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hey future anna! how's it hanging? Anyway, on Friday 8th June (last Friday), Lily Allen released her new album No Shame.

I love Lily and listened to her so much whilst growing up. Although I never really listened to her albums in full, just the songs I heard on the radio or ones I heard as part of film soundtracks. After leaving the music scene for a while after her 2008 album 'It's Not Me, It's You' was released, to spend time with family, she released the album ‘Sheezus’, and to be completely honest, I haven’t ever listened to any of the songs on it apart from ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ which was introduced to me through the John Lewis Christmas advert. I wanted to give her another chance (not that anything was done that made me stop listening to her in the first place), and with her new album being released, I thought now would be a good time to start.

Like my previous album review, I am gonna listen to the album in order and comment on each song as they play. I will then listen to the album a second time and give an overall review!

Just so you know, I am playing the album straight through (no distractions!!!), I have headphones on, and I haven’t listened to any of the songs on the album before! Ok, let’s gooooo!

Feel like a beat from the trainspotting films, oh YES LILY I LOVE YOU. I haven’t listened to her in so long, but her voice just makes me feel so nostalgic! OH YES. Omg this is actually incredible. Straight away she has NO SHAME in telling the world exactly how she feels and what’s up with her life. I am obsessed with these lyrics, she really isn’t scared to write down and sing the truth. The pre-chorus is actually fantastic. So many people have said things about her online over the years and I love how she addresses it. Ok this is headed straight onto my Gals Gals Gals playlist and possibly my chill one!

Oh hey there Giggs, I don’t know who you are but loving this vibe. I can imagine this being an awesome song to walk down the street to. THAT’S WHY I CAN’T HANG WITH THE COOL GANG yes wow her lyrics are incredible. I love how she throws back to old songs and old stories and that she is still the same person and always will be. It’s so alive and hard hitting yet so chill and wow I love this album so far.

OK THIS IS GONNA BE PLAYED IN THE CLUB. I love how she has grown from pop to creating her own electric sound. It’s nostalgic and warm and homey, yet it’s been hit out of the park and is something so new and unfamiliar. Living for the vibes of this one! Ok I don’t know which of these songs are/are gonna be singles but I have a feeling this is one.

Oh I feel throwbacks to a few older tracks she’s done, just with the lyrics/story she’s telling but then it is completely refreshed with Burna Boy rapping. It’s like a holiday beach chill exotic flying to paradise kinda song and I am living for it. I think out of the 4 I’ve heard from the album so far, this is my least favourite, but I still really love it, I just don’t normally listen to this kind of song. I am gonna show it to my sister though because I bet she will be obsessed and will be rapping along in no time! Haha!

Ok when I read this title I thought of Billie Eilish, and when it started playing it immediately sounded like something she would create. Pop-y yet quiet, I really love this. Enjoying this tune so much, it’s upsetting, but the way it’s been sung and bought to life is so different to what it’s talking about. Juxtaposition innit! Added this to my Gals Gals Gals playlist because I really love it. Really appreciate the sudden ending to. It just breaks it up rather than staying fade-y and dream-like like the rest of the song.

Oh this is a little different. It’s still dreamy but Lily is now awake and accusing the other person of losing their mind rather than commenting on her own mindlessness like in the previous song. Some parts are sung higher, and it makes it seem like Lily is having 2 thoughts about the situation and is trying to decide what’s best to do. Adding this to my Chill playlist ASAP. Obsessed with the outro, this guitar is the perfect instrument for this song.

Wow electricity and then into a stunning selection of lyrics that are so real and heart-breaking. Ok yes, these drums. I don’t know what to say. It’s just so raw and beautiful. She really has done well with this album, it’s an incredible story, it’s beautiful art. I can imagine this being sung in a jazz club, I don’t know haha! So different from the rest of the album yet so perfect. I love this one.

This feels so innocent yet is full of explicit truths. It’s so stripped back, she really is sorry for what happened in a previous relationship and would rather just lay out the truth then live behind a sugar-glossed song that doesn’t mean anything to her. Love the use of the phrase ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’, it’s just been used so well and puts so much more meaning into it. Wow.

A similar style to Apples yet it has a more mature feel to it. We really are seeing a stripped back side to Lily, and although she has never been one to hide who she really is, I feel this album is just full of the gritty truth which is so refreshing to hear. This is hauntingly beautiful, added to my Chill playlist.

So we’re still hearing the more emotional side to Lily but we’ve jumped back to a similar sound to the start of the album and I am just obsessed with the fact that she really is showing NO SHAME in every situation. She isn’t scared to be happy, be herself, say sorry, tell the truth and I really appreciate that, especially when social media is full of people telling celebrities what to do and how they should be. Another really raw song that is just so beautifully written and produced, I love it.

Oooh hello this is different. What the heck this is fantastic. Another holiday beachy paradise exotic tune that will be played all over the place this summer. Imagine sitting in the sun with a drink in hand watching someone prepare burgers on the BBQ, yep this is the tune for that. YES LADY CHANN LAY DOWN THE TRUTH. Mate this is actually incredible wow if you just listen to one song on this album, I think this is the one you NEED to go with!!

Ok we back being chill and I am just floating around dancing on my chair. It isn’t how I imagined this song would sound but this is a good replacement. It’s so lovely and actually makes me feel special listening to it. Love the DUN DUN to finish it!

Ooh throwback to Summer 2013 am I right??? I love how the who album is down to earth and real yet feels so dreamy. I DON’T WANNA FREAK YOU OUT BUT I’M PROBABLY GONNA FREAK YOU OUT. She’s beautifully describing a hazy love that she’s trying to push on someone wow ok there is like a cool choir in the background hey. Her voice really is wicked.

Ok we’re back with the electric beat. HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT! Ok this is a fab song to end on. It really is just emphasising the idea of NO SHAME. She really doesn’t care and is happy being her, no matter what anyone else is saying. Heck I love this song!!

Right: Lily performing (please let me know if this is your image so i can credit you!)  //  Left: No Shame album cover

Ok, so I’ve listened to the album twice now, and after doing a kinda real-time review for each song, let’s look at the album as a whole!

Like I said, I haven’t properly listened to Lily Allen for years, but she really has bought it with this album. As soon as she started singing I was hit with a wonderful nostalgia of hearing her songs on the radio and trying to sing the songs, and then realising the meaning behind the songs and being scared to sing them in the car in front of my parents haha! The album has a great strong start, really powering through emotions like nobody’s business and spilling that tea in a fresh and funky way. A few songs in, we get so the slow section of the album, really diving deep into Lily’s world and exploring her past and relationships and feelings with absolutely nothing held back. As the album comes to a close, it sticks with these gritty lyrics yet becomes slightly more electric and positive with the beat which shows us how things do get Lily down, but she can always bounce back and have a fabulous comeback argument to prove it.

Even though I felt a lot of the songs sounded similar and were all quite dreamy, I actually really liked the overall feel of the album and that each song kinda linked to show the story of Lily and the shame she hasn’t ever had in telling her stories. I know that a few of these songs are gonna be on Summer playlists, and others might never be heard unless people listen to the album, but she really has created a great piece of art which I am sure she is really proud of.

I definitely recommend listening to the whole album, but if you just want a few songs to delve into, I recommend: Come on Then, Trigger Bang, Lost My Mind, Family Man, and Waste.

I really enjoyed listening to this album, and as we have seen I have added quite a few tracks to a few playlists but will now properly spend time listening to her other albums to see what they’re all about!
I am really loving this music review blogging thing so if you know of any artists releasing things (songs, albums, music vids, anything!), let me know as I would love to write my thoughts down about them!

See you around future anna, keep supporting Lily!


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