2018 Look Back


omg can you believe 2018 is nearly over!?!? did we even. live it?!!? it's just gone so so fast! anyway, last year answered these questions that I found and I thought it'd be lovely to do it again to look back at my year, because even though it's been a lil sad at times, it's been really GOOD!!

Was it the best year of your life?

mm yes. I think it has.

did you move?

YES I MOVED TO LONDON WHAT THE HECK!?! still cannot believe it. I'm here in like my fave city and wow, how crazy!!

did you make a lot of new friends?

hmm... I made a few. actually I made quite a lot when I think about it haha! I've made some lifelong friends from the bfi screenwriting course I went on, met some amazing people from the Bastille and katy Perry shows I went to (shout out to ya'll) and made a few friends in London who are so so cool and yeah all the people I'm friends with are really special to me!! 

what's the hardest thing you went through?

I'm not really sure. when I think back there's nothing that really stands out. sure I was a little homesick when I moved to London but now I'm really happy here. I think the hardest thing I went through was losing friends and realising that not everyone will always be there for me even if I'm there for them. it SUCKS but normal to lose people. I'm still sad about it but it's ok. the people I have in my life are the best!

did you achieve a goal?

I guess I wanted to write more, and I've done that a lot over this year! I still have scripts to finish, but hopefully I can continue with my motivation and write even more!

did it go by fast to you?

YES!!!! so fast!! just like last year!

did your clothing style change?

I think my style has become a little more me, and I know the kinda things I wanna buy now and in the future! I'm happy with my style which I haven't been in the past. I'm also hoping to buy a suit for my cousins wedding next year so hopefully I can find something cool!

what was the dumbest trend in your opinion?

hmm I wanna say the weird dances from fortnight? fortnite? I don't know but people randomly did them and it confused me haha!

what's something you wish you could redo that you did this year?

there's nothing I want to do over, but there are moments I want to relive. the bfi course, the Bastille and katy Perry tours, just spending time with friends and family!!!

how many relationships did you get in?

ooooh... one. feeling all the loving feels!!

what's something you did that you never had before?

I went to 2 film festivals!! seriously such amazing experiences! I met some incredible people, watched some fascinating films and just had the best time!! so excited to go to more in the future, they are so much fun!

was school good or bad? why?

like last year, I don't go to school so will talk about work instead. up until august I was in the same 2 jobs as last year and I enjoyed them! I liked the people I worked with and am still bffs with some of them now! I see then each time I go home! obviously there were times I hated working but that's life! now in London, I love my job! I really love the people I work for/with and I am just so happy. it's all going really well!

best memory you made?

concerts are my happy place. I just feel so safe. this year I have been to so many shows and seen so many of my favourite artists, but I think one of my best memories of the year is watching katy Perry in Manchester and just dancing and singing my tiny heart out. it was so special. I wish I could relive that moment again and again and again.

this year has been a special one. I feel so happy with who I am and how I've grown. I've finally felt ready for things I thought I never would be and I'm just so happy looking back at all I have done this year. thank you for being part of it if you have, lots of love x


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