My Thoughts On Imagine Dragons' Album 'Origins'!


Hello future anna, I'm currently on a train and was thinking about what I could do to pass the time. Then I opened Spotify do realised that I still hadn't listened to Imagine Dragons' new album Origins. I was lucky enough to see them on their last tour and I love their sound, so I'm excited to see what this new, completely unexpected album has to offer!

Like all my album reviews, I write my review for each song as I hear it, so it's all my genuine thoughts and feelings as the songs play! I haven't heard any of the album apart from Natural, Bad Liar and a little bit of Machine, so it's all new to me!

Let's get started...


WHAT A FIRE TUNE. Literally fills me with so much power and feeling. Dan sings with his soul, truly screaming and feeling EVERY word. This is the first (I think) song they released after their last album Evolve and it really caught everyone off guard as they went straight into the next album rather than taking a break, but I don't think anyone minds, haha! I really love this song, I wish I played the drums so I could join in. It's just everything I imagine when I think of Imagine Dragons.


Ooh quite a funky beat. Really chill, and I really like it for that. YOU'RE A BOOMERANG BOOMERANG! I don't normally like songs like this, I don't know, I guess sometimes it just doesn't flow right, but I really love this and I'm gonna add it to my chill playlist. It's different from lots of their other songs, but still so them.


This was the second (???) single released for the album and I listened to the start of it but then stopped, I'm not sure why hahaha! I love how this song starts and then builds and builds and BAM! I love the idea behind this song and wanting to stand out and not just follow the crowd or be manipulated by someone else. AND THEN GUITAR SOLO YESSS!! Dan's voice really is something else, and he truly isn't afraid to just sing his feelings! I imagine this song live would be epic! "I am the machine".

Cool Out

Ooh it's very magical. I love this beat. Aw it's really sad but I really like this song. Imagine Dragons constantly give us incredible lyrics, and this song is no different. Another one for my chill playlist I think! No offense, but a little bored of it now. It's really nice and chill but very different vibe.

Bad Liar

This was the third single (??) released for the album and it really gave me Mumford and sons vibes. Not in a bad copycat vibe, but just the style of it. It's really peaceful but hard hitting. We really are seeing a stripped back version of the band. They've never been afraid to share their feelings and stuff from really deep down, but I feel this song gives another perspective that's so vulnerable. Ooh those violins.

West Coast

This is a bit funky and different. I don't think I've ever heard an Imagine Dragons song like this. Oh yes it's giving me Hudson Taylor vibes. This is so funky and different and chill and I just wanna be sat on the west coast with someone haha! I love the clapping.


Oh this was made for the new Wreck It Ralph film, super excited to see it! I love how it's so funky, yeah I can imagine Ralph running from danger to this song! I really love this, it's like a car song or something, loving listening to it on the train whilst looking out the window! Imagine Dragons are incredible musicians!

Bullet In A Gun

Ooh this is chill. I can imagine listening to this at the end of a night out. It's still got a good beat but so much more chill. The lyrics are really hard hitting and make you think but it's not too much. Nah I really like this, another one for the chill playlist. Wow that bridge though.


Oh this is pretty AH OK HELLO!! HECK YES WHAT A SONG. Ok I imagine this in Trainspotting or something. WE ARE THE FACE OF THE FUTURE WE DONT WANNA CHANGE WE JUST WANNA CHANGE EVERYTHING. Yes honeys PREACH. Ok this is one of my favourites I've heard.


Some nice drums. It's quite deep and bass-y and I like that. Ooh I love the chorus. I really like the sound and tempo of this song. "It's just you and me" I think this is one of the only positive love kinda songs on the album. Ooh it's a pretty bridge. Yeah, I like this one.


Hm, not really keen on this one. It's nice and pretty, but not really what I normally listen to. It's pretty chill and I am starting to warm to it. A bit bored of it now haha!


Ok this is still pretty chill but has some more drums. It's a nice song but I feel every album has that middle section that's a bit chill and is mostly skipped, which is a bit sad but it gives people time to appreciate it later on! I imagine this in a TV show when a couple have been arguing and their relationship is breaking down a bit. Quite like it.


Still in a chill mode but this one is a little more alive. I quite like the lyrics and the vibe of the song, but I still feel something is missing. I guess that's just my opinion. I like it, just not going in a playlist. Yet. Hahaha!

Burn Out

Ok it's peaceful. Ooh some sound effects. This is pretty cinematic. Oh ok this is still chill but I feel it has the missing piece. I can't explain it, haha, but this one has something that the few previous ones don't. I like the ending. Wait it's not the ending.

Real Life

Ok the last song on the album, show us what you got. Sounds quite magical and beachy and free. The lyrics are powerful dude. I really like this one. It sounds like Imagine Dragons but it's still so fresh and different. I like how it touches on faith because even though I have faith in God, it can be hard to have faith at times. A good choice to wrap up the album.

Left: Origins album cover // Right: New promo image for the band

So that's the album. I really liked it. I don't know what I expected because this is the first Imagine Dragons album that I have listened to the entirety of, so have no clue how it compares to their previous ones. I liked how fresh it was, looking at things the band and the world are going through. I don't think anyone expected another album so soon after Evolve, but it sounds complete, not rushed or missing anything.

If you don't have time to listen to the whole album, I recommend: Natural, Boomerang, West Coast, Digital, Only and Real Life.

I really love what Imagine Dragons stand for and all that they create, so I hope they're able to keep doing what they love for a long time.

I went to see them earlier this year with some friends and they were AMAZING, you can read all about that concert trip here: http://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2018/02/dont-hang-up-on-imagine-dragons.html

I hope you enjoyed my live kinda review, and I'll see you for the next one future anna!


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