Calling From A London Phonebox


(P.s. i am not in a phonebox, i just thought it made a cool title and i have seen quite a few round london)

It's 9:22 and I'M ON THE TRAIN! Haha, whenever someone answers the phone on a train they shout that line, so seeing as i'm leaving you a message, i felt i had to do it too! I am on my way to london, so me and my cousin can go to a rooftop cinema to see ferris buellers day off! I am then staying with her, and coming home tomorrow (wednesday 20th september). If you know me, you know that i plan everything, and in my mobile mind updates, things go wrong when i don't plan. However, this little trip hasn't been planned at all. I have no clue what time i am meeting my cousin, going home, what i am gonna do in london (apart from the cinema thing), ANYTHING! One thing i need to get better at is coping without a plan, so that's the challenge i have set myself these 2 days. I am hopefully not gonna cry in a corner, haha! The plan so far is to arrive at euston at 11:50, walk to the british museum, meet a friend for lunch, explore the museum, and then that's where the plan ends. Lol help. I am excited to see what happens, and hopefully i come out the other side. If not, you will never read this. Oh. Haha.
10:35 i have eaten 2 bags of crisps. I don't know how i feel. I should probably eat healthily for the rest of the day.
15:37 it's been a lovely day so far! I got off the train fine, found my way to the british museum (passed rada, and it was my childhood dream to go there), and met up with my friend hollie! I met her at the bastille gig at uniom chapel a few months ago in london, and said that she didn't have work til later so she could meet me for lunch. Opposite the main gates to the museum was a starbucks so we went there. I had a mozzarella, tomato and pesto sandwich and it was alright, the cheese was a bit too stringy! Haha! We spoke for about an hour which was really nice to catch up, and then we parted ways. I headed into the museum. I hadn't been here since about half way through high school to see a shakespeare exhibition with my gran, so i couldn't really remember it. I am currently sat on a bench in the entrance by the way. So, i walked in and explored as much as i could. There were some cute lil exhibitions on clocks as well as lgbtq history which was interesting. I just looked up at the incredible ceiling and wow. The history that's jam packed into this place is amazing, i know i am small, but i feel so tiny compared to our world. My cousin rang me a while ago to say she was on her way to meet me, so i might go and buy 2 postcards to send to some friends i am going to be penpals with whilst they are at uni. It's been great so far, and apart from the walk from euston to the museum, i haven't really felt anxious at all!
15:53 they don't sell postcards.
19:21 i am now with my cousin, sat on a rooftop in peckham, with a pepsi and some headphones on waiting for the film to start. The view is incredible. Seriously.
23:17 we are back at my cousin's place. It was cold but we have warmed up whilst watching great British bake off. The film on the rooftop was a beautiful experience. I think ferris bueller is one of my favourite films, so the fact i could see it in such a cool setting was brilliant! If you aren't future anna and haven't seen the film, WATCH IT! As it got darker, it was lovely to see the city light up around us, and bring the city in the film to life. Thank goodness they provided us with blankets though because it did get chilly! I haven't seen the new bake off yet and it's a bit strange not hearing mary's voice.
0:18 i am gonna sleep now. Night.
8:14 morning! I couldn't really sleep last night because even though i have slept here before, i haven't slept where i did sleep before and it always takes me at least one night to get used to somewhere new. Anyway, i am here alone (i think everyone has gone now, who knows haha) until about 1ish, and then we are going to go to camden for lunch! I am super excited as i have never been to camden before! I think i am just gonna chill this morning, until my cousin gets back.
13:51 my cousin has just got back from her morning at uni, and whilst she was away i did some tidying, videochatted my friend hannah (heyyy hannah!!), showered, ate some tiger bread, and just listened to music. It's been nice! Now we're going to get the bus to camden.
14:17 change of plan, we are getting tube instead. I am on the tube right now. Hello!
17:41 just walked to euston from camden. camden was great! I had never been before, but i am so so so glad we did! It was beautiful and there were so many countries in one place. There were so many languages and foods and glorious treasures to be found. I am currently sat on a bench outside euston with my cousin. We have a little while before my train so we migh go to a cafe. As i was saying, camden allowed me to travel the world in just a few hours, it was lovely. I also had some orange juice which was basically 10 oranges squeezed into a cup and it was so refreshing and orange and wow, i hope i can visit again soon.
17:53 we decided to pop into cafe nero. I have purchased a regular hot chocolate without cream and i have some tap water as i felt i needed to be refreshed and a hot chocolate wouldn't do that for me. There is a sign on the door saying to keep it shut as the pigeons will come in and i think me and my cousin are the only people who are taking this seriously! Haha! No one is shutting the door behind them. How ridiculous!
18:30 i have waved goodbye to my cousin, and i am on the train as it was ready on the platform even though it won't leave for 20 minutes. I am joined by my 256 song Spotify playlist and a meal deal from whsmiths. Always have to have a meal deal on a train, and i guess this is my tea. I chose a simple cheese sandwich, some crisps and a bottle of water. I was going to get a small bottle as it is easier to carry around and i know i won't finish it all, however the man at the till said i should get the biggest bottle as it's the same price and i get more for my money. I laughed and said i was alright with the small one but he insisted so now i have a massive bottle of water with me. At least i won't dehydrate.
21:10 i am nearly home, the struggles of getting the slow train, ay. I have listened to most of my music collection on the way back, and even though i have a book with me, i just found mumford and sons a little more exciting! I haven't actually eaten any of my meal deal. I just haven't been hungry, and i haven't opened my water bottle either, haha! My phone is on 20% battery and i don't have much data left but at least i have my giant bottle of water, and i should be home soon enough! I am very excited to go to sleep.

Hello, it's 19:37 the next day (thursday 21st september), and i have just finished eating my tea after getting back from a day in manchester. I think going to london has been my favourite part of this week so far. Infact it has been my favourite, no doubt about it. I always love exploring london so the fact i did a few bits on my own and without any plans, i am pretty proud of myself for coping quite well. When i think back, over so many trips and days out, i experienced severe anxiety, i just didn't realise it had a name. Now i am so glad i do. (Does that make sense??) I can make these steps to a happier life where i can travel somewhere on my own. Maybe one day i will go abroad alone, but i ain't there just yet, haha! Keep making small steps future anna, i am proud of you.


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