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3 years ago I saw katy perry on her prismatic world tour in Nottingham. oh hey future anna. how are you? sorry but katy is more important. it was also the night before my GCSEs started which isn't super important. instead of asking me if I was ready for the exams the next day, my teachers were all asking how the concert was! hahah!

just incase you wanna watch a your concert videos back, here is a video from your old channel of the bit you could record before your ipod touch ran out of battery. ignore my awful singing and the high pitch scream as the prism opened which showed my excitement:

Anyway, in celebration I thought that I would jot down my tips for getting tickets to concerts and things as I am always trying to get tickets for something so that you can look back on them future anna if you ever need a hand. I might do another post in the future about fangirling tips or something idk. (if you're not future anna, hey, I hope these tips help!)

tips for getting tickets for gigs and events

so, let's say that you are obsessed with a band called 'frozen peas' (yep just made that up for the post) and you wanna see them live. first off, follow them on all their social media (insta, twitter, facebook, etc), and on their website, sign up for their mailing list (most bands and things have them) so you can be updated when they are doing shows and where they will be.

ok, so the frozen peas have announced that they're going on tour! wooo!! you've decided that you're going with your friend to their show near you on Tuesday 9th, and tickets go on sale a week from today. firstly, keep checking the bands website and your email, just incase there is a presale of tickets for fans or people signed up! a lot of bands do this and sometimes use passwords that you only receive if you're signed up. normally with this information, you're able to see ticket prices and standing/sitting options, so at the point of deciding your date, decide on what tickets you're going to aim for so you're not all over the place when tickets go on sale.

so you didn't get tickets with the presale. don't worry, you still have the main sale. so the day has come and tickets go on sale at 10am. I recommend getting your laptop or whatever ready about 15mins before so that you can find the ticket site, search for the frozen peas, and be ready to click 'buy tickets' when the button goes live. also have your card info with you so you can easily input all the details. be in a place with good internet and be ready for everyone else to be sitting waiting for tickets as well so you may be in a queue for a while. when you hopefully get through to buying tickets, be fast as often you only have about 5ish minutes before the tickets are no longer yours. fingers crossed you get the tickets at this stage, but if not, don't worry. sites often release tickets in waves, so try again an hour after the tickets are initially released, as people often leave the queue, even though more tickets are available.

if you miss out on tickets this way, you can also telephone the place you want to see the band live at to see if anymore tickets are available. when I saw katy perry, tickets went on sale whilst I was at school so my mum phoned up the arena and bought tickets that way. if you have friends or family around on the day of the release, organise a ticket buying party and get everyone in the queue on phones and laptops! haha that would be awesome!!

if you get tickets for the frozen peas, congrats!!! you're gonna see them live! wooo!! but if you miss out on tickets, don't panic as there are ways you can possibly still get to go to the event:
  • keep an eye out on the band's social media as they may announce more tickets at a later date, or even more dates on the tour near you!
  • look for competitions to win tickets! these are often hosted by national magazines (NME, etc), or radio stations local to where the frozen peas are performing. google as much as you can to enter everything, and so you can be listening to the radio at the right time if you want to win!
  • buying tickets second hand are an option as it means that someone who can't go can sell their tickets to someone who can! don't buy tickets from sites that are charging way more than the original price though. it can be tempting if you feel that there are no other options but DON'T DO IT! i have never had to buy tickets this way, but mumford and sons (one of my fave bands) are super against ticket touts so suggest these websites where you can buy tickets at facevalue, or just a lil more than that: ALT TICKETS, ACTIVE TICKETING, AMAZON TICKETS, AXS, DICE, TWICKETS, GIGSANDTOURS, SKIDDLE, and so many more!
you can easily use these tips while trying to get tickets to any event, whether that's a concert, a festival, a ticketed event, and many more! obviously they may differ slightly, but you get the point.

so those are all the tips i can think of right now. hopefully you manage to get tickets to the frozen peas or another band or singer or event! even if you miss out, you can always look at the original ticket site later on to see if any more tickets have become available, but if you do miss out, it will be ok! there will be other shows, and youtube will be full of videos for you to feel there! i will keep my fingers crossed for you future anna and anyone else reading this who isn't future me!


p.s. if you're not future anna, feel free to comment below your tips! and let me know if you want a concert tips post!

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