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Happy International Women's Day future anna! This day is celebrated every year, commemorating the movement for women's rights. I thought it would be nice to talk about and celebrate the women in my life who inspire me everyday and make me so happy. Obviously i can't talk about every woman, because this blog post would be never ending. I am so lucky to know and have met so many incredible people over my life, i wish i could give them all a spotlight, but i have decided to just talk about my hero in this post. The person i aspire to be like. I have quite a few heroes and idols (sorry God), but I have decided to just talk about the main lady in my life...

My Mum

A bit cliché but it's true. I know that she'll be reading this, so hey mummy. I love you.

My mum is incredible and kind and caring. I aspire to be as loving and forgiving as she is. I also aspire to be as petty and strong as she is, hahah. She will always win a fight and support the people she loves til the end. I want to be like her.

She puts in so much work to not see much back. There is always a school trip or someone who needs to be driven somewhere. She always puts my siblings and I first, spending most of her days working and then running around to sort us out. I am forever grateful for all she does for us, even if we don't always show it.

My mum always has open arms, and is ready to help and listen to anyone's story.

Christmas isn't Christmas without my mum making it the perfect Christmas every year. From the food to the presents, she knows how to treat us all.

She gave up her dreams to have us be able to live ours, she is so selfless and caring. I can't even explain how much I admire her. My mum is always encouraging me to keep going, keep chasing my dreams, even if what i want feels so impossible. She supports everything i do, and is always there to 'like' my posts or read this blog. She makes me feel like everything i do is completely worth it. She taught me to believe in myself.

The amount of lunches she packed for me or meals she has made. I am always so grateful. I hope to invite her round to my house one day for a meal i have made her with everything she has taught me about cooking, even though i probably won't have an aga, hahah!

My mum makes me smile. Even when she doesn't understand one of my jokes, she always knows how to make everything better, even if i don't realise at first. She loves me even when i'm having a meltdown, something that even I struggle to do.

Even when she is upset, and i feel i can't do anything to help, i know she loves me and that everything will be ok. She bounces back, always. Something I want to be able to do as well as her.

She introduced me to God, and even though i don't look to God a lot, i know that my mum will always pray for me and protect me, in ways that others can't. She gives me faith.

I hug my family as much as I can, as you never know when you might not be able to. I can't wait to share more moments like this with my mum, and make her proud.

I often do or say something, making me think i'm turning into her, and i'm glad.

My mum is my hero.

Ok that's all i can say right now, before i end up crying. Thank you Mummy, for being a woman to be reckoned with, and for inspiring me to be the same.

p.s. happy mother's day for sunday also!

Happy International Women's Day everyone, remember to tell the women in your life that you love them and are proud of them.


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