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Hey future anna, hope you're doing well! I am still in the land down under and even though it is currently summer in Aus, it is winter at home in the UK. Weird right? Well, this is going to be even weirder. It is january and as i am writing this, i am laying on Shelly Beach in Manly. WHAAA?? It's january and i am on the beach! But remember, Australian seasons are switched. Anyway, the point of this blog post is my tips for visiting the beach, whether at home or abroad, so that you can refer back to them if you go to the beach again. Also feel free to use them if you have intercepted this message.

One: SUNCREAM SUNCREAM AND EVEN MORE SUNCREAM!! I am currently experiencing sunburn and peeling on both of my shoulders and it is something i never wish to experience again. Even if it doesn't look sunny, or it's a little cloudy, PUT IT ON GIRLLLLL!!!!

Two: Always remember to bring a spare change of pants or socks (and any other under garments you may require). If you already have your swimming costume on under your clothes, when you get changed at the end, you need to be wearing pants, which are easy to forget, SO DON'T. Also, even if you are just going to walk along the front, or for a paddle up to your knees, you might get splashed or all sandy, so a change of clothes can be a great backup plan. Better to be safe than sorry.

Three: Toiletries!! Future anna, if you are on your period, remember tampons. They are great if you are in water and you can have a great time without having to worry about mother nature.
There may be showers you can use at the place, but i never bother to bring shower gel or shampoo. This is because, i only use the water to get the layer of sand off and put my clothes on comfortably. I would much prefer to have a shower and wash my hair back at home. But if you aren't taking shower gel and stuff, remember deodorant so you can feel a little fresher. Don't worry, no one cares if you're still a little sandy or smelly. This leads me onto number...

Four: Everyone is in the same boat (ayyyy seaside puns!!). Everyone on the beach is covered in sand, has messy hair, is slightly sunburned, not fully done up, SO DON'T WORRY!! If you aren't looking your best, don't panic, no one is.

Five: THROW THAT SHADE!! No don't. Don't do that. I meant shade. As in when someone uses something to block the sun from shining in a certain place. If you are going somewhere sunny (so not the uk), why not take an umbrella or small tent. Nearly everyone does, and as well as protecting you from the sun, it is somewhere to keep your bags and food and valuables. Also, remember your sunglasses to block out those h8rz and the bright sun. Even though you might want to take them off to go in the sea, they come in handy if you are just chilling.

I think those are the main tips i have right now. If you have anymore future anna, add to the list (and if you have intercepted this call, feel free to let me know if you have any).

So let's end this message with a list of beach essentials so you can remember what to take to the beach, if you ever go future anna:

☀ Towel
☀ Suncream (always take a spare bottle, even if you apply before you go!)
☀ Water (stay hydrated kids!!!)
☀ Spare pants and clothes and things
☀ Deodorant, wet wipes (can come in handy if you take a picnic or there is no where at the beach where you can wash), tampons (remember to dispose of them correctly) and other bits you may need for health and things
☀ A phone (to take pictures to remember the day, and to have a way of contacting someone of there is an emergency), and some money if you want to treat yourself to an icecream or a drink.
☀ Sunglasses
☀ I think that's all the essentials for now, but feel free to add to this future anna

K, I am now going to enjoy the last few days i have in the sun before i have to go back to snow, ice, wind, rain and cold. Bye future anna xoxo


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