Things I'd Tell My High School Self


morning future anna! hope you're good! after moving away from my home, i realised how important my family is. after living in a place with new people, it makes me look at the way people are raised and how they treat others. this weekend i went home to visit friends and family and it was just so lovely. i also realised that i'm really happy with the way i was raised. i could never ever speak back to my parents, i would like to think i'm kind and friendly and will always stand up for what i believe in. but i guess we all have phases when shouting at your parents and being embarrassed by them is the norm. i think my height of this phase was year 8/9 of high school, but luckily i'm out of it now haha! here are some thing i would tell my high school self, but i probably wouldn't change who i was as it's made me who i am.

be nice to your parents

my mum and dad are literally my bffs! i love them with all my heart and if i could go back, i would tell myself to appreciate them from an earlier age. sure i can come home from school and argue with them, or realise how much they do for me. i'm so lucky to have the family i do, and i hope they know that.

don't put everything online

in march 2013, i started my youtube channel. since then, i've felt the need to post all i do so that people i don't even know can see. i really love making videos and posting pictures, but i think youtube made me think that i need to be "famous" and that i need to be cool and go viral, when actually, no one needs to see what i do, i don't need others to validate my life and choices, and i'm cool enough without having "fans". i think i would just be a little more private and aware of how what i post can affect me or be seen by the whole world. that's why i recently made my instagram private but made one specifically for sharing film related things that i will keep professional rather than sharing my personal photos. maybe we can all learn from this.

if you like it, enjoy it, don't stop just because others find it silly

people often stop what they're doing just because others around them find it silly, even if they love it. i've always been very true to myself and never stopped doing what i love just because of what other might say, but i've definitely thought about quitting or not tried something because my friends don't, and if i could, i would tell myself to just do it. if i love it or want to get involved, i don't need someone else's opinion.

stick with your hobbies + guitar

kinda a follow on, but i would tell my high school self to stick at my hobbies, even if they don't seem like something i can use right then. i used to play guitar, but then i stopped, and i regret it so so much. i would love to be able to play and write music/sing but i can't. i know i can learn, but who knows where i would be if i'd continued. the same with clarinet, if i'd continued, who knows what i might be doing with my life. high school anna, stick at things, you never know what might happen.

start the essay the night you get it

oh gosh homework was not my favourite, so i would leave it til he last minute. i would always get it done, whether it was during the lesson or at 6am (i would set an alarm to wake up early to do it). i'm not blaming my parents, but i think if i were to do it all over again, i would want them to make me do it as soon as i got home from school rather than just leaving me to do it whenever. i was once set an essay about romeo and juliet and i couldn't finish it in one night so i took in what i'd done and lied to my teacher, saying i had left the last half at home and that i would bring it tomorrow. lmao. so yeah, do your homework the night it's set future anna, it won't do itself!

be friends with everyone

as i've grown up, i've seen bullying, i've seen people being mean, and it's awful to think that people are upset and alone. i've never been a bully, but i've done my fair share of joking with the class and taking sides. if i could redo it, i would just be friends with everyone. i was never mean to people, i would always pair up with them if we needed or would sit with them, but i would properly put in effort to be friends with everyone and make sure everyone knows that they are included. if i've ever been the toxic person in your life, or you've felt i've acted awfully towards you, know that i am so so sorry, and will forever regret it. i will always reach out to people if they look upset or alone now and make sure that everyone has a friend.

stand up for the people who can't stand up for themselves

a follow up from the last one, but the final thing i would tell my high school self is to be the voice for those who feel they have none. wow that sounds preachy, but i have always been confident and never afraid to stand up for myself. i've often stood back when i could've helped, and i do regret that. now, if i ever do see something that i don't agree with, or feel i can help someone, i do. i will always use my voice for good.

so this is what i'd tell my high school self. i think if my future self did appear to me, i wouldn't be surprised. i've grown up on doctor who and crazy sci-fi movies, so it would be shocking, but pretty cool. hopefully i'm able to continue growing as a person and loving my family as much as i do. good luck if you're still in school, take part in everything you can and be friends with everyone, you never know what people are going through! keep being cool future anna x


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