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morning future anna! I had this idea a while ago but I am only just getting round to doing it. I thought I would do a post about the cacti I currently have, so in the future, you can see how your little spiky family has grown!

so let's start with the children *cough* the cacti *cough*.

This is Arthur. He is a sweet little cactus, and how you would imagine a typical cactus to look. but be aware, he may look sweet and little but he bites!! haha! He was part of a set from ikea and I just couldn't leave him. I called him Arthur because I was thinking about the tv cartoon 'arthur' at the time! I painted his pot with a light blue swirly pattern and I really like it! Arthur sits in the corner on my window sill  in a small plant tray and enjoys the sun.

This is Loretta, one of the OG cacti. When I first moved house, Loretta was one of the first little friends I bought from the garden centre, and fun fact, she isn't a cactus. she is a succulent! She outgrew her little pot, so she upgraded to a bigger one, which I painted yellow star bursts onto. She is accompanied by a red insect which I was given by my dad who said they lived in my granny's plants. Loretta is still growing and has a few little shoots, so I might have to upgrade her to a bigger pot soon. plant puberty is a struggle, ay!

This is Robert. He is quite professional so has navy stripes on his pot. Like Arthur, Robert looks how you think a cactus should! Over Christmas, I made a little felt yellow star so I could have a Christmas cactus in my room rather than a Christmas tree! As I was in Australia til late January, Robert's star stayed on him and is still on him now. I like to think he thinks he is better than everyone because he has this star, but I love all of my spiky children equally. oh my goodness why am I like this?!?!?

this is kevin. As his crazy spikes suggest, he is the mental one of the bunch. I painted his pot with zigzags, and I think this reflects kevin really well! He has a few new shoots growing from him, so I think he will need to be moved to a bigger pot soon. I wonder what pot he is in when you look back at this future anna!

say hello to ricardio. he was named after the creepy heart guy who tries to get princess bubblegum in adventure time. I thought this was a good name because his pot is painted with red details, and he seems very flamboyant with his limbs (idk what you call them) flayed all over the place. Ricardio has another one of my granny's little insect plant stick things, and because he is positioned slightly to the side of his pot, I think it evens it out and looks really good!

meet spike. because he is so small, he is basically the baby of the group, even though he isn't one of the newest. as well as Arthur and ricardio, spike was part of a set I got in ikea. I painted his pot with yellow stars to kinda represent the spikes. this might be classed a plant cruelty, but I sometimes use his spikes to hold the ring I wear everyday. I don't wear it to bed, so I either keep it with my watch or hook it on spike. DON'T REPORT ME TO THE AUTHORITIES, SPIKE DOESN'T MIND!! haha

this is polly. right now, she doesn't have any flowers growing on her, but in the summer, she is in full bloom with pretty little white flowers over her. she has dainty red spots over her painted pot, and her spikes are slightly curved, so you think you won't get spiked but YOU DO!! I love when she has flowers, but it's great when she doesn't too, as you can properly see all her spikes and the curves they make which I feel is so magical. wow I am so lame.

and finally, here are the two newest editions to my little spiky family. Millicent and Helena were saved from a garden centre for 50p each. me and my mum went out for lunch, and she spotted them in a pile that were going to be put in the bin. I instantly picked them up and paid for them. I bought them home, watered them, loved them, and here we are now. they are still in their little pots as I wanted to allow them to get used to a new environment before I repotted them. initially, I was going to pot them separately, however I love how they look together so am going to keep it that way!

now we know all the children, and hopefully you still have them all future anna. let's get onto the care of my plants, and the repotting of Millicent and Helena! I have done this in video form, so click the video below to see!

Even though my parents love my plants and were so dedicated to caring for them when I am away, a few people don't understand why I have them. we have never had a family pet, so I think they are like my pets. I didn't have any plants before we moved, but as soon as we did, me and my dad drove to the garden centre and bought 4. I think they took my mind off of the move because I was pretty sad about it, and plants make me so happy because they are living things that change and grow just like people do. I love the colours and the textures (even if the spikes do hurt), and they make my room a little nicer.

I wonder how many plants you have future anna? and what will you call them? are you still able to find funky names that suit their imaginary personalities? I hope so! let me know, speak later. bye x


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