My Thoughts On Bastille's Mixtape 'OPH4'


Hello there, whether you know me personally or we have only just met, you are probably aware that I love bastille. I love their music so much, and so many of their songs really have special meanings to me and places in my heart. Anyway, they have a mixtape that they release called ‘Other People’s Heartache’ and yesterday (I think it was yesterday) they released the 4thpart of it. I haven’t listened to any of it yet (fake fan alert), apart from the first track which they posted a while ago, but I can’t really remember it, so this is gonna be like my other music reviews where I type as I listen so you can have my true reactions! Let’s go!

Wild World – Intro ft Kianja

Aw my heart!!!!!!! It’s just so nice to hear new stuff from my fave band even though I’ve heard this before hahah! This is a pretty cover of Cat Stevens song and I think it’s the perfect opening to the mixtape, leaving the last album Wild World and beginning the transition to the upcoming Doom Days, which will be with us SOON (UGHH)!!!

Would I Lie To You? ft Kianja, S-X, Craig David

Ooh ok yes. Its pretty yet punchy. AHHHHH IT’S A COVER OF CHARLES AND EDDIE WTFFF!! Ok when dan talks rather than sings in his gritty kinda voice it’s like wow mmm ok. I loved Kianja on the previous song so it’s lovely to hear more from them! I can imagine this on my sister’s playlist. She likes party, upbeat songs but if they’re chill too. I did not know this would be a cover so I’m just a lil shocked, but I really like it. 

Grip ft Seeb

Ok I’ve paused the track just a second. So, if you’re a fan of bastille, you’ll know that this song is a good old classic that just hasn’t properly been released yet. Dan has been saying SOON for years but here we finally have it. Fake fan alert – I have only listened to the original once (if it’s not on spotify, I don’t listen to it) so it’ll be quite nice hearing it without much prior love for it. Ok, play!! Guitar… kinda like a good old dj song, again, another one for my sister. THE DEVIL’S GOT MY ARMSssss I like it! I can imagine driving at night listening to this and screaming the chorus, whether alone or with a friend. I’d never heard of Seeb til this collab, but I love how they’ve layered different sections and really bought it to life. The lyrics are pretty depressing, but it makes it so much more accessible if that makes sense. Oh I like this bridge. Yeah, some people may not like it but I do.

Don’t Let Go (Love) ft Craig David, Kianja, Swarmz

AHH THIS IS THE SONG FROM THE TRAILER OH MY GOSH FREE YOUR BODY AND MIND NAH IT’S A COVER I AM IN LOVEEEE!! Mmm ok it’s pretty chill, I just wasn’t expecting this. I didn’t know which songs would be covers so it’s really nice to hear fresh versions of older songs. I love the FREE YOUR BODY AND MIND bits, kinda like most of the songs from Wild World using extracts and things. Oh yes Swarmz!!!!! So far I’ve loved each song. It’s not my normal music taste, but I’ll happily add them to playlists, but I will definitely let my sister know that they exist because she will love them! Wow it’s really cinematic and the end.

Flowers ft Rationale, James Arthur

TWO EVILS WHAT THE HECK?!!! Wow rationale what a VOICE! It’s another cover!!! Ok I can imagine this in a movie. It’s cute and not what I expected, and I really really like it. Hello there James! Such a powerful trio of voices. This mixtape really focuses on love, especially looking at the album art. It’s really interesting to see because so many bas songs focus on death and not happy things (haha), so it’s pretty sweet to hear this collection.

The Descent ft Lily Moore, Moss Kena, Jacob Banks

Ok I have paused this one too, and again it’s a bas song that’s been out for a while and I think it was released for record store day a few years ago but don’t hold me to that, but yeah I’ve only heard it once or twice because it wasn’t ever on spotify, so again, this will be a review from fresh ears. Press play please. OOOOOHH I really like this like REALLY LIKE IT!! That beat, mm yes. BE THE ONE TO CALL ME BABY!! Yes this is going straight on my playlist. Ok so if we look at the kinda story of the mixtape so far, we leave Wild World on The Anchor which is pretty cute, so what if this album shows the character in the story getting close to the person they love/are friends with, and even though it’s all been going right, it’s suddenly gone wrong, cue this song. Idk, just my thoughts! I just really like this song, oh wow just looked and it’s nearly 6 mins long, I’m half way through what’ll happen?? Damn Jacob Banks is amazing! It’s so peaceful but so heart breaking. Aw baby, this is sad. Who hurt you?!?!?

Warmth – Outro ft Moss Kena

OH MY GOSH IT’S WARMTH BUT THE LYRICS HAVE CHANGED TO SUM UP THE ALBUM AND MIXTAPE. Dan sounds so emotional and raw. It’s like the intro. I imagine him clicking haha! DEAFEN ME WITH MUSIC omg wow.

Wow wow wow woweeee. I loved it. It’s not really music I normally listen to but I loved how they’ve kinda upgraded their sound and what they wanna talk about. It’s like they’re done with singing about sad stuff and wanna open up to new emotions. They’re scared but excited for the new chapter. To deafen us with new music. I’m excited for Doom Days, whenever SOON may be!!

Enjoy it future anna! 


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