My Christmas Writing Wish


Ok ok calm down chill out relax ok cool yes woooo ok. Hey future anna, how's it hangin? I really wanted to do a christmassy blog post but i had nothing to write about until one of my christmas wishes came true today. Hmmm ok. So last month, i applied to go on a screenwriting week residential course run through the bfi that is being run next year. I didn't think i would get it as it's an incredible opportunity and i always feel i never really present myself well through application forms. But blow me down, i was selected. It's crazy!! I truly can't wait to meet others who wanna learn more like myself, and be able to meet industry professionals who know thete stuff and can help me write better screenplays! I hope to at least blog about the week which is happening in February and i might vlog it too, who knows, i just know that everything is going pretty well right now! I just hope your life continues to go well future anna and anyone else who is reading this! I don't think i will blog until next week about new years stuff now, but i really wanted to write this down so i could remember how happy i am, and that one of my Christmas wishes came true! Merry christmas future anna x


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