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Hello future anna. As you might know, my last message was some beach tips that you might need if you visit the beach in the future. So... As i am now back from Aus (p.s. i am back from Australia✈), i thought i would leave some tips on airports and flying, and essentials and how to deal with jetlag that you might need for the future, and if you are listening to this call and you aren't future anna, feel free to use them too.

Now, as of this point, i have only been on 8 planes, and all through etihad. One trip to qatar (4 planes to get there and back), and then Australia (the same as qatar but obviously longer). So if you are reading this future anna and want to update this regarding other airlines and things, feel free. Also, if you have tapped into this call, feel free to let me know more.

Anyway, on with the general airport/flying tips... (That sounded like what miranda says at the start of miranda)

✈ Check in online. Even though there is normally a que/cue (???) for online check in and general check in, the que for online check in is normally (well all the times i have experienced) much shorter or non-existent. This saves time and boredom.
✈ Take a packet of cards or a small game in your hand luggage. This is great if you are waiting at the airport for a while or you are bored on the plane! My cousin and i played uno for about an hour at Abu Dhabi and it was so much fun!!
✈ This is more for booking, but check how much baggage you are allowed so you don't worry. Also, i am a light packer and with the ticket i had, i could have taken another suitcase! I didn't need to, meaning i could have saved over £100 on my ticket, but oh well, at least i had the option to have another bag if needed. But make sure to check what you can and can't take with the ticket you have!
✈ Have your passport and ticket somewhere you can easily grab. You may need to show it to someone and if its at the bottom of your bag, you will be wasting everyones time future anna!! This being said, make sure it isn't on show so someone can easily take it!
✈ On all the planes i have been on so far, i have been fed. However sometimes the food isn't that great or you feel hungry at times when they aren't serving food. You can go and ask the staff for something, but just to be sure, ALWAYS buy a packet of crisps or something at the airport future anna so that you are prepared!
✈ While you are waiting to get through security, check what you need to do at that airport so you are ready when you get to the desk. Do you need to take out all electrical equipment? Are your liquids and things in a bag ready? GET PREPARED FUTURE ANNA!!
✈ And my final tip to remember is to make sure you keep up to date with the departure boards in case your flight or gate changes! This has never happened to me but i am always aware that something may change, and i need to go somewhere else!

Now onto my flying essentials. Be sure not to forget them future anna...

🐦 A spare change of clothes or just spare underwear. If you are on a long flight, a change can be nice and refreshing!
🐦 Toiletries: lip balm, moisturer, face wipes, maybe a little bit of makeup but that's not necessary. Don't go too crazy, you might not even use it, and remember the 100ml limit!!
🐦 Headphones, and make sure you have some good music downloaded on spotify future anna!
🐦 Snacks and drinks! No don't bring a picnic future anna. You might want to buy a packet of crisps or something at the airport because you might get peckish, and having a bottle handy is great because most airports have places where you can fill them up, and they will fill them up on the plane as well. Like i said, don't go crazy, as they do have food and drinks that you can ask for on the plane, but it's nice to have something just in case!
🐦 I like those neck pillows because i find them easier to get to sleep with (not thaf i sleep easily on planes), and luckily etihad provide them BUT remember to take one future anna if you are flying with another airline!

And finally, JETLAG!! I have never (up to te point i am writing this) experienced crazy jetlag, but i have been a little off schedule with sleep and time, but here are some tips for you future anna from your past self...

🚀 Accept that you will probably experience slight jetlag!!
🚀 Try and arrange your schedule on the plane to what time zone you will be in when you get off (e.g. if you are getting on an evening plane which arrives at your destination late morning, try and sleep so that you are in the right time when you get off, etc, work it out for yourself future anna)
🚀 If you arrive at your destination and feel tired and it isn't time for bed, DO NOT NAP FUTURE ANNA!!! You will mess up you schedule!! Try and stay awake until 7pm at the earliest!! This is the same if you arrive at night and feel wide awake, try and sleep, or at least be in bed so your body starts to get used to the correct times to do things.
🚀 stay strong, you can get through it!!

Those are all the tips i can think of right now future anna, but feel free to add to the lists if you have any more hacks and ideas!!
Even though i have been back from Aus for almost a week now, i am only just starting to get over my little bits of jetlag, but YOU DID IT!! You went to AUSTRALIA!!!! Expect my video diary with my next blog post, i just need to edit it! See you around future anna xoxo


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