their house a lot over the rehearsal process. THEY LOVED THE SHOW and everything went amazingly well!

To top it off, it was Richard's birthday (he played Jack/Earnest) so after the show we went to a local indian food place to eat and drink and celebrate! I am not a big indian food eater, so I chose some sides to make up my meal. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY FINE APART FROM THE WAITER!!! ok, ok, ok.... the waiter came to the table and asked each of us individually what we wanted. there were 12 of us in total, and I was either the 3rd of 4th person he asked. He asked what I wanted to eat, so I said:

"The sag aloo side dish, the pilau rice, and a plain naan please."

He then stopped me and said "no, no, wait there i'm not doing sides yet. Do you want the sag aloo meal?"

Me and Richard's girlfriend Ruth (she is very lovely and this was the first time I had met her, I wonder if you have ever seen her again future anna?) were just looking at each other and laughing. I told the waiter that I wanted it as a side. He was so confused. I explained that I was only little so a side meal, a side of rice, and a naan, would be fine with me. He still didn't really understand, but I got what I wanted and nearly ate it all. It was the first time I had sag aloo (have you had it since future anna??) so it was really delicious with the rice, HOWEVER THE NAAN WAS BIGGER THAN ME!! It was hugeeee, and it was so tasty that when I think back, I feel so sad that I couldn't squeeze it all in! The meal was so lovely, and was topped off with the crazy 70s music videos that were playing in the background (gosh, they were so awkward and me and ruth couldn't stop laughing).

I got back to granny and grandad's house abut 12:45, and went straight to sleep!!


so living on about 7 hours sleep (it felt less than that on the day), I went back to the place we had done the show at for about 9am to start taking down the staging and all the tech stuff. it took about 3 hours to do, and to end it, we went to a really nice pub a few minutes away for lunch! I couldn't decide between a child's meal of pizza, beans, and chips, or a posh pub sandwich of halloumi and chips. I love pizza, but I hardly ever get to have halloumi, so I had that. it was very tasty and well worth it! It was a lovely way to top off the show week and say goodbye to everyone!

After this, as usual future anna, I helped my dad with the local Christmas light switch on with a stall that he has. very successful, but very tiring. Do you still help with the switch on future anna?

AND THE WEEK WAS OVER!!! oh gosh I am tomska.

such a fun time, and as I am writing all this up to post, it is December and nearly time for my film to be released, for Christmas, and then AUSTRALIA!!! how exciting. SEE YOU LAST WEEK future anna xoxo


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