I Guess I Have A Car


hello future anna! how are you? i'm doing really well! to be honest, I think August and September treated me realllyyyy well this year, and i have so many memories with so many amazing people! i didn't want the month of September to end, but October has to come at some point. As you may remember, i was hoping to move to Manchester. it's still a cool dream but right now, i am happy where i am, so that's been pushed to spring next year. in the meantime, i am at home, editing my film (hopefully it's actually finished soon haha!), working, and just having a cool time. however, i want more. the thing i am looking at doing next is getting a new job as something creative, or media-y, or ya know, just something i am ACTUALLY interested in! I'm currently a waitress at weddings and functions, and although i enjoy this, it's not what i wanna do alllll the time. I passed my driving test in March or April or i don't know it was around then, and i never bought a car because of the Manchester idea, however as that may not be happening right away, it gives me the chance to look for another job! just decided to pop on spotify and johnny cash was the first to pop up so he can have the pleasure of playing whilst i continue writing this (orange blossom special for anyone wondering)! i have found a few cool jobs and applied to one (haven't heard back yet, but hopefully soon!), but to get to these i would need a car. me and my dad (and sometimes my sister) have spent the last few months looking at cars and insurance and seeing what's best, and i like ford KA's! they aren't everyone's favourite, but for me, it doesn't matter what the car looks like, as long as it's safe and easy to drive. i looked at the beginning of the week on ebay and found a blue KA for a really good price! i showed my dad, and the next day we went to look at it. the owner was called Dave and he was really nice! my dad said we would think about it, but we agreed on a price and i could have it for that if i let him know by the end of the next day. that night, i messaged him saying i wanted to car, dependent on a test drive by my mum. the next day we went, and the car got my mum's seal of approval! excellent! we also spoke to Dave for a while about god and he was such an incredible man. i handed over the money and i got the car. wow, i guess i'm an adult! haha! it's now Thursday 5th October, and my mum and dad are going to collect the car today as i am at work and didn't want to drive it back on my own. i have sorted the insurance and tax, and wow, i actually own a car. it's still a bit strange to think about to be honest! i didn't think i would get a car just yet, but when the perfect thing comes up, go for it!!! so when i get back from work at 11pm tonight, it should be sat on the driveway, and i can spend tomorrow sitting in it and getting used to the controls. My dad and i are hoping to take it out on Saturday, as i was going to take it out tomorrow but because i haven't driven for a few months, i want someone with me, just in case! haha! i'm excited to be able to pop out in the day and start looking for other jobs! i can't wait for me and my siblings to go on little adventures and to just have the freedom to drive somewhere. let's just hope it doesn't break down, haha! happy driving future anna x


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