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yo yo yo future anna! ok the exciting thing is properly in full swing now and twitter knows but i don't wanna put it everywhere just yet because i haven't told my second job but i thought i would do this fun this or that set of questions i found before i go all out and tell everyone what's going on! just in case, ya know! anyway, i saw these questions on Instagram (from @obrienandolive) a while ago and i screenshotted them and i have wanted to post it on here ever since but i just never got round to it. anyway.... here is a mystical inspired this or that thing for you!

young at heart or old soul

i think, well i know i guess, that i'm an old soul. i get on really well with the old ladies at my church, and i can't think of a better way to spend a day then sitting outside in the sun sewing. even though i have my childish moments and feel young, i feel more connected with older generations than my own.

sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise

even though water freaks me out a little, i would rather sail at sunrise. it would be beautiful to be out on the water at the start of the day when the sun is coming up and everything doesn't look real.

polaroid pictures or handwritten letters

this is a hard one for me as i am a lover and collector and keeper of both. i wanna say polaroid pictures as i love taking them and having the memories forever, but i am gonna have to go with handwritten letters. the idea that you have a moment of that person written down to keep forever is magical to me.

summer nights or city lights

summer nights. definitely.

messy & spontaneous or clean & organised

clean and organised and i think if you asked anyone who knows me they would say that too haha! are you still the same future anna?

fly to the moon or swim to atlantis

i love swimming but like previously mentioned, i am not the greatest fan of water. i would have to fly to the moon and see the stars. i think it would be such a breathtaking moment to be stood on the moon and look back at the earth.

barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in paris

i would love to go to paris someday. imagine waking up and eating breakfast on a balcony or climbing to the roof and watching the city move by. beautiful.

moonlight or candlelight

moonlight. i am scared of the dark, but my gran once said to me that if i am walking at night, the moon is always with me and looking out for me. it has stuck with me ever since and i always remember that when i am worried about walking alone at night.

painting or poems

i adore both, but i guess as i've grown up, i have looked to words more than painting and drawing. i still enjoy it, but words seem to flow out of me better than ideas for paintings do.

vintage postcards or antique telescopes

vintage postcards!! same reason as the handwritten letters really. i just love sending letters and seeing handwriting and it's just such a lovely thing to sit down and do.

old records or cassette tapes

hmmmm.... i think i will go with old records. i love tapes, but the crackle of a record and seeing it spin really makes my heart happy. i just can't explain how it makes me feel.

bouquet of roses or bouquet of wildflowers

either would be beautiful, but i think i will go with wildflowers. just something different really.

reading books in a fairy-lit blanket fort or starlit picnic & outdoor cinema

omg i would have either to be completely honest, but i guess i will go with the picnic and cinema. i think it would be stunning. one of my favourite movie experiences was going to a rooftop cinema and seeing one of my favourite films. i love reading, but i think i would choose the other, depending what the film is of course hahah!

wine or whisky

i hate wine, although i have recently discovered i like white wine spritzer with lemonade rather than soda, so i will go with whisky.

rainy days or stormy nights

rainy days. i love how cinematic it feels to see the rain pour down and attack the windows. i find it kinda therapeutic and safe feeling, although i hate being out in it haha!

swim in the sea or gaze at the stars

like i have mentioned, water isn't my fave, so i would rather gaze at the stars. where i live, we can see so many, so i would love to just lie and watch them all twinkle.

ooohhh i really liked this set of this or that questions! i really enjoy doing these as i find everyone's reasons for why they choose whatever they choose so interesting, and it gives us time to learn more about each other. i wonder if your answers will be the same or completely different future anna. maybe you'll get over your fear of water, or not, who knows hahah! have a lovely week. bye!


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