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hello future anna! my dad (so your dad, but it feels weird saying just dad, idk, haha!) went to the cinema last night to watch the new thor film with some friends! he came home with a lil magazine talking all about the new films that are coming out. whenever i go to the cinema, i always find at least 2 trailers that look amazing and i wanna go back and watch the films but i forget about them so i thought i would look through the book and write down the films here so i don't forget them! If you're not future anna, hopefully you find a film here that you wanna see, or feel free to send me must watch films that i can add to my list!

p.s. these films are just from the lil magazine my dad bought back, there are plenty of other films i wanna watch, these are just the ones out now or coming soon!

Murder on the Orient Express
i think it was early this year when i saw somewhere that this classic Christie book would become another film adaptation. i haven't seen the other film, but i was enchanted by the trailer as it featured the new imagine dragons single and a cool shot of Poirot walking through the train carriage seeing all the characters. when i next went into town, i bought the book and read it. i don't normally do this, but it's a classic. i felt i had to know the basic story. i am so so glad i read the book first, because i felt the ending was a little confusing written down, so i am excited to see it played out in front of me so i can breakdown whats happening... if you have read the book, lemme explain what i mean


so you know at the end of the book, we discover that everyone was involved. well (i finished it a few months ago so can't remember everything), it confused me when Poirot asked someone which conclusion they should go with, and they say the one where no one on the train was involved. did poirot say that was ok because he knew they were all involved so just trying to cover their backs? i am probably not making sense, but i had to read the last page about 5 times to kinda grasp what was happening. hopefully i can go and watch the film and understand it a lil better!


anyway, i am super excited to see the film, hopefully i can go and watch it soon as i think it is already out!

i went to watch the new kingsman film with my dad a few weeks ago, and one of the trailers was for this new film and it looked brilliant! I hadn't actually remembered the title, so i was glad when i saw the film in the lil book! the trailer looked really funny, and the film has some big names in it so hopefully i can see it at some point, whether at the cinema or on dvd!

Early Man
my family and i LOVE LOVE LOVE aardman films! i think they are brilliant and so clever. of course our favourites are the Wallace and gromit films, but i hope i can get to see their new film early man! i like Maisie Williams who plays arya stark in game of thrones, and she tweeted about it one day, and it turns out she is in it! as well as some other well known actors, Maisie plays a cave girl, i think, but the trailer looks really fun, so i might go with my brother to see it! i think stop motion animation is so clever and interesting.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
it's nearly Christmas which means NEW STAR WARS MOVIE!! 2 years ago, my dad, brother and i went to see star wars the force awakens at the cinema on Christmas eve! as soon as it was over, me and the rest of the world NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! when the new film was advertised, i couldn't wait, but the film name suggests a big character will die, whether that's Luke or Rey. hmmm, i guess we will just have to watch and find out! hopefully neither of them die because that would be sad, haha!

The Killing of a Sacred Deer
i was first drawn to this film because of the beautiful film poster of a hospital room with a long long long curtain covering a window. it's stunning. i hadn't actually seen the trailer, but i spotted the poster in the lil cinema book and instantly watched the trailer. it looks weird and scary, and because it's scary i will probably never watch it (like the new MOTHER! film. it looks incredible but i will never sleep again haha!), but it looks so beautiful, haunting, and cinematic. someone describes it as: "absolutely fucking brilliant", and if that doesn't appeal to you, i don't know what will haha! The director also has another film called 'the lobster' and that is also on my list!

The Florida Project
now i am actually cheating here as this film isn't in the book BUT I JUST HAD TO INCLUDE IT!! when i went to bristol recently to visit my best friend, we went to a lil indie cinema to watch 'loving vincent' which was phenominal. truly one of the best films my eyes have ever had the pleasure of watching. anyway, one of the trailers for the film was this. i was a bit confused at first, but it looks to be an aesthetic inspired take on modern day family and how children see the world. it seems very wes anderson-y from the trailer, but it looks stunning. hopefully i can see it one day!

so those are the new films films coming out/recently released that are on my watch list! i am planning to see murder on the orient express in the cinema soon, and i don't know about the others just yet. i am obsessed with film, how a story can be told through visual work and audio is magical to me. i hope i can tell stories through films as my full time job one day. how amazing would that be! I don't know if i mentioned, but i released my new short film je m'appelle recently, so if you have a spare 12 minutes, i will leave the link here: https://vimeo.com/240433223 vimeo is currently upgrading itself, so on some devices my film has 12 views, and on others it has 12k so who knows lol. i really want to tweet more about it, but i have no clue how it's doing, i guess vimeo will just have to sort itself! see you at the movies future anna x


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