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future anna? umm... you still there? can you hear me? I must have lost signal (FOR NEARLY 2 MONTHS WHAT!?!??!) which is why I haven't spoken to you for a while. Actually, the real reason is that nothing super exciting has really happened. well... I have met up with friends, gone out with family, WENT ON MY FIRST NIGHT OUT, started my anxiety therapy, applied for an APPRENTICESHIP AT THE BBC, and a few other things, but there wasn't anything major that I felt I had to jot down to look back on. i have blog post ideas for you, but they are for specific dates in the future so there is nothing for now. so, today i thought i could recap the last few weeks as i bought a disposable camera for £10 from a local camera developing shop, and today i collected my photos! just so everyone is aware, TURN THE FLASH ON!! luckily not all of my photos turned out black, but I included a few so you can see. you live and learn ay!

friday 14th april 2017

the first time I used my camera was when I went to a national trust place with my family on the Friday before easter. it was a lovely day with picnics, and an easter egg hunt! i'm super glad I started this lil photo trip with my family as it makes me think that in years to come, I won't have any physical photos to look at! only ones online! what if my nieces and nephews wanna see their uncle Thomas with rabbit face paint? well now they can! I am still undecided as to just sticking the photos on the wall or buying a big photo album and keep buying film, but I will update you! anyway, it also made me think that I want to capture candid things, like my family eating cereal. no one wants to see that but I think it's cool to take a snapshot of a moment. I am also dating the photos on the back so when I look back at them, I know when it was taken! there are 2 or 3 more photos from this trip, but 1 is dark, and the other 2 are similar to the ones you can see!
saturday 15th april 2017

these are all the photos that were taken this day. amazing I know. haha! this was my first night out, jazz fest 2017! it was a fab time and I still can't believe I managed to do it considering how worried I was! the top 3 photos didn't have the flash on, but you can kinda see the the 2 on the sides are of me and my friend emma, and the one in the middle is a group shot. I have the memories in my head and there is also a photo on facebook so it's alright! the bottom 2 are of me and liv and these had the f;ash on as we wanted to capture the glitter on our faces! my wristband is then in the middle as I am cheesy and like to save things. do you still do this future anna?
easter holidays 2017

these last 4 photos show easter sunday lunch, up to me collecting my brother after his first day back after the easter break! the other 2 pictures didn't have the flash on, but you can still make out what they are: one is me and my dad in tkmaxx with magnifying glasses, and the other is my brother and sister playing just dance on the wii which was a super cool day!
i'm so so glad that I started taking these pics! i now have these memories on paper (well, photo paper) for me to look back on, and I love the kinda retro vibe of looking through physical photographs so I can't wait to take many more! I recently bought another disposable camera from the same shop so I can continue capturing memories, and I have 2 of my grandads old film cameras, I am hoping to get these up and running soon so I can use them instead of the shop bought ones! I quite enjoyed looking back over my last few weeks with photos, so who knows but I might do it again! if you do future anna, I have left the string and pegs that i used to make the pictures cute in the top draw of your desk ;)

I missed leaving these messages for you future anna so get ready for more soon! bye x


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