Staying Cool in the Heat!


Hello future anna. As i am writing this, i am sweating off my concealor and trying to drink as much water as possible. When i was in Australia, i wrote a post about my beach tips, so i thought i would follow the theme and write down my list for staying cool in the heat, as it literally feels like i am in Australia right now! Wow, i feel like such a typical brit!

1. HYDRATION! As soon as it looks to be getting warmer, make sure you have a tray of ice cubes ready and drinks in the fridge. This really comes in handy and you will love your past self, as when it's hot and you want a cold drink, it will take a while for your drink to get cool in the fridge, so have some already chilling and ready to grab!
          1a. Also, if you're headed out anywhere, make sure to take a bottle of water with you, or have money so you can buy a bottle, just in case!
          1b. I don't have a dog, but if you go out on a walk on a hot day, take some water for your dog!
          1c. keep a bottle of water by your bed! you may not need it, but it's awful when you wake up in the night and desperately need a drink.

2. SUBCREAM! It may seem like a silly thing to wear in the UK, but the other day I was out for about 2 hours and got sunburned on my neck! it isn't bad, but makes you think how the sun can quickly get to you! As soon as the sun is out, lather up, even if you're just popping to the supermarket!
          2a. sunglasses and hats are also great inventions!

3. CURTAINS! A tip I learnt whilst in Australia was to keep my curtains/blinds closed. this stops the sun coming in and warming up the room! I find it difficult to sleep in the heat, so this makes my room feel a little more bearable! keeping doors open/closed also helps trap the heat or keep it out!

4. LIGHT! if you can, keep the lights off! Many bulbs give off heat which adds to the situation we are trying to stop! also, try and switch to LED bulbs, they produce less heat!

5. SLEEP! I find sleeping in the heat REALLY difficult! I am scared to sleep without a duvet in case there are monsters, which means I suffer! here are a few tips I have:
          5a. I don't like having my window open whilst i'm asleep, but if you can do that great! if not, I have my window open whilst I am getting ready for bed to give myself a bit less heat. I then close it just before I jump into bed! it just makes it a little more comfortable.
          5b. as I said, I like having a duvet on. however sometimes (well all the time) it gets too hot, so a good idea is to take out the duvet, and just sleep with the duvet cover. does that make sense? my uncle told me about this trick in Australia and I think it's great!

6. FOOD! I love food, but during the summer it can feel too hot to eat anything sometimes. Stock up on salad/veg/fruit items so you can easily make a meal, and feel refreshed! Also make sure you have a draw in your freezer dedicated to ice lollies/cream.

those are all the tips I can think of right now! I try and use all of these when it gets hot for a while in the UK and I complain just like everyone else, haha! if you have anymore tips future anna, or anyone reading this, please let me know so I can add them to this list so I don't melt into a puddle! it's gonna be weird watching the new season of game of thrones during summer because winter has now started for them. all I dream of now is winter! see you around future anna!


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