hello future anna, a few weeks ago, someone said i should do film reviews. on my personal instagram i always babble about the films i see on my story, but thought i would take it one step further and create a blog post/podcast/review thing so anyone can watch/listen/read it and get to know my thoughts! I hope to do more in the future so stick around!

Anyway, here is the transcript for the review which will be linked below!

The other day I went to the cinema to see A Star Is Born.

The film is now in it’s fourth remake, with previous versions starring Janet Gaynor (1937), Judy Garland (1954), and Barbara Streisand (1976). Each version follows a similar story outline, a character who has made it, falls in love and helps someone who is trying to make it. Both characters face challenges along the way, and even though each end differently, they all end the same. Does that make sense?

The 2018 version, the only one I’ve seen, follows established singer Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper, on his tour. However, we quickly learn that Jack is dependent on drugs and alcohol to battle his demons. He meets Ally, played by Lady Gaga, when she is singing in a bar one night. The two quickly fall in love and we see their journey together.

I really loved the film. It’s not a new story, but the way it was told was fresh and down to earth, showing celebrities are people who struggle, just like ourselves. It was funny, emotional and the music was stunning. If Jackson Maine was a real singer, I’d definitely have his album.

The rest of the review will contain spoilers, so if you’re happy with that, please continue, and if not, I’ll see you around. If you do go and see the film, bare in mind that it shows drug and alcohol use as well as suicide, so if those are things that affect you, please don’t go and see it.


So, you know the basic outline, but I’m going to go into a little detail on the beginning, middle and end.
To start the film, wow, what an entrance. I love live music, I would live at a music venue if I could, and to start the film with the crowd screaming and the band preparing, it just takes me away to my happy place. To start the film with such electricity, was a power move and really set the scene for the entire film. Like I said, we learn from day 1 that Jackson is dependent on drugs and alcohol and even though this is the main theme in each of the previous films, it felt so perfect for the time we are in right now. So many artists struggle, everyone struggles, but it seems each week that I am reading about more and more stars struggling or going into rehab. Even though the solution didn’t really work for Jackson, it was such a touching story, and I hope that people can learn to look out for friends and family who may be showing similar signs, so they can get help.

I looked at my watch and we had quickly learnt a lot in just an hour of the film and the story was in full swing which I really liked. Sometimes things like this can feel dragged out, but this really wasn’t. I love how we were introduced to the character of Ally, a loveable and relatable girl whose dreams came true. Some love stories in the movies are unrealistic and really wind me up, but this love story was real and made sense which really helped the story to come to life.

Somethings that I felt could’ve been done a little better were the talks between Jack and his brother and his past. I know the story focus was on the present, but it was easily lost, and even though I knew jack’s brother was his brother, I don’t know, but I just felt like the past of the characters could have been done a little more smoothly for the audience to understand. I always pick up things in films so the fact I didn’t really get this was a bit concerning.

I liked how Ally and Jack grew as characters but also stayed the same. Natural progression was done so well, however I didn’t like how it ended.

My mum told me that all previous versions ended with death, I won’t say how because spoilers, but it really angered me that this one did in the way it did. It felt very out of place, and even though Jack was lost and unsure, I just didn’t feel that he would do what he did. I know it’s unfortunately realistic, with things like this actually happening, but it just wasn’t the end that I wanted, or the one I saw coming. With that being said, the story was rounded off nicely and the end of the film was beautiful, coming full circle with Ally, and sadly the same with Jackson, I just wished it had been done a little differently, but if they’d done it the way I wanted, it would be very similar to the one with Barbara Streisand.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, was never bored, but confused a little.


Wow, what a cast. Bradley Cooper who played Jackson and Lady Gaga who played Ally were phenomenal. A lot of the internet says each generation of the film has chosen a couple who represents the world at that time, and I truly feel Gaga and Cooper were a brilliant match.

Cooper directed and co-wrote the film as well as starred in it, giving him quite a bit to do, but his performance was incredible. He looked the part, sang the part, and sounded it, even though at times I couldn’t really understand the deep accent, but I couldn’t understand the brother’s either so that’s my problem, not theirs! He truly became a tortured soul, showing the audience how fame and fortune doesn’t equal happiness. He was brave, outgoing and showed so much star quality.

Gaga is known throughout the world for her music, but recently took to acting. Her role in A Star Is Born is so stunning. I knew she would rock it, but oh my, she took it to the next level. She was so natural, she truly bought the character of Ally to life. I believed every word and trusted every move. And her voice, wow, she stole the show.

Jackson’s Brother was a really important character and even though I didn’t catch his name, he was powerful and emotional, and I really loved his attitude.

Ally’s manager was two-sided and true to real life, something I’m sure lots of famous people watching the film can see in people they know in real life. I hated him, and I think that’s exactly what they were hoping for.

One special shout out to the guy who played Ally’s dad. I love him, he is such a good dad, I hope he has a good day.


This film relied on the music more than anything. The story could be great, but if the soundtrack was awful, people wouldn’t stick around to see what happened. I’m blown away with the quality of songs, the range and just the singing of Gaga and Cooper really takes front seat. Even if you don’t plan on seeing the film, I recommend listening to the soundtrack. My personal favourites are Black Eyes, Maybe It’s Time, Always Remember Us This Way, and of course Shallow which is the lead song from the film. Like I said a little while ago, if Jackson Maine was a real artist, I would own all his CDs. I just love his voice and the music is just so alive. It’s kinda like Tom Grennan and Mumford & Sons.

Don’t quote me on this but I think most of the songs sung in the film were performed live. I think you could pay £10 to go and see it being made at Glastonbury which is pretty cool. I love how it was real, like all live performances are, and not lip synced. However, the audience could’ve looked a bit more excited, haha!

The only thing I would’ve done differently sound wise, was near the end, just before the character of Ally smashes all the frames, there is quite a loud noise sound. Like feedback. If it was me, I would’ve had complete silence, just to make it even more eerie, especially after the events that have just taken place, but that’s just my personal choice.


A lot of beautiful shots, wide and close up. Whenever we were with Jackson, everything was very close, he wasn’t able to escape our view, it was uncomfortable but a great camera choice. With Ally, we often saw all of her. She was open to us, ready for the world to take her, and it stayed like this even when she was signed because she always stayed true to herself and her vision.


One thing that was used a lot were neon signs. I love bright shining lights of single colours, for me, it’s just a power move really. It’s harsh yet sets the scene so perfectly. I loved the use of the red neon sign when the police arrived at the house near the end. A red room shining in the middle of an empty wood. Very telling of the scene and deeper meanings and things.

I loved the realness of Ally and her Dad’s house. It was full and messy, just like a home should be, and you could see this reflected in Ally’s clothing before she was famous. She wasn’t a mess, but you could clearly see that she was proud of where she had come from. As her life changed, so did her look, and even though I wasn’t a massive fan of her having to change, I loved the style she chose. It was nice to see it against Jackson’s never changing wardrobe, showing how Ally had grown, but Jackson would always be stuck.


I think that’s everything. I really enjoyed the film, I nearly cried at times, but I was smiling at the end. I have done research into the previous versions and I really would like to see them, so hopefully I can. Who knows if they’ll do another version in a few decades time, but for now we just have to wait for awards season to see if they win anything. I do hope so. Also, is it a musical?

So that’s my kinda review/me just spilling my thoughts on A Star Is Born, but it was a wonderful film, and highly recommend it. Have you seen it? Are you going to? What are your thoughts? Let me know as I’d love to hear your opinion.

Have a great day, and I’ll see you next time.

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