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how you doing future anna? current anna has been back from Australia for nearly a month now AND I HAVE ONLY JUST FINISHED MY VIDEO DIARY THING!!!! gosh, I need to get my head back in the game! anyway, I had planned to do an artsy video diary thing, but I figured that like only 3 people will watch this video: you future anna, granny, and probably grandad. soooo, what's the point of the video?? well I decided to capture little moments of the trip and then put them together. SIMPLE! I find this more exciting then looking through hundreds of videos (sorry grandad and all the holiday presentations I have watched. I enjoy them, I just enjoy videos more.) so yeah. here is the video:

When I first put everything together, THE VIDEO WAS 30MINS LONG AS I HAD FILMED OVER 300 VIDEOS WHEN I WAS THERE!!! WHAT?!!?! anyway, I managed to get it down to 20minutes, then I went over it again and got it down to just under 15! I think this is one reason why it has taken me so long to get it done. anyway, it is done now, so you can rewatch your Australia trip future anna!

all these clips were filmed on either my phone or my cheap little camcorder. I love rewatching old films my dad recorded when I was younger on our old camera, so I wanted this to have the same effect!

let me know if you have been to Australia since this video, or if you have made any more video diaries for even more in the future future anna!

I could explain so much about the trip, but most of it is in the video.

Have a great day future anna, and be careful of the alligators!


p.s. if you have tapped into this call and you aren't future anna, let me know what you think, and if you want to see more videos like this!


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