Creators & Actors I Would like To Work With (in my dreams)


hello future anna! hope you're well! and to anyone else reading this, i hope you have a good day! so, i thought i would write down a few names of the people i plan on working with in my wildest dreams! to narrow it down, or we could be here for a whileeee, i have put the names into 2 sections, and have 4ish people in each section. some of these people could be in either section, but i have put them into the section to do with how i would like to work with them, e.g. if they are in the 'actors' section, they would act in a film of mine/ if they are in the 'creators' section, we would work on a project together. does that make sense? probably not, but right now it makes sense to me! anyway, on with the show!

obviously, i don't know these people. they may not be nice, they may have had bed reviews, or you may not like them. we all have dreams, and these people have created/been in some of my favourite productions, so of course i would like to learn more about how they work/meet them. if you don't agree, that's ok. but this is just my lil crazy internet blog, i'm never gonna end up working with any of them! hahah!


David Lynch - David Lynch has always been an inspiration to me. The fact his crazy ideas are allowed to be on TV, allows me to believe that one day the same might happen to me. He seems to friendly and creative, I would love to work around someone who puts so much work into his worlds and characters. Even though his work is surreal and mine isn't, i like my films to make the surreal more real, so i guess i'm inspired by him in that way too.
Quentin Tarantino - Iconic. Tarantino has been an inspiration to me since I first saw Pulp Fiction with my dad. I was probably too young to understand the first time I watched it, but the story telling is incredible. Along with his other films, I love how he makes the ordinary completely the opposite, and his creative choices are done with such flare, that I think it would be wicked to have an incite into his movie making process.
Steve Pemberton/Reece Shearsmith - These 2 come as a pair, so I couldn't just pick one! As I was discovering more about tv and films, a show called Inside No.9 popped up on our screens, and it has been one of my all time favourite shows ever since. I would say all of my stories are inspired by these two, as they were some of the first stories I saw that always had me unsure of how the episode would finish. I could never predict how it would end, and that's one thing I always try and include in everything i write. It's not to everyone's taste, but why be predictable when you can throw a spanner in the works? I would love to see how their scripts and stories come to life in person!
Carol Morley - I first discovered Carol when I saw that Maisie Williams was starring in one of her films. The Falling is now one of my favourite stories, and each time I watch it, I am enchanted and inspired. Her writing is something I fall in love with everytime I read/see it. Her approach to ideas is so lovely, that I just want to meet her and see how her stories come about. I know my other 3 choices are men, but Carol truly stands out in the creators field for me. I just can't love her more!


Maisie Williams - I became a fan of Game of Thrones just as season 4 was starting (I think), and I instantly fell in love with the character Arya. I could relate to her. As she grew up in front of me, i wanted to find out more about the actress who played her. Since then, Maisie has been one of my favourite actresses. She is so down to earth and likable, and becomes the characters she plays, which can be hard to do for someone who has such a major role in one of the world's biggest tv shows. She has proved her ability. I have since seen her in The Falling, IBoy, Gold, and a few other films that I only watched because she was in them. I love her!
Anya Taylor-Joy - Over Christmas, my parents and I watched a 2 part series called The Miniaturist. It's based on a book and the show starred Anya as a beautiful yet confused character. I feel she played the part beautifully. She is elegant and passionate about what she does. I haven't actually picked up the courage to watch Split yet, but i cannot wait to see her in The New Mutants, alongside Maisie Williams, and in her next release Thoroughbreds which looks insane!!
Keeley Hawes - I first properly saw Keeley act when I was watching Ashes To Ashes, a series follow up to Life On Mars. My parents liked the show so they bought to boxset and I watched them all with them. Wow. I fell in love with how she became a character, and made me feel true emotions towards them. I have since seen her in a few other shows, such as Line Of Duty, but most recently was The Missing, where again she made me feel so much towards a character. I think she's incredible, and I can't wait to see what she's in next!
David Morrissey - My Dad and I watched a TV series called One Summer, and I wanted to see more of David Morrissey acting. I don't know what it was about him, but the way he held who he was throughout his performances was amazing to me. We watched more of him in The Walking Dead as The Governor, and I was actually sad when his character was killed because I loved what he bought to the show. I was over the moon when I saw that he was going to be starring alongside Keeley Hawes in The Missing. I just love his passion when he acts, I think he would be incredible to work with.

this blog post is paired with a youtube video where i answer questions about films and tv shows, so i will leave the link for that here, if you're interested:

so that's it! of course there are more (i haven't mentioned people like tom hanks, emma thompson, etc because everyone would give their right leg to make a film with them!), but we would be here all day if i didn't narrow it down! who would you like to work with/meet in the film/tv industry? see you on set future anna!


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