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hey hey hey! how you doin' future anna and anyone else reading this? good i hope! over the past few years, i have discovered more music than i ever hoped. i went to more concerts than i could have wished for, and found some really cool artists! i plan to continue doing this because it makes me happy, but for today, i thought i would jot down 7 of my favourite artists/bands that you may have never heard of but should definitely listen to! these are in no specific order, just the order they came to my head in! all of these opinions are my own, but i have done a bit of research through spotify also!

issac gracie

i found issac through instagram, and i think he's incredible. he's 22, and has already travelled most of the world with his music, and he isn't stopping yet. he has released a few eps, but i found him just after he released his most recent 'The Death Of You & I'. i love it. i'm obsessed! it's calming and quiet, and makes me miss a relationship i've never had. it's classic, yet it rocks, and brings to life a story. it starts emotions and feelings. his voice is nostalgic and safe. i think it's brilliant to listen to when i'm in the bath or just having a chill moment. stick him on shuffle, and you won't regret listening to any of the songs that pop up!

i recommend: Silhouettes Of You


tyne is the music project of grace shelley, a 19 year old magician in my eyes. her music is calming, yet alive, beautiful and electric. she captures stories incredibly well, with her deep yet charming voice. i first discovered her singing live at a gig, and as soon as i heard her exciting melodies, i had to hear more and more. the stories she delves into are so real and relatable, especially as i am also 19. stick her on shuffle and each song of hers brings something new to the table, and i think her music can suit everyone's taste. she only has 5 songs on spotify, but has already been highly recognized by the bbc. give her some love, you won't regret it!

i recommend: Girly

tash sultana

wow. what can i say about tash that hasn't already been said? she can play over 20 instruments, and sell out shows wherever she goes, yet i didn't discover her until a week ago. my friend had discovered her out busking in australia, and one day she was picked up and has not stopped since! her music is beachy, much like her roots, but it's spiced up with her shredding on the guitar for most of her tracks. she is a true musician in my eyes. her songs bring her personality to life, and the fact she plays every instrument whilst recording is legendary! even though her music is calming, i play it when i need something that provides a little more. go listen to her ep 'Notion'!

i recommend: Jungle

china lane

i found china lane when i was out in manchester one day. they were busking, and i think every single person who was in that area stopped what they were doing and watched the performance! after, i bought a cd from them which they all signed. they were so friendly, much like their music. their creations are warm and homely, yet awake and electrifying! i can imagine their singles being on every party playlist, bringing life and love to the people who hear them. they only have 2 singles on spotify, yet are in high demand for live performances, and are always out busking to give a treat to passersby! i am so lucky to have their cd to hear more of what they've done, and hopefully they will continue doing what they are so good at!

i recommend: In Motion


this pink princess stole my heart quite a while ago! i first discovered her song 'Girls Get Angry Too' and it BLEW MY MIND! seriously! if you wanna support an artist who stays true and individual to her unique personality, and supports some awesome causes, girli is the one to watch. she raps, sings, and produces her iconic tunes which bring to life and address topics that other artists might be too scared to look at. her sound is futuristic, yet still close to home, giving confidence to people of all genders, and ending the girls v boys music war. i think she's wicked, and i hope to see her live some day! she has seriously made herself and her visions known, and she isn't stopping yet! she has collaborated with some pretty cool artists, and released a few HOT eps, so stick her on shuffle, grab your girlfriends, and have a major dance party!

i recommend: Hot Mess

the seamonsters

i found the seamonsters through instagram and i think they are incredible! a 6-piece girl band from Sheffield who describe their sound as "Indie Glitter', have taken us back through time to a dreamy 80s disco, filled with shiny streamers, bright pink fruit punch, and a pastel-suited band that everyone in the room has a crush on. they truly are the word GIRL POWER, and host heavenly vocals as well as rocking a range of instruments. they are down to earth, friendly, and their style choices are bright and colourful, reflecting into their catchy songs! this is also shown through their quirky and cute single covers, which can never be mistaken for not being theirs. if you wanna be transported through time, stick them on shuffle, and you won't look back to present day!

i recommend: Wonderland

the tuts

and last but not least, i introduce to you: The Tuts! an all-girl band, promoting feminism was first revealed to me when they collaborated with Girli on a remix of her single 'Mr 10pm Bedtime'. i was instantly charmed by the girl's attitudes that i had to hear more! they create catchy tunes that still feel new after hearing them 15 times. their music is alive, and makes me want to get up and dance. i close my eyes and i'm transported to a tiny basement gig, surrounded by love! that sounds crazy, but whether you listen to their singles, eps, or album, you will feel the same! they are the girl's next door that you wanna be best friends with. their sound is like early 2000s, with a hint of the present day. they make me feel like a little kid again, dancing around and throwing my hair up and down. i feel cool when i hear their songs, and if that doesn't persuade you to listen to them, i don't know what will, haha!!

i recommend: Dump Your Boyfriend

so those are 7 bands/artists that i feel so many more people should know about! obviously their are more, soooo many more, but if i put them all in, you wouldn't be reading this ending right now! i might do a part 2, so if you have anyone you wanna recommend, let me know! see you around!!


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