2017 Look Back


hello future anna! i CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S NEARLY 2018! but i think the rest of the world cannot believe it either! haha! this year has zipped by! it started in Sydney, Australia watching the new year, and is ending in a happy place! i still have a bit of December to get through before the year is up, but it's basically over so i thought i would answer these questions! i saw them going round on Instagram and thought i would give them a go!

Was it the best year of your life?

compared to 2016, 2017 has been incredible. 2016 was full of depression and sadness, 2017 was a fresh start, and an incredible journey! in a way, i don't want it to end, but i am excited to see what happens next!

did you move?

nope (thank goodness). i moved house in 2016 and my brain literally exploded with sadness so i am glad that didn't happen again. although i was considering moving to the city, which is still something i would like to do, i just don't know when!

did you make a lot of new friends?

i have met a lot of new people this year! 2 new jobs, a few gig buddies (heyyy charlotte, hollie and hannah), and a load of awesome mutuals on twitter! i am still friends with all the people who really matter in my life even though uni is keeping us apart currently, but i am really happy with the new people i have found. well, most of them, haha!

what's the hardest thing you went through?

after getting back from australia, i had it clear in my mind that i had anxiety. i think the hardest thing i went through was discovering that everything that happened in my head wasn't normal. it still confuses me that not everyone is scared of everything, but i am learning, and still find it a little difficult, although i am now in a much much much happier place!

did you achieve a goal?

according to my new years resolutions, i would say it was 50/50 to what i hoped to achieve this year and what i actually did. i am gonna do another blog post about the resolutions i set and if i completed them or not later on, so i will link it here when it's done!

did it go by fast to you?

yes. very! but i think it did for everyone!

did your clothing style change?

i wouldn't say my style has changed, but i guess i have been more confident to wear my style this past year. that has made me happy, and i now love finding cool tshirts and things to wear!

what was the dumbest trend in your opinion?

hmmm, i don't really know. maybe fidget spinners?

what's something you wish you could redo that you did this year?

go to australia! make another film! have fun times with my friends and family! keep being happy!

how many relationships did you get in?

lmao none

what's something you did that you never had before?

spoken about how i actually feel/whats going on in my head

was school good or bad? why?

i don't go to school anymore, so i am gonna answer this on behalf of work! one job has been alright, and i guess the other has too! hahah! one is still pretty new so nothing major has happened, and although i kinda enjoy the other one, it has its downs which makes it hard at times. but i enjoy working, i enjoy the structure of my days, and i enjoy the money ha!

best memory you made?

i have really had to think about this one. so many great things happened this year! i guess meeting dan smith from my favourite band was an incredibly surreal moment, so i might go with that, although every moment i spent with someone i love or in a space i felt safe has been so lovely! i hope 2018 is as good to me! OH WAIT MY FAVOURITE MEMORY IS WHEN I GOT AN EMAIL TO SAY I HAD WON TICKETS TO A TINY ACOUSTIC BASTILLE GIG IN LONDON! i still can't believe it!

overall, 2017 has been brilliant and i cannot wait to end it at my friend's party, surrounded by people i love all dressed in funny costumes, drinking alcohol, and dancing to awesome music! December still isn't over though, and i still have quite a bit of Christmas shopping to do, so best get to it haha! bye future anna x


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