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hello future anna! i thought instead of a mobile mind post, i thought i would talk about what i do to make myself happy or less worried about things! i wouldn't say it's a routine as such, but i do most of these every day in this kind of order, so it's possibly a routine! i guess it is. i thought as well as writing all these down, it would be sweet to pair it with a short video on my youtube channel, bringing to life what i talk about. i wanted to also pair the video with a blog post so i could give a bit of detail about each thing. i will link the video here:

"i spent a long time not being happy. i still have moments of unhappiness, everyone does, but i have found a few things that truly make me happy. i try and do a few of these at least once a day, but depending on what i'm doing, my happiness routine changes. this is what i do to make me smile."

Bath With Podcasts

just to establish, my family and i live in an old house, so we don't have a shower, we have a bath. we are hoping to get a shower fitted at some point, but for now, each morning (or night depending on the situation) i have a short bath. it basically lasts that same amount of time as a shower would, but having a bath makes me feel calm and that i am washing away any dirt (real or metaphorical) to make me feel free and idk, but you get it. one thing i love doing whilst in the bath is listen to podcasts! my favourite is 'my dad wrote a porno' because it makes me laugh so so much! i think it's brilliant! i really want to see them when they go on tour next year, but i am seeing dua lipa on the night they are near me! such a shame, and i have nearly finished season 3 of the podcast too so it isn't going well really, but next year season 4 should be out and i cannot wait!!

Cup Of Tea

i'm british so this had to be on the list! haha! if i am in a mood or feeling unsure about anything, i make myself a cup of tea and chill out. my favourite teas are jut general black tea and china rose petal tea from betty's! i really want to try the snowball tea from the bluebell tea company as i smelt it when i was in bristol, and i really wish i had bought it then, because the postage is quite expensive, soooooo.... maybe one day!


one thing that ALWAYS cheers me up and makes me feel less anxious is listening to music! whether it's bastille, katy perry, mumford and sons, kacey musgraves, or any of the other amazing artists i listen to, just hearing their voices and familiar sounds make me feel like home, and cosy and safe.

Family + Friends

i love spending time and talking to my family and friends. they make me smile and feel all happy inside. whether that's chatting to my grandad about going on holiday, or speaking to my friends through video-chatting, i feel loved and warm inside when i am surrounded by people i love. even though i love being on my own, i love when my family all come home after a day of school or work, and we can all be together. i also can't wait for my friends to come home from uni for christmas so i can see them all!


i can sometimes get really anxious when driving, especially on duel carriage ways which i have to drive on for about 30 minutes to and from work. it stresses me out when cars try and drastically take over or get too close to me, so to calm myself, i sing. whether it's along to a cd i have in my car, or just tunes i know, singing calms me down and makes me feel happy. i guess this links to the music one, but i just can't get enough of hearing my favourite artists' songs.


i often spend my entire day inside, on my laptop, getting stuff done. i don't mind doing that, but i often think i need to go on a walk to clear my head and freshen up! i live in the countryside, so there is grass a lovely walks, but it's quite nice getting into winter with a slight crisp air and nature changing as the weather does. i enjoy a good walk, i have to be in the mood to go one one, but when i do, i could walk for ages. just me and my thoughts, and anyone else who wants to join me.

Watching Films

if you know me, you know films are everything! my dream job is making films, so watching them makes me so so happy! i love going to the cinema and watching films at home, whether with my dad on dvd, or on netflix, which is what i do most lunchtimes if i am at home and not at work. 

Reading/Being In A Safe Space

one of my favourite things to do in an evening is read a book in my room. my room is my safe space. it's colourful and cosy, and my own personal space. reading with my fairy lights on and possibly a candle is so calming and soothing after a long day, and pairing that with my room makes me feel so happy. i am currently reading 'a spot of bother' by mark haddon, who also wrote my favourite book 'the curious incident of the dog in the night time'.

Gigs + Shows

if you've watched the video that goes with this list, you'll know that gigs are my ultimate happy place. i feel so happy seeing my favourite artists and hearing my beloved songs bought to life. it's so surreal being surrounded by people who know all the words just like you, and i hate when they are over. a lot of people have asked why i have bought tickets to see katy perry 4 times next year, and i think this paragraph sums it up. she makes me happy, so why shouldn't i see her a much as i can? i have put shows in this category too as i love love love going to the theatre to see shows, which is a close second to gigs.

obviously there are other things that make me smile, but these are things i try and do as often as possible to keep my happiness as high as it can be! i hope if you're reading this that you're happy, and future anna, i hope you're still smiling and doing all the things on this list!


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