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hello! from the 8th-12th of this month, my family and I visited my mum's godmother for a small holiday! it was a lot of fun, and I wanted to capture it all, but didn't know whether to do a blog diary or vlog for youtube. so I did both!! the video will be linked just below, and the blog diary is written just below that. read/watch in any order you would like. you can look at one and not the other, but for the full story, you need to see both! enjoy:

Tuesday 8th August

I am currently sat listening to 'laura palmer' by Bastille on spotify while my sister is lying in the bed next to me watching hollyoaks i think. Today has been long and tiring. It began with me waking up and seeing that it was about 8:45am. We were setting off on the 4 hour journey to my mum's godmother's house about 10ish and me being me, i still hadn't packed or had hung up my washing from the previous night to dry. I am an idiot. Lol fun times. I also had a bit of a meltdown this morning. My brain likes to have a plan and not be stressed but this morning it was difficult. Little reasons behind it, but i cried and shouted. When we got in the car, i apologised for the way i was. I sometimes wish my family was more understanding of my brain but i guess i wouldn't be either, and that shows because i would be able to stay calm if i knew how to control myself. Ooohh 'lonely daze' by kate tempest has just started playing. We drove half way, stopped at a national trust place, and ate a picnic in the car because it was pouring it down outside. We were going to explore the house but it was too wet. I was so surprised that the carpark was full of eager visitors. After finishing my veggie sushi and chicken shaped cake, we set back on the road. It was another 2ish hours, but the rain slowed and we arrived. I haven't been to visit my mum's godmother for atleast 2 years. We were trying to work out the last time we all visited together in the car but just couldn't figure it out. Like normal, we had a cuppa, then bought in the cases. I mentioned the clothes that were still drying before? Yep, i bought those with me in a bag because i wanted them for the trip. My sister put them in the airing cupboard so hopefully they will be dry tomorrow. Haha! My dad, brother and i walked to the local shop to stretch our legs, and then when we got back we chilled and chatted about what had happened since the start of the year. For tea we had chicken, mash, green beans, and broccoli. I didn't have the chicken for obvious reasons, so cheesy mash with veggies was my tea but i was very happy with that! Pudding was rhubarb crumble and i chose ice cream to accompany it. Good choose. We didn't mean to be antisocial, but me and my 2 siblings spent the rest of the evening on our phones/devices, and it was quite nice to have a relaxing little social media sesh. About 9pm i said goodnight to everyone so i could start reading a book i got from my friend beth for my birthday. I haven't started it yet and it's 10:34pm. Probably won't tonight now, but i still have a few days! So now i am here, 'fingerprints' by katy Perry has just ended and 'this town' by kacey musgraves has just started. My sister is still watching hollyoaks. I am very excited for the next few days, hopefully the weather will be good for us. Night future anna!

Wednesday 9th august

It's 7 minutes past 8 in the evening and we are all sat in the livingroom watching the princess diaries. LOVE THIS FILM. Today has been long, yet it still isn't over. That isn't a bad thing, but i just feel that we have managed to fit so much into the day! After waking up, i spent about 40minutes watching youtube videos, i then showered, got ready, and headed down for breakfast. I had clusters with strawberries. That sounds weird but it tasted good. We then all headed out to Devises, a lovely little town i haven't visited in a few years. It was raining, not too much, but we managed to see the canal, check out the charity shops, and each buy something from poundland. When we were younger, my mum's godmother would give us each £1 to spend in a pound shop, and we would see who could get the best thing! I managed to find a dvd of Miranda Hart's live show. I also bought a set of 4 glass teacups and saucers from a charity shop. I am a bit weird and want to own a whole glass teaset one day. I have a glass teapot and normally glass cups are super expensive, but this set of 4 was only £2.49. BARGAIN!!!! We came home and had cheese toasties for lunch. It rained. And rained. And rained a little more. It was decided that we would watch the Miranda Hart dvd i bought, and it was a good choice! IT WAS HILARIOUS! I so hope I can see one of her live shows one day! The rain stopped about 4pm, so along with my parents and sister, we travelled a short way to Lacock Abbey, a national trust place which was home to some of the harry potter filming and william henry fox talbot who invented photography! A perfect place for me! We first explored the cloisters, and i stood in snape's classroom. We then saw the exhibition of Fox Talbot and it was really interesting. There were also some other photographs from people and another small exhibition which were interesting to see. After spending about an hour at the national trust place, we looked around the village of lacock for a small while, and then headed back to my mum's godmother's house for tea. Everyone had lasagne, apart from me (veggie probs) who had BAKED BEAN LASAGNE AND I KID YOU NOT IT WAS AMAZING. wow. It really was good. And now we are here, watching the princess diaries and typing this. I will update you just before i sleep on anything else that might have happened.

It's now 10:45pm. I am in bed, about to go to sleep. Nothing else happened. I just watched Youtube videos. Haha! See you tomorrow future anna!
Thursday 10th August

I had literally just closed my eyes to go to sleep but then i remembered i needed to write this. I thought about leaving it til tomorrow but i would probably forget what we did. Haha! Like yesterday, i woke up, watched youtube videos, showered, got ready, ate breakfast, and then we all headed to a place called Bowood House. I have only ever been there once before (today makes it twice), and that was about 5 or 6 years ago. We couldn't quite figure out the right year. Last time i visited, the house and gardens wete beautiful, AND OH MY WORD IT HAD THE BEST ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF GOING ON. I was really worried that my memories wouldn't really be as magical as the place and i would let myself down BUT OH BOY WAS I WRONG! It was just how i remembered. Crazy slides, high walks, amazing climbing structures, A DEATH SLIDE (which, even after 5 years, i am still too scared to try out), and so much more! As soon as we parked and payed, we found a picnic table at the park and i played for about an hour before we had a typical picnic lunch. Wow. It was incredible. And no one blinked an eye at me using the equipment as i look about 12 so i blended right in. There were a few annoying children, but i wasn't going to let them ruin my day. After eating (oh, the weather was lovely by the way!), we explored the house, and i avoided the section with wax work models. They frighten me more than they should. After that, we walked around the lake and found an incredible waterfall and old tunnels that got my shoes quite muddy. By this point in the afternoon, i was very hot and tired, so we plonked back onto a picnic table and got ice creams to pass a bit more time before i joined the children in the play park. We paid to see the sights, might as well make the most of them, haha! After about another hour, we all got back into the car and headed back to the house. I spent a little time on my phone, and then had a cool veggie roast dinner! This evening the world sports championships were on in London so we watched that for the rest of ths evening. I love watching sports, especially the gymnastics, archery, and swimming during the olympics. About 10pm, i headed upstairs to get ready for bed, and here we are now! Better get some sleep now! Night!
Friday 11th August.

Wow. Today has been very good! I am currently in the car listening to bbc radio 2 as my dad is driving my siblings and i down the m4 back to my mum's godmother's house. We have spent the day at LEGOLAND! I have finally been! Woop, it has always been a dream of mine to go and now that dream has come true. I woke up at 6am so we could be on the road by 7:15am, as it's still quite away from windsor, although closer than it is to home. We arrived about 9:15am, parked, and headed into the park. The day was filled with rides, PIZZA, lego, fun, hysterical laughing and queuing. LOTS OF QUEUING. But you can't go somewhere in the UK without queuing, it wouldn't be very British would it?! We tried to go on as many rides as we could, but my younger brother was a little scared so mainly my sister and i went on them. My favourite ride was 'Mia's Riding Adventure' which is in the Heartlake City area, and i know i know, it sounds like a little baby thing with horses but oh my word it was far from that. Very far. Watch the small vlog at 5:32 to see! After lunchtime, me and my sister decided we wanted to go on the "big ride" in the park which was called The Dragon. We walked over to it and saw that the wait was an hour, but as people described it as the best ride, we didn't mind. After a long wait, we reached the ride, and i wouldn't say it disappointed me, i just thought it would last a little longer considering we had waited so long. So, if you want to go on that, either go to it first, or when the queue isn't that long! Hah! Also, another ride tip: in the pirates area, there is a rocking ship ride. You can either queue normally, with the fast pass OR YOU CAN GO AS A SINGLE RIDER AND BEAT THE QUEUES YASSS!! Basically, go down the fast pass queue, and when they get to you, say that you are a single rider and they let you on. No need to queue for long. Woop! For lunch, we went to the pizza/pasta buffet place in Heartlake City, which was really like the Pizza Planet buffet at Disneyland Paris! I ate a bit of pizza. Well, quite a bit. Paid for a buffet, might aswell experience it. The garlic bread was also very very good. We then continued looking round the park and experiencing the rides until about 5:30, when we realised that the park closed at 6. Yep. Me and my brother ran to the beginning of the park so we could see the lego star wars exhibition, and luckily we could see all of it! It was incredible. Seriously go and see it, even if you don't know/enjoy star wars! We then went to the shop on the way out, as well as every other person in the park. Hah! We already knew what we wanted to buy, so we easily found them and went to queue. You know lego figures have those classic red mugs with the big handles do they can hold them? Well i bought a human size one of those, and a guy dressed as a hotdog on a keyring, as on my home keys i have a lego mermaid, and as i am planning on moving out, i need a new lego figure for my new keys! Ok storytime. This isn't clickbait btw. Hah! So me and my sister were in the queue and there were about 7 people behind us and everytime we looked back, the queue was even longer. A lady holding something she wanted to buy came and stood next to us. She smiled at us, THEN FLIPPING JUST WENT IN FRONT OF US LIKE UM HELLO WHAT THIS IS ENGLAND WHERE WE QUEUE DO YOU UNDERSTAND!??!! We were both a bit in shock so by the time we wanted to say something it was a little too late, so me and my sister were very British about the situation and just spoke very loudly about her. Oh gosh, we got to the front of the queue eventually! We then got into the car, and here we are now, travelling back to the house! Tomorrow we will go home, this little holiday has gone too fast!
Saturday 12th august.
Back home. It's 7:46pm and i have just finished eating 3 cheese and onion rolls and 2 pieces of angel cake. Yes. I know that's alot. Haha! We packed, had breakfast, and said goodbye to my mum's godmother. We then drove for about an hour and a half to Bourton on the Water, a place i haven't visited for quite a few years. Wow, there were alot of coaches and tourists so it felt quite crammed, but we managed alright. First stop was a small cafe for an early lunch as we wanted to get something to eat before everyone else rammed everywhere. I wasn't very hungry from lunch so just had some elderflower to drink and a baguette with butter. As we left, i saw that they had some rock on the side for sale, and the flavour they had was HOT CHILLI! I gave them my money and bought a stick of it. Still haven't had chance to eat it yet but i am very excited! We mooched around the pretty village for a few hours, explored the shops, ate sweets, and walked along the river. About 2ish, we got back in the car and headed to Stratford-Upon-Avon. Like Bourton on the Water, i hadn't visited Stratford for quite a number of years. We finally found somewhere to park, as this place was full of people too, and headed into the town. Firstly, we visited the church that William Shakespeare (if you are unaware, Stratford-upon-avon is where shakespeare was from) is burried. The church was beautiful, the stained glass windows were stunning, and i couldn't believe how much history was in one building. We went to visit the grave, and i found it so weird that people were taking pictures. Like, that's someones grave. He may be famous, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't respect him. I also feel that alot of the stuff that happens throughout the town is really wrong. They use shakespeares name to make money from tourists, it was even on sandwiches!!! I find that so wrong, and even though i love supporting small businesses and towns, i just couldn't believe it. But i guess that's how the world works. As we left the church, we saw a small park and inside an outdoor performance of a midsummer nights dream was taking place. It was really fun to see it, especially where it might have been written. As we had a bit more time on the parking ticket, we popped into a few shops, including Whittards. So, i have recently gotten into proper tea, and one day i plan to have a full glass teaset (i currently have a teapot and the cups and saucers i bought on Wednesday) that will be really pretty and cool. So far i haven't really tried much tea apart from English breakfast, so wanted to go into whittards and find something new. I saw a pot of 'toffee apple' infusion tea, and if you know me you know that apple is one of my favourite flavours! I tried it and became obsessed! Picked up a jar of it, bought it, and walked out of the shop feeling like a very sophisticated lady. Haha! We headed back to the car, and set off home. And now i'm here. At home. It's been really lovely documenting my little family holiday like this, with a blog post that narrates the video. You can obviously read this without watching the video, or watch the video and not read this, but to see the full story, you need both! Hopefully i can do something like this again. Happy holidaying (is that a word? It is now) future anna!


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