Oh baby, baby, it's a WILD WORLD


So it's 9:26 on Sunday morning and i have just finished my usual morning scan of social media and emails. A part of that was watching the 'bastille insider' snapchat, where the final ever bastille show this year and of this tour was played. It made me think of all the amazing memories i have just because of one band, but i wanted to talk about them, and i thought here would be a perfect place to look back at them. Officially, i only attended one date of the tour, however i was so so so lucky to win tickets to the union chapel gig, so i guess i attended 2 shows.
The first memory is from sunday 6th november 2016, where i went to the manchester show of the tour. I went with my cousin, and we got the train there in the day, and stayed over night too so we could make a little holiday of it! Whenever i think of this show, the first thing that comes to mind is the song Fake It which starts with some high pitched ooohhhs. There were a group of guys stood next to my cousin and i, and whilst fake it started, me and this guy were singing the OOH bit. We then realised we were both doing it, so made eye contact, then we continued the Ooohhs at the top of our lungs and it was a lovely connected moment, haha! I think i have a video somewhere and all you can hear is me and this other guy! The encore was pompeii, and as me and my cousin were dancing, the guy and some of his friends started dancing with us, and we all ended up shouting EH EH OH EH OH really loud whilst all linked together kicking our legs. It was an amazing show, and those were some of my favourite moments. HOWEVER I COULD NEVER FORGET FLAWS!!! When me and my cousin arrived at the arena, i said whereabouts i wanted to stand so we would be near the second stage for of the night and we would possibly see dan during flaws, LET ALONE HE WOULD WALK RIGHT PAST ME!!!!!!! Omg, still not over that. I actually have a blog post about it which i will link here: http://annasnothere.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/bad-signal.html?m=1 haha!

Another memorable moment was of the night, and how everyone got down and then jumped wildly together. Dan actually broke his drum stick because he was playing so hard! It was such an incredible show, and i hope when they next announce a tour, i can attend a few shows with some friends i have made, which leads me onto union chapel...

Wow, i didn't expect to see this show. Basically, tickets went on sale for it but i said i wouldn't buy any as they were a little expensive, and then i would have to travel to london and stay the night and i like to plan things and i just couldn't get my head around it, so i thought i would donate to the charity, and my bit would be done. Nah mate, i got an email a week before the show saying i had won 2 tickets. Um what. Now, i had met a girl called charlotte and we were speaking through instagram, and i knew she was who i was gonna take with me, and WE ORGANISED THE TRIP THAT NIGHT LIKE WHAT?!?! I still can't believe to this day that we sorted the train tickets, maps and airbnb in like an hour. So the day of the show came and we weren't excited at all because we were still a little in shock and hadn't had time to get excited for it. It was so weird. We arrived at the airbnb to drop off our bags, and the around 3pm, we decided to join the queue. I would say there were about 40/50 people infront of us, but when we joined the queue didn't feel big at all! The sun shone down on us, and as me and charlotte live up north where it's windy and cold, we both had jackets on and weren't prepared for the sun, however a lovely dad in the queue gave us some suncream. My first favourite moment of that night was meeting 2 girls, Hannah and hollie, who were in the queue next to us. We first spoke to them when we were all a bit confused why some people in the queue had numbers, but then we didn't properly speak until i saw hollie in the mcdonalds round the corner. We started talking about anything and everything, and when we walked back to the queue after collecting our food, we sat together and talked and it was possibly my favourite concert queuing experience ever! We even sat next to each other inside because of how close we had become, and still keep in touch now! I had lunch with hollie whilst i was in London the other day, and just messaged hannah! And i still talk to charlotte too!

Another moment which will always be special is when the band were playing Laura palmer, and i was pointing my hand up in the air like the lyrics suggest, and dan pointed at me and waved. Um hello? What the funk??? I also cried, not because of the wave, but because of how beautiful the whole thing was and i just couldn't believe i was there!
It's now 10:03 and i really need to get out of my bed and start my day but the memories come first!!
Anyway, 2 more highlights were hearing Get Home and WOL pt1 both live. They have always been some of my favourites, so the fact i have heard them is incredible, especially as that was the first time weight of living had been played live before. It was such a special and magical night that i will hold in my heart forever, and i will never forget the manchester arena attack that took place on the same night. I will always be grateful for being  safe and away from danger that day, but will always feel guilty that i left ok and some people at a concert that night didn't.
Anyway, to sum up, the "wild world era" has been really fun to be part of and i can't wait to hear the songs live again, old and new! Thanks bastille for helping me meet 3 of my best friends and many others, and for letting me have 2 incredible concerts that will always be 2 of my favourites.
Hopefully you get to see them soon future anna!


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