Mobile Mind #3

Ok, mobile mind number 3 LET'S GO! Ok, so a few days after i updated you last, i visited my cousin in London to see Ferris Bueller's Day Off at a rooftop cinema in peckham! I travelled to London and would have to spend a few hours on my own before meeting my cousin. This idea worried me, but it went so smoothly! I loved the lil trip and hopefully i can go again super soon! I am pretty proud of myself for doing it. If you wanna read more in detail, i wrote a blog post about the tiny holiday: https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8181792255692056288#editor/target=post;postID=5137189886585960221;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=2;src=postname

The day after i got back from London, i went to manchester to look at flats with my friend alex. On the train there, i got a call saying the flat we were going to look around was gone, and my mood suddenly went from 14/10 to -7/10. It was so dramatic. I just couldn't be bothered with anything. I just didn't care anymore. Sorry alex, if you're reading this, that you had to cope with me for the day! I definitely need to improve in the sense of mood, and that if something suddenly changes, it's ok. I hate when it happens, but that's life. I just need to improve on accepting it i guess. Well, i know.

Before the month was up, i went with my sister to see THE GODDESS WHO IS LORDE! I had never been to the venue she was performing at before so i was a little worried because i would be the one directing us to and from the show, and i hate the idea of being late for a train, especially that late in the evening. I also don't like getting my phone out to get uo google maps because it suggests to people that i don't know where i am going which makes me an easy target. That's just how my brain works. However, all was fine and the gig was HEAVENLY! Here is a link to my Instagram if you wanna hear me singing along to 3 of my favourite songs from the night:

If you keep upto date with my blog (i don't lol), or know me in real life, you know that i bought my first car! Exciting ay! I really enjoy driving, and i am now confident driving long distances on my own! However, one thing i need to get better at (it will come with practice, i know) is driving behind cars. Yes. I know that sounds really stupid, but if i am behind a car, i am constently singing the 2 second rule rhyme to myself and panicking that the car will suddenly break and i will go into the back of it. I don't know why i have this low key fear, but it really worried me today when i was driving home from my new job (that's in the next paragraph, don't worry) because i was on a duel carriage way and the car infront of me wasn't going as fast as it could've been. This wasn't the problem, it was just that they were slowing slightly, and they might have harshly breaked any second. When they turned off at the roundabout, i was so relieved. I guess as i practice driving and learn more about the roads, i will feel more confident.

So yep, i have a new job! Wooop! I still have my other one, but it's just nice to have a few mote hours, doing something i really enjoy! I haven't felt worried AT ALL about it! Phew! And last week i visited my friend Emma in bristol, and i wasn't anxious then either! I was a little worried about the trains, but i just like to be on time, and even though i was early for a few, it's better to be safe than sorry!

So that's my updated mobile mind. Quite a bit has happened since the last one, and i can feel myself being more confident in scary (well to me) situations. This makes me feel really happy. I can't wait for my next adventure! However i can see what i need to get better at: preparing for any situation, because you never know what's going to happen, even though i would really like to!


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