Putting the Phone Down On 2018


Well hello there future anna, we're currently in the weird week between Christmas and new year where no one really knows what day it is! haha! Today I thought it'd be cool to look back at the New Years resolutions I set at the beginning of this year and see if I kept up with them! I also did this last year and I think I'm gonna make it a tradition!

If you wanna read my resolution blog post from last year, I'll leave it here: https://annasnothere.blogspot.com/2018/01/ring-ring-its-2018.html

So let's have a look...

record a second of footage everyday!

YES I HAVE DONE THIS!!! Well, there might have been the odd day when I forgot, but I mostly did it and looking back at my memories over the past year is so much fun! It's been a lot of hard work so I might do it again next year, I'm not sure! But if you're thinking about doing it, I highly recommend! Just don't leave all the editing til the last few days of the year like me!!!

write down my dreams!

I was really excited for this one. but I never actually ended up doing it. it's much harder than you think to write down your dreams. so much happens and it can be hard to explain, so I just kinda gave up haha!! If I ever had an odd or interesting dream I always spoke to people about it though!

note good things that happen everyday!

So I started this at the beginning of the year using a diary that my brother had bought me but I slowly stopped doing it. I think I just forgot BUT when I moved to London my grandparents bought me a diary and as well as jotting down dates and times and what I need to do, I also treat it like a diary and talk about my day, my feelings, and the good things that have happened! So I guess I've upgraded this resolution and I'm really happy with doing it!

try not to complain as much!

I would like to say that I have completed this wish of mine. I have become a little more spontaneous, well tried to, and learnt to go with the flow even though at times I wanna break down, but because of that I have left the complaining out. My goal is to support everyone's dreams and just be happy so complaiingc is no longer allowed (although it's admitted sometimes)!

So those were my new year's resolutions for this year and I think I've done pretty well!! There are some I will continue with and others I won't, but I'm pretty happy with who I am as I look at this year ending and I hope to continue being as happy and recording it because I love looking back over memories and seeing cherished times!

I literally have no clue what day it is but I hope you had a lovely Christmas if you celebrated it! See you around!


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