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hellooooo! sooo many people ask me how i keep my skin kinda clear, and if i wear makeup! i thought i would do a blogpost/youtube video bonanza and mix the 2! So over on youtube, i made a lil video showing my everyday makeup routine/no makeup makeup routine, and you can watch that here:

so here i am talking about my general skincare. I would say i have combination skin as my forehead is normally quite dry, and my nose area can get quite oily. i am not a major makeup person, so having a good skincare routine is really important to me. i would one day like to have the confidence to not wear makeup nearly everyday, and for me, that confidence comes from having good skin. i'm getting there. i still get spots, and have dark under eyes, but it's getting better, and this is what i do to my face to kinda achieve that!

oooh i think my morning routine is my favourite, unless i'm in a rush! haha! so, i begin by using my nivea cleansing gel (pictured), and i really love this as it washes my face really well, and has a small bit of grit/scrub/bumpy bits (idk what it's called haha), which really helps soften my skin, especially around my nose. i use this about 5/6 times a week, and on the other 1/2 days, i use my epoch mud mask (pictured). I bought this from a friend's lil makeup selling company, so i don't know where you can purchase it (possibly online/you can find something similar), but i think it's great for a deep cleanse if i have been wearing a lot of makeup recently, or have been on holiday so my routine had changed and i feel i need a fresh start. after washing off the mud mask, i go over my skin with a toner (i am currently using a rose water one from garnier, pictured below). this is just so any mud mask that may be left on my skin is washed off, and so my skin isn't just left open by the mask. hopefully that makes sense. after washing my face with any of these 2 methods, i moisturise! If i'm wearing makeup, i use the nivea soft moisturising cream (pictured), as i find it's an amazing primer, and really makes my skin feel so soft! I sometimes use this on the rest of my body too. If i'm having a no makeup day, i use a lighter moisturiser, and i'm currently using an olay hydration moisturiser for this job (pictured). i can then begin with makeup, or just get on with my day! on the odd occasion before applying lipbalm, i use a lip scrub to soften my lips, and my favourite is the popcorn scrub from lush! and that's it! that's my morning skincare routine! watch what happen next here: https://youtu.be/iG2bNSQM9Fw

now, before bed i use just normal makeup/face wipes to get rid of my makeup and any dirt that may have collected on my face during the day. i normally use nivea wipes as i find them so soft and not rough on my skin, but i didn't have a chance to buy them when i ran out recently, so i am currently using these wipes from simple (pictured) that i got in my christmas stocking! as i don't wear a lot of makeup/none at all, i normally only need to use one wipe per night! that's normally it for my night routine, unless i use a little bit of lipbalm. however, once a week i use a charcoal mask to properly treat and care for my skin. i don't use this on the same day i use a mud mask in the morning/if i'm going to use the mud mask the next day, but i find it great for properly cleaning my skin and my pores. when i do this, i moisturise my face a little bit afterwards just so it doesn't dry out overnight, but i think it's great to treat my skin once a week with it!

so that's my skincare and makeup routine! this doesn't change often, but i really want to try a few new products soon, so if those dramatically help my skin, i will do an updated routine so you know what works for me, so hopefully it works for you! have a lovely day, and future anna, KEEP LOOKING AFTER YOUR FACE!! Your future future future self will thank you for it!


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