My Favourite Memories of Being 19!


happy birthday future anna! well, it will only be your birthday if you read this on june 10th each year, but hey ho! haha! right, i thought it would be nice to look back at some of my favourite moments from the past year! i have chosen one moment from each month which has been difficult, but i needed to narrow it down or we would be here for a while haha! so let's start...

june 2017
ok, so the day before i turned 19 last year, katy perry released her 4th album WITNESS! It was an amazing start to my birthday and it was incredible spending most of june witnessing katy and letting her witness us. I can't believe that album came out a year ago, AND I SEE KATY LIVE 4 TIMES IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS AHHH!! june last year was so good!

july 2017
ok so now we enter july! in may i went to the bastille gig at unon chapel and met 2 best friends hannah and hollie in the queue! hannah was in the hospital so i went down to london for 3 days to visit her! during my visit i stayed with my cousin and one night we went to a lil free gig in london and dan smith, the lead singer of bastille, was there! i still can't believe it! it was so lovely to be able to talk to another human about twin peaks and them actually getting it haha! one of my favourite moments from the past year and it was SO LOVELY to spend so much time with hannah!

august 2017
in august to celebrate my friend beth's birthday, 4 of us went up snowdon! it's always been something i've wanted to do so to do it with some amazing people made it so much fun! i loved the train journey, the climb, eating in spoons after, the whole day! i really hope we can do it again one day!!
read more about it here: http://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2017/08/there-is-signal-up-snowdon.html

september 2017
in september i went to one of my favourite shows that i have ever been too! i saw lorde live in manchester with my sister and friend nikki! SHE WAS INCREDIBLE! the whole show was electric and everyone was dancing all night. it was pure magic. i didn't want to leave, and shoved so much of the star confetti into my pockets as it fell over the crowd during green light.
i wrote a little piece about it and you can read that here if you want: https://twitter.com/spacegiraffe_/status/913372241311780864

october 2017
in october I BOUGHT MY FIRST CAR AHHH! i still can't really believe it! i had passed my test earlier on in the year and i had found a job that looked cool but it was a 30 minute drive away so i kinda needed a car. since passing my test we had always been on the look out for something but had never found anything right! about a week before my interview at the job, we saw the perfect car on ebay, went to visit it, i bought it and then drove to the interview! how perfect! one of my proudest moments because it meant i was slowly becoming an adult, and you can read more about it here if you wish: http://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2017/10/i-guess-i-have-car.html

november 2017
in november my cousin asked if i wanted to go and see pvris with her! we had seen them at leeds festival in 2015 and she wanted to go and see them again! i said yes and loved the evening so much!! we arrived in manchester, went to spoons to have a drink and some food, and then we headed to the venue! it was such a fun evening!!
i blogged about it here: http://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2017/11/on-phone-with-pvris.html

december 2017
i don't have a specific moment from december that was my favourite, but i would say that from christmas eve to new years day was all pretty good! i loved spending time with different family members and eating loads of food and just having a great time!

january 2018
so to start 2018, i was accepted onto a bfi screenwriting course which was incredible! before the proper week course started, we had an introductory weekend in january which was so much fun! i met some incredible people, ate some great food, learnt so much, and laughed SO MUCH too!
i won't go into loads of detail, so if you wanna read more, click here: http://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2018/02/bfi-screenwriting-residential.html but one of my favourite parts of the whole weekend was playing charades on the saturday night! it got super funny and we all laughed so much!

february 2018
in february i finally got to create my dream room. since moving to our house 2 years ago, i had never properly loved my room so wanted to go to ikea to get some new furniture! i bought a new desk (yes a proper grown up one ayyy), a cube display thing ya know the ones they do, and a new shelf setup where i can put my cameras! i also got a frame for a picture i'd bought a while ago! my room is finally what i want it to be!! and i am so happy because of it!

march 2018
Then we got to March, and i really enjoyed this month. One of my favourite days was celebrating women's world day of prayer with my mum and her friends at a beautiful church. I had attended the service and meal last year and was really hoping i could go this year too because i had enjoyed it so much! It was so lovely to see so many people together and i hope that i can celebrate the day next year too! If you want to support women from around the world and hear their stories, try and find an event near you!

april 2018
April was a big month because of Bastille's reorchestrated tour! I was so lucky yo be able to get tickets to 3 shows and spend 2 weeks visiting friends and family all around the uk! I truly truly loved april and the 2 weeks i spent on tour, it was just a magical time with magical people and magical music!
If you wanna watch more, check out the major vlog for the shows here: https://youtu.be/BUY-3BNo7L0

may 2018
Ahhh we're in the second to last mmonth now amd one of my favourite moments of may was going to telford with giulia and libby, 2 girls i work with and who have bbecome incredible friends of mine. We had wanted to buy a bbirthday present for someone else we work with, but the nearest zara shop was in telford. After a long, funny, sing-a-long drive, we arrived and just had the BEST day! I hope we can do another one of these trips soon!

june 2018
so now it's june! i have just got back from seeing so many family members at my gran and grandads house to go out for a big lunch! it was my grandads birthday on the 5th so he wanted to treat as many family members as possible to a lovely lunch and it just so happened to fall on my birthday! it's been so lovely to see so many people and i can't wait to see them all again! i guess what i'm looking forward to this month is seeing katy perry 4 times, haim and loads of friends and family like i did when i followed bastille for a few shows! i can't wait to see what my 20s bring me, so let's GO!! fingers crossed it all goes kinda smoothly for ya future anna!


p.s. i made a video which sums up my past year so i will leave it here:

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