Would You Rather: Harry Potter Edition!


hey, how's it hanging future anna? I haven't posted here in about 3 weeks, but that's just because nothing super interesting has happened and i haven't wanted to fill my blog with silly things that don't mean anything. Anyway, every kinda half term/week off school, my little brother and i try and watch a film series. We either choose between harry potter or the hunger games, as they are our favourites! during the February half term, we started harry potter, and as i was away for some of it, we didn't get very far. This week we finished prisoner of azkaban, and i saw this question thing on instagram that was created by @shethespy that i thought would be cool to answer! so here we gooo....

save dumbledore or save sirius

SIRIUS!!! i really don't like dumbledore, and harry was always so so happy when he was with sirius. i would save him if i could.

gryffindor or slytherin

I'm half gryffindor half ravenclaw, so i will have to go with gryffindor, even though i prefer the green slytherin uniform colours haha!

ravenclaw or hufflepuff

Just like the last one, i'm half gryffindor half ravenclaw, so i will have to go with ravenclaw haha!

snape as your father or umbridge as your mother

i would rather have snape as my dad. imagine umbridge as your mother. in fact, i don't wanna image that awfulness.

hedwig as a pet or crookshanks as a pet

i have always wanted a cat, so i will have to go with crookshanks!

invisibility cloak or time turner

ooohhh this one has taken me a while to think about, but i think i would have a time turner. if i was behind on homework or wanted more sleep, how cool would it be to just go back in time and be able to get it done!

fight the basilisk or fight a dementor

i would rather fight a dementor. one simple spell, and it's done. whereas the basilisk would take a while, and i would be too scared! haha!

be a house elf or be a gringotts goblin

even though everyone loves dobby, i would hate to be a house elf. it seems like an awful job, so shoutout to the elves who have to put up with it!! goblins are ugly, but ya know, it's better than being a house elf hahah!

be a squib or be a muggle

i would rather be a muggle. even though the wizarding world is incredible, i would rather not know about it, than be part of it but not able to do anything in it! does that make sense?

hide inside quirrell's turban or spend a year in azkaban

hmmm.... i don't know for this one. maybe spend a year in azkaban. i guess it would be better than behind connected to someone else and covered and in hiding. even though azkaban does sound and look completely awful!

your bones regrow or eat slugs

every time i see the scene when ron is throwing up slugs, i feel sick. i would rather have to regrow my bones!

so those are all the questions!! during the next holiday when we watch the hunger games, i might do another one of these based on that!! 

on a completely different topic, but something i feel i need to talk about is my friend hannah. she is going for part 1 of a major surgery tomorrow, and i'm a little nervous for her. it's a big thing and i just hope it all works out ok. if you're reading this and feel you can help, here is the link to donate to hannah to help with the cost of her surgeries: https://www.gofundme.com/ww626f-help-a-heart . If you can't donate, please share the link! thank you!

so that's all for today future anna, hopefully when you're reading this, you and hannah have gone to the concerts you planned and everything is alllll good! have a lovely day!


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