mobile mind #2


i should be editing my short film, but instead i have written an updated mobile mind whilst i watch a mix of peep show and rick & morty!

it's been going ok. like really ok. i think i started my last update like this, but that isn't a bad thing. anyway, i filmed a new short film, went on a little family holiday, had a few days out with my friends, and just been enjoying what's happening really. firstly i will update the moving to manchester situation. it isn't all go just yet, but i still want to do this! i wanted to move before i see lorde in manchester in the last week of september, but i don't think that will happen, but that's ok. hopefully the right place comes up soon! in some other blog posts i have spoken about how fun and happy i was on the holiday and whilst filming. however on the last day of filming i felt a little drained because i had spent 2 days fully surrounded by loads of people, and i like to have my time alone to think and ya know, just be alone haha. but i hadn't had that in a few days, but luckily everyone was pretty tired so it was ok!

some things that have stressed me out in the past few weeks have been:

  • on the morning of our little family holiday, i couldn't find my hairbrush so i had a bit of a breakdown. lol welcome to my life. i am still trying to learn to not get so angry and stressed in stupid situations, but it's taking a while. i also got stressed because a cupboard door wouldn't shut, and there was a problem with the bath taps. yeah, hopefully one day i can learn to control my brain, until that day, i will argue with my family and then apologise forever, haha.
  • i also have a note i wrote on my phone so i would remember to put it in, but i literally can't remember what it was about. i wrote: 'thursday 24th stressed because times keep changing', and if you know me, you know i like to PLAN PLAN PLAN, so when i can't or times change, i get stressed. i don't know what this was about, but it happen pretty regularly. i am still working on becoming calm in situations like this, but hopefully it's soon because it's actually ridiculous what annoys me. lol.
so i guess those are the biggest things that my mind has been through the past few weeks. i think the thing i am most proud of myself for doing is going to meet friends, and organising things on my own, because i used to not be able to do any of those things. i have even planned to travel down to london next week on my own to meet my cousin and see a film at a rooftop cinema which i have always wanted to do. i hope this new confidence keeps appearing, and i can't wait to see what happens next. i just need to get less stressed and stop being so angry. small victories though, they are what keep us going. until next time :)


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