Winning The Lottery?!?!


hello future anna, nope i haven't won the lottery, but i thought it would be cool to write a list of what i would do if i actually won the lottery. imagine having all the money you would ever need, well here's what i would do...

first off, every month i would donate to a different charity. So many charities catch my eye, some are well known and others do so much work yet are struggling. i love to help and donate as much as i can, so if i won the lottery i would donate each month to someone new! i wouldn't do it for thanks or whatever, just because i genuinely do want to help.

Even though my dad would probs advise against it for future bank loans and random things (idk what he talks about because it confuses me and so do mortgages and ahhhh hahaha), i would pay mum and dad's mortgage off. This is something i think most people would do, but it's just nice isn't it.

Secondly, i would take my mum on a cruise. She has always wanted to go on a cruise, and i don't know if i would go with her, or it would be her and my dad, or her and a friend, or just her, or the whole family, i guess she could decide who was going and what was happening! I think it would be lovely to give her something she has always wanted, especially after she has done so much for me and so many others.

If i buy my mum a cruise trip, i would have to buy my dad a breitling watch. He has wanted one FOREVER and whenever we pass a watch shop, he has to have a look in the window. Again, he would probably never be able to make his mind up about what he wanted, but that's ok. He could have the money to buy whatever watch he wanted.

For my siblings, i would probably give them the money equivalent to said watch/cruise. I would advise they have a quarter to spend, and save the final three quarters for later, but of course they can do whatever they want! The only reason i say this is because my brother would spend it all on toys and games which is completely cool, but i reckon he would regret it when he is slightly older. Idk what my sister would buy. Possibly shoes, but they can decide!

Finally for my family, i would always get them great christmas and birthday presents. I do that now, but i would take it to the next level! I think i would also take them all on holiday each year to a great all expenses paid for place! It would be cool for us all to be together, and i would also invite my nephew, sister in law, grandparents, and idk whoever wanted to join! We would go to private islands, Disneyland, tropical places, theme parks! so many cool holidays, OH AND WE COULD TAKE A CHEESY PHOTO ON EACH HOLIDAY AND SEND IT AS THAT YEARS CHRISTMAS CARD LIKE THE KARDASHIANS DO!! hahaha i love that idea!

Onto me. I think I would buy an apartment in London or Edinburgh. They are my two favourite cities in the UK, and now that i have the money, i would love to make one of them my home! I would possibly buy a house, or put money aside to buy a house one day somewhere. I don't know where, but for now i would live in a city and live my best life! It would be a cool 2/3 bedroom apartment with colourful walls, a roof garden, friendly neighbors, the dream really! It would be in a great location and decorated perfectly!

Depending where i lived, i would buy a studio/film space so i could quit my jobs and pursue film making full time. I would hire people and have a cool and quirky lil film studio where we make important films that tell a story and even if no one saw them, i would be happy just spending my days creating! The dream, ay!

So after treating my family, settling down, and creating films, i would still have money left over (i hope!). I would save it/spend it wisely. I would treat myself to gigs, festivals, events, go out with my friends and travel the world! They say money can't buy you happiness, but it sure can help hahah!!

So i guess that's what i would do if i won the lottery. Probably pretty boring compared to what others would do, but i would be happy and that's the main thing. I hope i would be happy.

I know money can't buy happiness and that it isn't everything and that this probably won't ever happen, but if i keep working hard, saving up, working up the ladder, who knows... this one day could all become true! Who needs the lottery when you can work hard and really deserve what you're getting! (although it would be nice hahaha)

This blog post is paired with a video i made all about how i save money! Like i said, i am a saver, not spender, so here are 3 tips that i use! Enjoy:

What would you do if you won the lottery? I would love to know so i could maybe make my list a little more interesting hahah!! Have a lovely day future anna!


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