How Big Of A Fangirl Am I?


oh gee wiz future anna it's another instagram questions blog post lmao ok. i actually really enjoy doing these and seeing the answers everyone else puts! the reason i don't do them on my instagram is because i always wanna talk and explain about each answer but you can't really do that on there, so cheers to my blog for allowing me the pleasure! this instagram question set is titled 'how big of a fangirl are you?', and i think it was created by @yaystorybingos because that's whose @ is on the post, even though i found the questions through someone else doing them! ok, these questions can be answered with either: yes, kinda, or no, so i will answer with one of those and then elaborate! let's go...

stayed up all night waiting for a new album/song/show/video/etc
YES! i have only done this once, so far as i can remember, and that was when katy perry released her newest album 'witness'! oh wait, i can vaguely remember setting an alarm for 4am once to listen to a song but i can't remember what it was haha! anyway, i sometimes get super tired, and to me, it doesn't matter if i don't listen/watch something straight away, but i had waited for the new katy album for years, so had to hear it as soon as i could!

went to their hotel or the airport to look for them
NO! i would never ever do this! i think it's an invasion of privacy, and i wouldn't like it, so they probably don't. if they happened to be on the same flight as me, or staying in the same place, i might try and bump into them, but i would never go out of my way to do this.

ran a social media account dedicated to them
NO! i can just about look after my own few accounts, so i am truly in awe of people who put aside their time to post and make edits! i follow a few bastille pages on instagram, and quite a few katy/bastille pages on twitter! if one follows me, i follow them right back as i love the community feel!

dressed exactly like them
YES! for halloween one year, i spent weeks making a costume like on katy had worn on the california dreams tour! i even bought a black wig! i don't know if  i have a photo, but if i find one, i will post it here! a lot of people say i dress like dan smith, but i genuinely don't mean to. we just have similar styles.

know every single word to all their songs
KINDA! if we're talking about katy perry and bastille being the main artists i fangirl over, i like to think i know every word, but i probably don't! haha! 

memorised every single intro to their songs
KINDA! i wouldn't say i have sat down and listened to the start of songs until i know them off by heart, but i would say i am pretty good at recognizing songs!

skipped school/work to meet/see them
NO! my mum would never allow me, but i once sat in the college library to try and get tickets for a concert once and was so excited i nearly cried lol

been broke because of them
NO! i could easily let myself get swept away with buying tickets and merch, but i am pretty good at stopping myself. i guess this makes me pretty lucky in the scheme of things, but if you counted how much i have spent over the years on my fangirl things, i would probably faint! although this past week has caused me to spend £150 on bastille tickets...

booked a flight to see them
NO! i haven't ever seen any bands or artists i like abroad, i like to stick to the UK, although in the future i will probably be the kind of person who books holidays around concerts haha!

done your hair/makeup just like theirs
KINDA! i tried to do my hair and makeup like katy's when i dressed up as her for halloween, but other than that, never!!

waited at the computer at least 30 minutes before tickets go on sale
YES YES YES! this is me! i like to be ready and prepared, and because of that, i have always got the tickets i wanted! waiting pays off xoxo

gotten front row at a concert
NO! I wish, but to be honest, i have never actually tried! when i see katy pn tour, and when bastille tour next, i will be there at the front! basically on the stage! hahah!

camped out for a concert/show
NO! like my previous answer, i haven't, but i plan on getting to katy's and bastille's future shows super early!

had internet friends because of them
YES! i have made some incredible friends through following artists! a lot of people don't understand internet friendships, but i am so grateful my parents do! i have met 5 people through twitter, and more people through them! i love making new friends who like similar music to me, so the fact i have been able to do that is still incredible to me! infact, i am seeing katy perry and bastille next year with some of my internet friends!!

snuck backstage to find them
NO! I don't think i could ever bring myself to do this. i would rather be in a bad spot but enjoy the whole concert, than risk getting kicked out and not seeing my faves perform at all!

bought m&g tickets for them
NO! i have never done this, but i guess i am lucky that katy offers free meet and greets to katycats, and bastille don't charge ridiculous prices to see them! hopefully i meet katy when she comes to the uk, or at least some of the katycats i am friends with through twitter! that would be amazing to see! and i still can't believe i met dan smith, the lead singer of bastille super randomly yet perfectly!

cried because of them
YES! i think i have only cried once, but that was when bastille did a cover of some incredible female artists AND THEN THEY STARTED PLAYING ROAR AND I BURST INTO TEARS BECAUSE I JUST COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT MY FAVOURITE BAND WERE PLAYING ONE OF MY FAVOURITE KATY SONGS. ok, calm down anna. i was close to tears when dan and katy met at the brits this year, but i was just too ecstatic to let the tears form!

failed an exam/test because of them
NO! school comes first, well it did when i still went, so i would always put my grades first. however, the night before my gcses started, i saw katy on the prismatic world tour. yes, some of the most important exams of my life, yet katy performing the night before was incredible, and i was still able to get up early to get an A in my english exam!!!

had your phone confiscated because of them
NO! i have never had my phone taken away because of checking what they were doing, but if i ever have used my phone at work or college, i just did it in secret or waited til i was home.

cried because you couldn't attend a show/concert
NO! i've been sad if i haven't been able to attend shows and events, but there will always be other shows, and i can't go to anything. instead of feeling sad, i feel happy for those who are able to attend and the incredible time they will have!

created a concert project for them
NO! I think it would be wicked to create a large project, but i never think of anything in time! hahah! i joined a katy perry project when i saw her during the prismatic world tour, and that was holding a piece f paper saying 'thank you for staying' to be held up during the acoustic section of the show. it was a beautiful experience and i still have the piece of paper.

had at least 1/4 photos on your phone be them
KINDA! i used to download soooo many photos of katy perry onto my ipod touch, and i probably still have them, but i stopped in recent years as i don't have unlimited phone storage. instead, i have an album called 'fangirl' which contains my absolute most favourite pictures! i think i have about 74 in there right now, so it shows how good the image has to be to make the cut! haha!

ran out of storage because of them
YES! continuing on from the last point, my ipod touch never ever had free storage with all the fangirl pics i had on it, and even though my current phone often doesn't have storage, that isn't down to photos, it's down to the apps i have. so i am gonna say yes to this point rather than kinda as i have in the past run out of storage and had to contemplate how many photos i have to delete for my ipod to function, hahah!

So i'm posting this as a special celebration because today, bastille's re-orchestrated tour tickets went on sale!! WOOOO!! i am so so happy as i am seeing them in Manchester, Sheffield and London! i cannot believe it! i work so hard to be able to go to my fave's shows, so the fact i am going to 3 of these incredible, magical shows is so incredible to me and makes all the work i do completely worth it! now i am gonna go and do a 12 hour shift to pay for the tickets, lol. hope you enjoy the shows future anna x


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