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hello future anna! I saw these questions for people to answer over on instagram, oh what a shock it's like you have never ever done this before, haha! if i see some questions i like, i wanna answer them, and i think it's cool to look back at them to see how my answers change over time! anyway, these questions focus on concerts, which are one of my favourite things to go to! so here we goooo...

How many concerts have you been to?
10+ i can't quite count them all. I have been to a few local concerts with my family through the local radio station but those were when i was like 8 so i can't really remember, but in recent years, i have seen: katy perry, bastille, lorde, mumford & sons, kacey musgraves, and most recently i saw pvris (blog post about that here: http://annasnothere.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/on-phone-with-pvris.html)! I already have 9 planned for next year (imagine dragons, dua lipa, bastille x3, and katy perry ×4)!

Do you count down to your concerts?
Not really! A few people have apps to count down the days, but i don't. I never really worry about them until nearer the time, although i am currently planning my outfits for my katy shows next year haha!

What's your fave thing about concerts?
Seeing my favourite songs come to life. being surrounded by people who know all the words and that is a powerful feeling! Singing along with some of my favourite artists. concerts are my happy place, i never feel anxious when i'm there.

When was your last concert?
I saw pvris recently in manchester, and their support acts were tyne and coin who were also both incredible! each of the bands were all so different, but they have all been added to my spotify playlists!

As far as you know, are you going to be going to any concerts?
9 this year, so far. oh gosh hahah!!

Do you regret any concerts? Who? Why?
Not really! I only go to concerts of artists i really love, unless anything else pops up! I think the only things i regret at concerts is singing whilst i am recording because all you can hear is me!! Haha!!!

When is your next concert?
As of now, imagine dragons in february! My friend charlotte asked me to go with her and i am super excited because i have seen a few of their tour videos on twitter and they look wicked!

What type of person are you at concerts?
I like to think i am friendly and considerate to others, as i would want others to be to me! I don't like to film everything, but i like to sing and dance along with everyone else! I literally don't care if people judge me, i just love having fun!

List all the seats you've ever had at concerts.
Lmao what?!? I try and get standing as much as i can, but i have sat for quite a few too! i guess it just depends on what tickets i can get, and if i'm going to multiple shows of the same tour, i like to get different perspectives of the show. i was gonna take a picture of all my concert tickets for you to see, but they're all in a lil photo album/scrapbook with other tickets and photos and things and i can't be bothered to get them all out, hahah!! maybe one day...

Have you ever gotten front/second row?
Never! But i haven't ever really tried! But when katy is on tour i really want to be close, and when bastile next tour i will be literally on the stage haha, although i won't be able to do that at the shows they are doing this year as they are seated venues!

If yes, did you touch the celeb?
No to the previous answer, however dan smith did walk past me when bastille played flaws on tour, you can read the blog post for that if you wish: http://annasnothere.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/bad-signal.html

Have you met a celeb at a concert?
When charlotte and i went to the bastille gig at union chapel, we were going to wait afterwards, but felt bad as there were already loads and loads of people and we wouldn't have liked to be the band and suddenly have loads of people surround us, so no!

Have you been to a m&g/soundcheck?
Never, but i am always so so happy for anyone else who has! katy perry gives away meet and greet passes which i think is such a sweet idea, it's so lovely to see katycats i have grown up with on twitter get to meet her!

Favourite concert you've been to?
This is seriously a difficult question! I had an INCREDIBLE time at the lorde gig, and my heart became forever full when i saw katy live! but i think the bastille gig at union chapel will always be super special to me! i won tickets for it and met 3 best friends because of it. it is super special to me.

Who would you like to see in concert?
i actually answered this question on a youtube video i did a little while ago (https://youtu.be/nsbyxh7-aOI ), but i would love to see haim live, and i know it can't happen, but i would've loved to have seen johnny cash. i would also REALLY love to see kate tempest as i bet her spoken word performances are wicked!!!

ok ,that's it! if you answer any of the questions, let me know as i would love to see your answers! and feel free to redo this in the future future anna wait yeah, 2 futures do have to be next to each other haha! you probably have to read that sentence 3 times, but it does make sense after a while! see you at the next gig x


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