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I love pancakes. hopefully you still do future anna. well, as tomorrow is pancake day, I thought I would jot down my favourite pancake recipe (I found it online a few years ago), so that it is written down for future reference, as I ALWAYS forget the measurements when making them, so here you go future anna. ENJOY!

If you are not future anna, hello. WHY ARE YOU READING MY MESSAGES?!?! nah, that's ok! This recipe is vegan, diary free, and can be switched up to whatever you have in your cupboard. if you have almond milk or are not bothered about it being vegan, use a different milk substitute, if you want to use an egg rather than a banana, feel free, but you might want to add a little sugar. It's completely mix and match-able.

  1. 3/4 cup of flour (i use plain white, but feel free to use whatever flour you have. Experiment!)
  2. 1/2 cup of soya milk (feel free to use whatever milk you have available, or even water but i haven't ever tried that so can't say what it's like, you may need a little more than this, read on to see why!)
  3. Half a Banana (you can use this a substitute for 1 egg. I use the other half of the banana as a topping)
  4. Oil for the pan
  5. A sprinkling of sugar if you want your pancakes to be sweeter!
  6. Your toppings, or decorations as I like to say. you have to make your pancakes look pretty!

  1. Cut the banana in half (or use the whole thing if you want to double the recipe, I do this if I am having pancakes with my brother and sister, but half is enough (maybe a lil too much) for one serving!) and mash it until it resembles scrambled eggs, or mashed banana.
  2. To the mashed banana, add the flour and milk. If you have used an egg rather than a banana, you can add sugar here too. Feel free to add sugar even if you're using a banana. Experiment kids, but stay safe! Mix until you get a kinda cake batter consistency. You want it to be pourable, but not super runny. make sense? It won't be super smooth because the banana won't be super smooth, but you will know when it's right. feel free to add more milk if it isn't quite right. I normally have to do this because I am an idiot and can't measure correctly. When you are at this stage, you are ready for the next step.
  3. Now you have your pancake batter, you can go ahead and cook it up. If you want to go a little crazy, feel free to add chocolate chips, fruit, nuts, sprinkles, or anything else to the mixture! I have tried this with blueberries which was very tasty! Try the others at your own risk. This makes really tasty pancakes, or alternatively, you can just decorate with these after. After heating up your pan and adding oil (I normally go for a medium heat, turning it up and down depending on how hot it gets. I use vegetable oil and have never tried any others so I can't comment. I also no longer have a normal oven. I have an aga. woo. so I use the simmering plate. Heat up the pan and add the oil. take the pan off of the plate to add the mixture, and then put it back on. this just allows me to spread out the mixture so it doesn't cook suddenly as I can't change the heat), add some of your batter to the pan, cook on one side until ready (you know it's ready when the sides lift from the pan slightly and the side looks a golden brown colour), flip, and repeat the cooking process.
  4. I find this amount makes 3 regular sized pancakes, but could make 2 large ones, or 5/6 small ones. After you have your pancake stack ready, you can either eat them, or decorate! I use the other half of the banana, and normally golden syrup, but the day I made these, I had chocolate spread. What is your favourite way to decorate them future anna?


Ahh I love this recipe and hopefully you still use it future anna! I think I might jot more recipes down in the future because I normally end up making something and forgetting how I did it. hopefully you enjoy them future anna! anyway, enjoy pancake day tomorrow, and any pancake day in the future!
p.s. hello if you're not future anna. what do you like on top of your pancakes? I also recommend strawberry jam and cream!


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