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hey future anna! hope you're well! wow I haven't posted in like a month, and I don't really have a reason apart from work AND WRITING MY NEW SHORT FILM OOOOOHHH!! nah, that's not a good enough excuse, but filming the new film at the end of the month (wow it's close and I have stuff to sort), and I need to get my head back in the blogging game! also I wanna do more youtube vids, and I have one currently in editing but yeahhhhh...... anyway, I saw this on Instagram and people would put it on their story and highlight the one they preferred. I thought I would do it so that in a whiles time, you can see if your thoughts are the same, so here we go...

night or day
  DAY! I feel safe and happy when it's light and I can be up doing stuff! when the clocks change so we have a longer day, I am in love with everything and I just wish it could be like that all the time.
sweet or salty

SALTY! even though I love a good piece of cake, I prefer savoury food over sweet! I could literally live off of cheese and crackers because of how good they are and oh man this is making me feel hungry. salty popcorn over sweet popcorn any day!
music or tv

now this is a difficult one. I love music, so much. when I had my anxiety therapy session, through all the different options and medications, we found that my anxiety chilled out when I listened to music. however I love a good tv show. some of my faves include: inside number 9, this is England, game of thrones, not going out, rick and morty, gavin and Stacey, oh my gosh I could go on foreverrrrr. also, I want to go into film (I know tv and film are different), so I love watching tv shows and getting ideas and seeing stories, oh gosh I literally can't decide, I think I will have to go with tv. oh gosh. TV!
trees or stars

 STARS! even though trees and nature are super pretty, I find them kinda creepy and prefer looking up at the stars.
sunny or rainy

another difficult one. I love autumn and spring and rainy showers and feeling all cosy, but it can stress me out. I also love the sun and being able to be out and not worry about the weather running plans, however it can sometimes be toooooo hot and that stresses me out. hahah! I think i'm going to have to go with SUNNY!
neon or pastel

 PASTEL! even though I love neon signs, my favourite colours are pastel yellow and lilac, so i'm gonna have to go with pastels.
coffee or tea

TEA! even though I want to love coffee because of two evils coffee from Charlie, I hate it as it's bitter and ew, and prefer a good cuppa. black and 1 sugar cheers.
fruits or veggies

VEGGIES! this one was difficult. I love how refreshing fruit is and mango is my favourite, BUT HAVE YOU HAD VEGGIES THOUGH! I love broccoli and potatoes and carrots and sprouts and wow yes. I don't love all veggies, but I think I would rather have a good plate of veggies over a fruit salad. although a fruit salad would be really nice right now!
summer or winter

 SUMMER! even though I enjoy the colder and cosier months, I love the sun being out for longer and the better weather which allows me to go out and explore.
pool or beach

I hate sand. I love swimming but not being able to touch the floor scares me, not being able to see in the water scares me, just a big stress really. I think I am going to have to go with POOL because the beach is a big mess and you can't see in the water, and even though when I was in Australia, going to the beaches was really cool, I think I prefer the more organised situations of pools, and I will just stay in the shallow end! I don't even know if any of this makes sense because I just went off on a big ramble! haha!
chocolate or vanilla

 VANILLA! I definitely prefer plainer flavours such as vanilla over chocolate which I sometimes find too sweet.
modern or vintage

 VINTAGE! even though modern stuff is super cool, retro/vintage things are more cool in my opinion! and I plan for my future house to have a cool vintage yellow kitchen.
cats or dogs

this is  difficult because I like both. I like how chill cats are, but I also like how playful dogs are. I think i'm going to have to go with CATS, and I would like a white one with blue eyes called luna who is a house cat so won't bring me birds and stuff but I think that's mean so I won't ever get a pet haha!
aliens or ghosts

 ALIENS! nah mate keep those ghosts away from me please.
fiction or non-fiction

 FICTION! even though I find documentaries super interesting, I love creating stories and reading about fantasy worlds!
roses or daisies

 DAISIES! daisies have a super special place in my heart and I even have one tattooed on my ankle. YEP I GOT TATTOOOOSSSS DON'T WORRY I WILL HOPEFULLY POST A VLOG THING SOON!!! OOOHHHH future anna do you have anymore??
indoors or outdoors

 INDOORS! even though I love exploring new outdoor spaces, I love being at home indoors. I know I am safe.
silk or lace

 LACE! wow have you seen how much detail is in lace!?! seriously it's beautiful. silk is also lovely and really luxoriuso? luxorious? how do you spell it? oh wait my laptop has spell check, duhhh anna! silk is very luxurious (there we go), and I would love to wear a cool silk dress one day and feel like BeyoncĂ©, but until that day, my answer is LACE!
smile or eyes

 SMILE! even though eyes are pretty and super cool little universes in your face, people smiling and laughing makes me so happy. even though I hate smiling with my teeth showing, having a good teeth smile or laughing session is incredible.
youtube or tv

TV! I had to have a good think about this because I do watch a lot of youtube. well not A LOT! and i'm not super obsessed with youtubers, I realised that the main one I watch is mr kate, and what they produce is like a tv series. so tv. also refer back to the list of cool shows I watch in the 'music or tv' thing above.
fly or invisible

 INVISIBLE! I can fly on a plane or drive somewhere, etc, but I can't just become invisible. ya know. might as well choose what I can't do. although If I could have any super power it would be to read minds.
city or town

 CITY! I lived in a town for most of my life until recently, and I thought it was great. I now live in a tiny village and towns literally have nothing in them when I think about them, whereas cities have EVERYTHING! I am currently trying to find the perfect one with affordable living, film opportunities and good transport in the uk. if you know of one, let me know please. hopefully you find one future anna.
Christmas or Halloween

 CHRISTMAS! I love the build up to Christmas so much. it's such a magical time of year and I love being around my family and friends. everything is so cosy AND THERE IS SO MUCH FOOOODDDD!!! YESSSS!
music or art

rain or snow

 RAIN! snow is annoying, like really annoying, it's cold and gets in the way and unless there was a perfect snow day for one day and then it disappeared , it would be fine but NOPE! I prefer rain. and it's easier to drive in the rain than the snow too.
books or movies
 MOVIES! I love reading, I just finished murder on the orient express (which I read because of the film coming out at the end of the year WHICH LOOKS SO GOOD), and I recently bought farenheit 451, and my friend beth (hey beth) gave me the song of Achilles for my birthday! however I am in complete and utter love with movies. wow. I also want to create them for a job so I kinda have to like them at least a bit. haha!
so there we go. I quite like doing these list and question things that I can look back at and see if my opinions will change. if I see anymore I like the look of I will do them! (also send me some if you are not future anna, thanks) ok I need to get back on my blog/youtube game as well as continue planning the next short film. see you around future anna. hopefully it's sooner than a month :)

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