Ring Ring, it's 2018!


5...4...3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! yes future anna and anyone else reading this, IT'S 2018!! did 2017 even exist? i don't think so! it disappeared so fast! it's crazy to think this time last year i was watching the UK fireworks from Australia via a bbc livestream on my uncle's ipad! so much has happened in the past year, and i already have a lot planned for this year! 10 concerts (so far), a screenwriting course with the BFI (ahhhh i cannot wait, and you bet i'm gonna blog or vlog it or both!!), and i think that's all the major things, but i am sure a lot of other stuff will happen haha!! anyway, last year i noted down my resolutions for 2017, and a few days ago i looked to see if i had completed them! i hope to do the same now, and see if i have done them by this time next year! this years resolutions are slightly different to last years, but here we go...

record a second of footage everyday!
i love those videos where people take a picture everyday for a few years or film a second of footage everyday and put them all together to see their year! i really want to do that this year! i thought about doing it at random points throughout 2017, but i really want to start on January 1st to see 2018. if i do well at this, it might become a yearly thing, but hopefully i remember to do it haha!!

write down my dreams!
i sometimes have a dream that i feel i have had before but i never know if i have actually had it before, or if the dream just made me think that. i also find dreams really interesting and how we put what happens in our everyday life into our dreams. for Christmas, my brother got me a notebook from the Vatican when he visited Italy, so i am gonna jot down what i can remember in there and see if i can make any sense of what happens when i am asleep!

note good things that happen everyday!
i saw on twitter someone created a thread that they replied to everyday of good things that happened. the biggest and littlest things were included, proving to me that everyday can be a good day, even if it doesn't seem like it! leading on from one of last years resolutions to be more happy, it is my mission to recognise that and write it down! my brother also got me a diary/journal for Christmas, so instead of writing down what i am going to do on that day, i am gonna write down the good things that happened that day!

try not to complain as much!
my uncle actually suggested this one to me. i complain A LOT! about everything. i am a nice person , i swear, i am friendly to staff, customers, friends, family, i try and see the good in everything, but i also complain about everything! .i like to plan everything, and if something isn't how i imagined or ruins something i was doing/changes it, i get angry and just complain. to be honest, i don't know what i would do with all my time if i didn't complain. i guess i'm a pessimist. i'm a glass half empty person but i have always said if it's empty, you can fill it up again. maybe i will become a little more positive and less angry this year. who knows!

so those are my 2018 resolutions! i also want to write more and maybe release 2 films, but those ones above are my main ones! ones i really hope happen this year! what are your resolutions?

I also thought it would be a cute idea to write down some of my all time favourite moments from 2017 so when i look back at this post i can smile and see all the amazing things that happened:

Was in Australia to start 2017 and i don't think i will ever beat it!

Jazz Fest with some of my incredible friends. I find going out and doing stuff with loads of people really difficult but this night was so much fun!

Learnt to drive, still super proud and happy i did this!

Bought a car, didn't expect i would but getting a car has changed my life for the bettet!

Turned 19 and had a lovely chill day with my family and went to a nice place to eat lunch. I'm a simple kid.

Went to London a few times which is one of my favourite places! So glad i got to explore it more in 2017!

Went to Bristol to visit Emma which i hope to do more whilst she is at uni there!

Won union chapel tickets which still blows my mind every single day i think about it!

Met charlotte, Hannah and hollie through bastille and they are all amazing and sweet and kind and i love them!

Got my tattoos which i have wanted for a while and i am so glad i have them!

Went up Snowdon for beth's birthday amd it was a lovely experience i want to relive again some day!

Saw lorde, kate nash and a few others live which always makes me happu. Gigs are my happy places.

Made my second film which is still crazy to me!

Bought tickets to see bastille + katy perry multiple times in 2018 which i cannot wait for and i am so proud of myself for saving the money up to do!

Celebrated Christmas with my family which was a lovely few days!

Even though i had to miss a new years party tonight because anxiety has attacked, i am excited for 2018 to start and i can continue getting closer to my dreams coming true and making fab memories. good luck future anna x


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