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Hey future anna, it’s anna! Well, obviously! Anyway, sorry I haven’t posted on here in a longgg time, I just haven’t had anything to talk about. BUT that is going to change. I really enjoy writing about films and music and I’ve done that a little bit here, but now I wanna do it a little bit more! So, if there’s a new album out or a concert or a film I love, I’m gonna blog about it right here! Don’t worry, I will still get a little personal with ya at times! Hahah!

Today, I wanna listen to and give you my first reaction/opinion of Jorja Smith’s debut album ‘Lost & Found’ which came out today! I love Jorja’s stuff and have quite a few of her songs in a few of my playlists. I really enjoy her sound and the stories she tells, so today I wanna hear the whole story and let you know my thoughts.

Okay, we’re gonna lay my first reactions out first, and I am gonna listen to the song and randomly type how I feel. After listening to the whole album and spilling the tea, I will listen a second time and then give my overall thoughts and personal recommendations! Sound good? Ok cool, let’s begin!

(p.s. I am listening with headphones on. The only song I have properly listened to on the album is lue Lights and haven’t heard any of the others apart from Teenage Fantasy but haven’t listened to it in a while!)

Oooh dreamy, I feel like I’m in a bathroom at a party. Yeah Jorja it does sound cool. Might add this to my ‘Chill’ playlist. It’s a classic beat but it’s so fresh. It feels warm. Ok, 1 minute 30 seconds in and no words, wait there are words now. Such a strong and powerful voice, wow. It reminds me of an Amy Winehouse style of jazz, ya get me? Ok no offense but it’s only like half way through and I think I want it to end. It’s nice and really introduces the album well, I just feel it could’ve been cut shorter. In fact, scrap that previous comment, it has about 30 seconds left and I’m actually really liking that it’s long. It’s going on my ‘Chill’ playlist.

Crackles. Hey hey hey genie in a bottle smooth idk but these vibes are a mood. Loving how real and raw these lyrics are. This chorus is preaching the TRUTH! Her whole vibe is very dreamy, so I am loving this. If Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks were here she’d be having a dance. Jorja is so effortless and real and it just all works so well. Really like how it fades at the end and it feels all dreamy and not real and then she brings it straight back to reality.

Oooh yes, loving the beat of this one. I don’t know if this is a single or not but I feel it should be one. Obsessed with these lyrics. I think this has been my favourite song so far. Jorja’s style is just so dreamy yet city yet hazy yet down to earth, I can’t explain it but it’s the perfect amount of chill for me.

Listened to this a little when she released it a few days ago, just remembered! Again, real deep hitting lyrics but so easy to listen to and get lost in. She mixes in a range of highly sung notes really well, it fits so well with this. I feel like she’s portrayed as innocent through her doing this and is trying to get across to the other person that they’re in the wrong. Ok ok, she’s speaking now and I love how the whole idea of being lost and being found is being dripped throughout the album so far and not just in the title track. A bit of an abrupt ending but it works well.

Yes, we got some drums going on here. OH DAMN GIRL OH I AM LOVING THIS. It’s still really chill yet so much more awake from the rest of the album, like she’s been shaken up and her music is coming to life because of it. I love it. She’s laying down how she feels on the line and the person she is speaking to has to deal with it. They’re on their own tonight.

VIOLINS. Crackle. Yes. How beautiful are these lyrics! Ok you know I said that Audrey Horne would be dancing to that song, yeah well, she would be dancing to the whole album. Really loving how it builds up and then falls and then builds and then stops and then POW. It’s cinematic and heavenly, wow. One of my favourites I think. Nah, I KNOW it’s one of my favourites!

OH YES. Wow. They’ve had an incredible play with this one and there are so many elements creating the beat. Wow 1 minute in where there are lots of voices yeah that’s awesome. It’s slow and creamy yet so raw and attacking. She really is laying it all out and not hiding who she is or what she’s been through. This song is just so full of power and release, I really love the style of this one. So much.

Here we go, I don’t know when this song was released but it was the second one I heard from Jorja after listening to Let Me Down which isn’t on the album. To be honest, I didn’t really like it at first because of all the electronic keyboard action and it just didn’t sound right but now I love it. It’s just so different and really takes general pop songs into a new experimental place. The lyrics and story of the song is just so real and gritty, she has captured this feeling of helplessness and worry SO WELL.

CRACKLE AGAIN! Love a bit of crackly rain feedback to get me in the mood haha! Wow ok um I love this. When I saw that this was a freestyle piece, I was super excited to hear it. I would love to know a little more of the behind the scenes to this song and how it came about. Yes, she is laying out the truth mmm hmm gal!

1, 2, 3. This is beautiful. She really does have a true talent and I am so glad she is sharing it with the world. Stunning. That’s all I can say.

HEAVENLY WOW OK UM HELLO. I adore that she speaks nothing but the truth on all her songs. She really is someone to watch out for. If this is on her first album, imagine what she is gonna do on her next.

Ok, last song, let’s hit it! Little baby, Jorja it will all be ok. Wow. Phenomenal. Wow, her words are so real and relatable and mature. Like a previous song, I love how it builds and builds and then she gives her all. Like Tomorrow, if this is what she can create right now, imagine what she’ll be able to create in just a few years. An incredible end to an incredible album.

Right: Jorja performing (If this is your image, please let me know so I can give credit!) // Left: Lost & Found album cover

Ok ok ok. Jorja wow wow wow. I have just listened to the album in full a second time, and I am actually in love. Here is my full album review:
Jorja Smith is able to put you in a dream-like mood, where you could sit and sway and just watch the rain. It’s the kind of album you could have on repeat for the whole evening and never get bored. Each song puts together part of this puzzle of being lost but ultimately always being found. Whether that’s finding yourself or having someone else find you, good or bad. I love how hazy it feels, and if I closed my eyes, I would think I have this album playing on a record player. It has vibes of 90s RnB, church choirs, heavenly melodies, gritty police chases. It doesn’t feel real yet it feels like the most real thing I’ve ever heard. Jorja’s words and ways of telling stories is magical and powerful, and if she is able to create this piece of art for her first album, I cannot wait to see what she brings to the table next!

So that was my real-time (I guess) review of Jorja Smith’s debut album Lost & Found. I truly recommend listening to the full album (maybe read my song reviews as you listen!), whilst you’re having a bath or eating your tea, as it really is so lovely. If you don’t wanna listen to the whole thing, I recommend: Where Did I Go?, The One, Wandering Romance, Lifeboats (Freestyle), and Tomorrow. Enjoy the album, so follow Jorja to listen to more of her music, and I will see you next time I blog, whether that’s me talking about music, films or me! Bye future anna, I hope Jorja’s doing well when you read this!


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