Putting The Phone Down On 2017


well hello there future anna, we have come a long way haven't we! this time last year i was in australia, having a brilliant time, and discovering more about who i am and how i work. i really hope i can go back someday. also, non future anna people, i hope you had a good christmas or a good day if you don't celebrate it! anyway, i posted my list of new years resolutions and thought it would be nice to go over them and see what i achieved, before i post what my resolutions for 2018 are! if you wanna read last years post, i will link it here: http://annasnothere.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/ring-ring-its-2017.html

1.     Create 2 new films.
Ok, so i made 1 film, but i did make more youtube videos than i thought i would and blogged more! I know it isn't really a substitute but i am happy with what i achieved and that i managed to make 'je m'appelle' with sooo many lovely people!

2.     Learn to play the ukulele. wait, is that how you spell it? 
I still don't really know how to spell it and i haven't even looked at it over the past few months, let alone played it!! Haha! I guess I've just had no motivation to do anything new, which is a shame!

3.     Go on holiday with my sister. 
This one didn't happen either lol! I am stil hoping to do this one day, but i haven't gotten round to it yet, especially as my sister is in college and we both work at the weekends! I thought it would be cool to play 'Barcelona' by Ed Sheeran and surprise her with a holiday there for her birthday but have you seen how expensive it is??? hah!!!

4.     Learn every word to 'car radio' by Twenty One Pilots.
I would say i kinda achieved this. I have spent the last year trying to find new music and artists to listen to, but that has meant i stopped listening to artists like twenty one pilots. I still really enjoy their stuff though. I wouldn't say i have learnt the song off by heart yet, but i have a pretty good go whenever it plays haha!!

5.     Enter 'The Best Days' in the Raindance film festival!
I did that! It didn't get nominated or win anything but i didn't expect that, i just wanted to show off what me and my friends had made! Maybe something else will be entered into a competition in the future!

6.     be more happy. 
This is the only resolution that kinda came true. I would say that 2016 was probably one of the worst years of my life. Not to be dramatic or anything but i was depressed and hated everything. After getting back from Sydney, my goal was to get therapy and sort myself out. I DID THAT! I still struggle a lot, and I should probably talk more about my problems but i find it difficult to explain and people don't understand and they shout and i'm in the wrong. it's complicated, but at least i am much much happier. I never want to go anywhere as bad as 2016 again, i wouldn't wish that on anyone. I think my most important resolution was this one so i am glad i stuck it out.

So those were this years resolutions. I guess 2/6 ain't bad! hahah! hopefully next year i can continue number 6 and stay smiling, even when it is difficult. oh gosh because i did the number list the format of this blog has completely been ruined so ignore any strange things in this outro because i am trying to sort it out but it just isn't working. hmmm..... my next blog post will be released on january 1st 2018, with my new resolutions so when that goes live i will link it here, or you could just search for it yourself if i forget. i am a bit of a goldfish to be honest! keep being happy future anna, and anyone else reading this, do something to make yourself smile! x


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