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well well well, where have you been for the last 2 and a bit months? OH GOSH I AM SO SORRY I CAN EXPLAIN!!

It's nothing major, well it might be to some, but after my last blog post, which went out at the end of june, i spent july visiting friends and family and working A LOT! Like a lot a lot! And then in august i went to a music festival and then moved to London. The last few months have just disappeared, and i haven't had time to really do anything! But i have been in London for a month now, i have settled in, so there are no more excuses! I plan on dedicating some of my tuesdays to writing blog posts, and maybe other days if i fancy it! i have a quite a few ideas, but if you have any specific posts that you would like me to do, just give me a call! or comment on here!

anyway, since moving, i have been doing a bit of "finding myself" wow i hate that phrase, but i guess i've just been learning who i am and what i want to do with my life. i thought it would be cool to ease myself back into blogging by doing a simple THIS OR THAT question thing, as i quite enjoy doing them! I found the following questions on an instagram profile, however i don't have the name of it, but i have done a few of these posts before and i think it might be from the same account as i have taken those questions from, so if you are interested, you are welcome to sift through my older voice messages to myself to find it!

so, who am i... by heart specifically?

an introvert or an extrovert

simply, an extrovert is someone who feels drained when they are alone and are filled with energy when surrounded by people. an introvert is someone who can feel drained by spending lots of time with people and then get their energy back by being alone. i used to think it was about wanting to spend time with people or not, so i was always conflicted with which i was. i loved spending time with people but i also adore my time alone. so with the truth cleared up, i discovered i was an introvert. i love hanging out with my friends and family, but it drains me so much. at least i know now haha!

a romantic or a realist

i am a realist through and through. i am 99% sure that everyone i meet or see on the street wants to hurt me in one way or another. i couldn't ever just let myself fall in love or romanticize over an idea. i am very real about all situations and like to think about every possibility, even the bad ones in the situation. it's quite bad, but at least no one has ever broken my heart unintentionally.

a cloud gazer or a star chaser

hmm... i like the idea of both of these. after moving from the country to the city, i see less stars. it doesn't bother me, where it would some people, but i am excited to see some when i visit home. i like looking at the bright sky and seeing what shapes the clouds are making, but i wouldn't say it wins. i will go with star chaser!

minimalist or extravagant

i would say neither yet both, i am a little unsure. i like keeping things simple, no big labels, i'm not bothered about having everything, i am happy with what i have. moving to london, i realise i don't use much, so why am i holding onto it? but i like having a bit of personality in my life, i don't like the walls to be all white, i just don't like a mess. i think i'm an extravagant, with minimalist values. does that make sense?? hahah!

a lover or a leaver

scrolling back a few questions, i said i wasn't a romantic, i was a realist. i think i know when things aren't working, i know when relationships are one sided. i like to think i would try and make it work, but i'm a leaver. i get all funny about the idea of commitment. i don't know how to really explain it, but i'm a leaver.

a mountain or an ocean

water worries me. it's constantly moving and changing and is filled with scary things. yeah, hahah! i can swim, i just don't enjoy it! i like the idea of being a mountain. a strong thing holding their ground. i also enjoy hiking and walking on mountains, so yeah, a mountain!!

a fighter or a peacemaker

my granny once told me i have courage in my convictions. i was slightly confused y the saying, but as every child does, i just smiled and nodded. throughout my life i have understood why she said it. i will never let anyone be hurt or tell me i'm wrong without a decent argument. i've probably explained that awfully, but i will always stand with the small, with what's right, with what's the good thing to do. whether i know someone or not, i will always assist if i can. even though i enjoy an argument, i am a peacemaker. i know what's right and wrong, and will do everything in my power to bring peace.

the artist or the muse

i'm the artist. i don't think i've ever been a muse. i don't think i ever will be. i don't know really. i just know that i have a voice and something to say, so i will use it, not inspire someone else to do it for me.

so that's who i am i guess. from this, we have learnt that i am a real mountain sat under the stars fighting for peace through artsy things?!?! hahaha!!

feel free to answer these questions in the comments so you can discover who you are! it's so interesting finding out secrets about ourselves, things we didn't know could possibly be true!

thanks for sticking around, i promise i will too future anna! have a lovely day!


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