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hello future anna, as you know and probably still do, I like CDs. a lot. I love holding a physical copy of the music I love by artists I admire so so so much. it's such a magical feeling to hold it and play it. I was going to start collecting records, BUT THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE!! Maybe you have started collecting them future anna? well, I thought I could do this post about the CDs I currently own, and then in a few years, you can do it again future anna to see how your selection and music tastes have grown. so... on with the collection!

from left to right:
  1. OF COURSE WE HAVE KATY PERRY FIRST!!!! well, katy Hudson first. I got this on ebay for about £20 a few years ago. it's probably a fake but I will never know.
  2. Katy Perry - One of the Boys. I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO SO SO MUCH!!
  3. Katy Perry - MTV Unplugged. this album and dvd are the most beautiful things ever. seriously listen to katy's cover of Hackensack!!
  4. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. ok, this needs to be switched with teenage dream, but this was the first Katy album I bought as this was when I first started to really like her.
  5. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream. again, needs to be switched so they are in release order, but these songs are incredible.
  6. Katy Perry - Prism. THIS ALBUM IS THE FIRST ERA I WAS PROPERLY PART OF FROM THE START. I love it so much and has so many special memories for me. hoping to get a tattoo one day to represent it!
  7. Bastille - All This Bad Blood. so I bought this album as soon as I got home from leeds fest 2015, after seeing them live. wow. so beautiful. i'm probably a bad stormer as I don't have 'bad blood', but it's all in this album so there is no need. I might treat myself to it one day though.
  8. Bastille - Wild World. THIS ALBUM. CAN WE TAKE A MINUTE. like katy, I adore bastille so so so much. this album was the one I was there from the beginning with so again, it means to much to me. again with the tattoo idea, I want to get a joint one with this and the prism album of a triangle. if you follow either, you probably know why!
  9. Lana Del Rey (OR SHOULD I SAY LANA DEL BAE?!!?) - Born to Die. this album is so beautiful. I really want her others, but again, money. I have them all saved on Spotify and her new song 'Love' is beautiful.
  10. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend. I love this album. If i'm ever in a bad mood, I stick on this (or pencil full of led by paolo Nutini), and just dance around to all the tunesss. I haven't really listened to their other music, but maybe one day I will get round to it!
  11. The Vaccines - What Did You Expect From The Vaccines. I love every song on this album. I haven't really listened to the vaccine's other stuff, but their first album is brilliant! My favourite song from it is Norgaard.
  12. Charli XCX - Sucker. If I ever need to listen to a really good pop song, I stick on charli xcx. I haven't listened to her first album, but I really love all these songs and she is amazing live!
  13. Twenty One Pilots - Vessel. this is the second TOP album I bought after I got to love their music through blurryface. I don't have their first album, but listen to it a little on Spotify. it is my goal to learn every word to everyone of their songs/raps!
  14. Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface. THIS ALBUM!! I first listened to TOP through this album and I love it so much! each song tells a different story and really inspires me a lot.
  15. Florence and The Machine - Lungs. this is the only Florence album I own, yet I love it so much!! I can't even remember how long I've had it for so as far as I can remember, it has always been part of my collection. the songs and Florence's voice are stunning, and even though I don't own any more albums from her, I listen to her quite often on Spotify.
  16. The Lumineers. this is their first album and I first picked it up in a charity shop because I liked a few of the songs on it. I didn't listen to it for ages, but recently I have been playing it NON STOP!!! I now know every song, and can't wait to buy their new album 'Cleopatra' which is just as incredible. my favourite song from that is 'Ophelia'.
  17. Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More. when I went to leeds fest 2015, I knew that mumford would be headlining the Saturday night. a few months before, I treated myself to this album and 'Babel' so that I could listen to a few of the songs I didn't know before I saw them perform! I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH! and my favourite song from it is 'Dust Bowl Dance'.
  18. Mumford & Sons - Babel. like 'Sigh No More', I am OBSESSED with this album. it took me a little while to really enjoy it because I felt that a lot of the songs are very different to their first album. my favourite song from it is 'Ghosts That We Knew'.
  19. Mumford & Sons - Wilder Mind. Even though I listened to this before I saw them live for the first time, I didn't properly buy it until after. I love how different this album is from the other 2 but Marcus' voice still OWNS ME!! I love 'The Wolf' from this album, and they always play it as the encore, so when I saw them live the second time, I went CRAZY!! haha, have you seen them perform it since future anna?
  20. Mumford & Sons - Johannesburg. This is a small collaborative album mumford created whilst touring in south Africa. the songs are incredible, and I recommend a listen whether you are future anna or not. 
  21. Melanie Martinez - Crybaby. wow. this album. if you still look like a 5 year old when you are reading this future anna, you probably still understand how relatable this album is in many ways. I love the storybook melanie has created and can't wait to see what her next album has to offer!
  22. Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer Different Park. KACEY IS MY PRINCESS!! I picked up this album after I heard her sing with Katy on an American show. I loved her show much and how country, yet modern she was and still it.
  23. Kacey Musgraves - Pageant Material. As soon as this album was released, I bought it and played it non stop. still do!! I was lucky enough to see her perform my favourite song 'Fine' live, and it was so incredible. future anna, please tell me you still listen to Kacey!
  24. Swim Deep - Mothers. how do I even describe this. one day I was pottering around my amazon wish list and saw this as a recommendation. I liked the album art so I listened to a song from swim deep on youtube. I ordered it, and the rest is history. I love this album, and if i'm ever in an odd mood where I don't want folk, pop, country, rock, or something else, I put this on! I haven't a clue if swim deep have any more music available, but I might research it later on.
  25. Muse - Absolution. This CD used to belong to my older brother but now it's mine! wahahah. I don't listen to muse much but it has some sentimental value because of the other album of theirs I own.
  26. Muse - Black Holes & Revelations. this is the album! well, it has the song on it. the song is 'knights of cydonia', and it has so many memories. the first time I heard it, me and my brother were in his car on the way to argos, we jammed to it on repeat all the way to the shop and all the way home. I love it! so when he moved away, I was given this and 'Absolution' to jam out to as often as I wanted.
  27. Kate Nash - Made Of Bricks. as far back as I can remember, I have always loved the song 'foundations' by kate. I saw this album on ebay once and I bought it. I don't listen to it as often as I should, but if i'm ever in an angry, wanna be a pop slaying princess, mood, I stick it on straight away!!
  28. Paloma Faith - Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? I bought this album along with the olly murs, and Bruno mars ones, when they were on sale in sainsburys a few years ago. I had always wanted to add them to my CD shelf as they have such amazing songs on them. I really need to listen to Paloma's music more, especially her new stuff.
  29. Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal. is that how you spell it? I don't even really know how to say it! haha! I bought this after I saw them perform at leeds fest 2015. I really enjoyed their set and generally listen to this album if I need to scream along to something. normally when I am home alone. I like a few of their other songs, so might treat myself to a few of their other albums one day, but until then, this one will do me fine.
  30. Miley Cyrus - Breakout. one of the oldest CDs I own. I was given it one birthday from my mum and dad along with some other Hannah montana/miley cyrus goodies. I have never really listened to miley's stuff since this CD, apart from the big songs like 'Wrecking Ball'. I love her style and how she isn't afraid to be herself, so I make a pledge to listen to more of her music! I wonder if you have any more of her albums future anna?
  31. McFly - Room On The Third Floor. Found this one in the charity shop. it has some classics on it that were played at every party in primary school and I know every word to them. I wanted to listen to more Mcfly, so when I aw this, I got it!
  32. Pet Shop Boys - Discography. Another charity shop find. even though we have every pet shop boys album in the house, I wanted my own copy when I saw this on the charity shop shelf. this means I can play it in my car (when I hopefully have a car when I've learnt to drive) and jam.
  33. Madonna - The Immaculate Collection. everyone needs a bit of Madonna on their CD shelf. I picked this up recently at a charity shop, mainly because of Madonna just being Madonna, but also because I once did a monologue at college based on Madonna. I listened to quite a lot of her stuff to get into character, so it brings back memories of then.
  34. Scissor Sisters - Ta Dah. another I picked up at a charity shop. I don't think I would have bought it if I had seen it on amazon, but I wanted to have it, because of all the Scissor Sister songs I sang in choir in primary school.
  35. Bruno Mars - Doo-wops and Hooligans. The second CD I bought at Sainsburys. I really like Bruno Mars, although some of his stuff is a little too mainstream (I feel so disgusting saying that) for me personally. but I really like this album.
  36. Olly Murs. This was the final CD I got that one time in sainsburys. I really like the song 'Busy' on this album which persuaded me to buy it. I like this album because it's nice music you can have playing whilst tidying as it cheers me up. I need to listen to it more, but i'm not that bothered about listening to his other stuff. i'm sure it's good, but I think i'm gonna stick with this album.
  37. LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking. right, I would never have bought this CD. and I didn't, but it means a lot to me. my friend Faye bought it for me for my birthday many years ago as at every party, we would dance and shuffle to LMFAO. it brings back many happy and hilarious memories, and I don't think I could ever part with it, even though I hardly ever listen to it.
  38. Glee - The Music: Best of Season One. I used to be OBSESSED with glee! me and a friend even went to go and see it live in Manchester with the cast and it was the first concert I had been to in the arena. this album means a lot to me as gl
So that's all the CDs I currently own. As you can see in just this list here, there are many more CDs from just these artists I want to own, never mind all the others I want. I wonder if you own all the CDs on your amazon wish list future anna? I understand this collection might be small compared to others, but I love all the CDs I own, and would own many more, if they were slightly cheaper, and Spotify didn't exist.

ALSO, there are so many more CDs I would own, but don't need to because someone else in my family has them that I can borrow (e.g. ABBA, Ed Sheeran, Tom O'Dell, Blondie, Disney, Dire Straights, Adele, The 1975, etc), however I probably will buy them when I move out, unless CDs no longer exist, or I have too many that I can't fit them anywhere.

Now, I think I have always been a fangirl. the first band I freaked out over was S Club 7. THEY WERE THE BEST!!! I was even part of their little online fanclub and got sent tattoos and cool notes and things. however, when we moved house, the worst thing happened. I lost it. it was really sad, and I really want to rebuy it, but it won't be the original one I had, and I can still listen to it on Spotify. So, that was the first CD I owned. the next was the Hannah Montana Album. can we take a moment for Hannah montana. THAT WAS MY JAM JAM JAM!! and still is tbh. haha! I still have the CD and the lyric book, but the plastic case broke. I keep it in a little CD wallet along with the rest of my collection, but didn't show it. sorry. apart from these 2 situations, and a few CDs that I have found at charity shops that are slightly damaged, I try to keep my CDs and their cases in the best possible condition. it makes me so happy which is probably the saddest thing I have ever said! Anyway, without further ado, and ignoring all the broken cases and loses, this is the longest CD and case I have/owned. It's the Miley Cyrus 'Breakout' album and I still know every single word. do you still future anna? It is a chapter of my childhood where I was at the end of primary school and beginning to find myself. the fact that Miley was doing her own thing aside from Disney stuff inspired me so much! and it is one of my favourite albums. EVER.

Next, i'm going to show the 2 albums that I CAN SING EVERY SINGLE WORD TO! if a gun was held to my head and I had to sing every song, I would survive. I would risk my life. The first one is Katy Perry 'One of the Boys'. Even though I didn't have this album when it first came out, I feel like I have made up for it by how many times I have played it. Just like the miley cyrus album, it inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and get my dreams. the first song I heard from it (and katy herself), was 'Waking Up In Vegas', and it is still my favourite from this album. The second album I know every word to is 'Sigh No More' by Mumford & Sons. when I got this, I PLAYED IT NON STOP! I would ask my mum if we could play it in the car, and i'm sure my family know every word to it as well because of this! I love the different instruments and of course MY LIFE IS IN DEBT TO MARCUS' VOICE!

And finally, I thought I would mention my go to albums. these are albums I reach for when I don't know what mood I am in, but always make me feel so happy! I chose these 6 because it would make the picture symmetrical, and I couldn't leave any of them!! haha, whether listening to them on Spotify on the bus, or in my room with the CD, one of these albums is probably playing! I really recommend them if you aren't future anna, and are spying in on our call, and if you are future anna, hey! I hope these are still some of your faves!

The Lumineers, The Vaccines (What Did You Expect from the Vaccines), Vampire Weekend,
Lana Del BAE (Born To Die), Bastille (All This Bad Blood), Katy Perry (MTV Unplugged)

So that's it for this post future anna. I think if I wrote anymore you might die of bordem unless you are already dead. oh gosh, I hope I have had chance to update this before you die. fingers crossed ay! anyway, keep me update don your music purchase, and we will chat soon, byeee :)


P.s. if you aren't future anna and are spying in on our call, what are your favourite albums you own/want to own?

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