Fave Songs RN #2


hey future anna! I haven't done this for a while so thought it'd be cool to share a few of my current favourite songs!!


I literally adore this song. It is the first track from Dua's debut album and I think it's beautiful. The lyrics are so poetic and revealing, and the production of the song is perfect. However I'm feeling, this song will be played. The drums make it sound so exotic and far from home which is what she is trying to get away from in the song, and then there are parts that feel so grounded, which is what she is craving. I don't really relate to the song, I just find it so glorious. One part that always stands out for me is the bridge because it is SO DIFFERENT from the rest of the song, but I love how vulnerable she has made herself in the whole album, but especially this song. It isn't one of the most well known ones but I HIGHLY recommend giving it a listen, it's just gorgeous!


I can't remember when I first heard this but it has had me enchanted ever since. It's so raw and pretty, yet so gritty in its themes. St Vincent is asking for forgiveness from someone she loves as she believes that they are the only person who truly loves her back. It's delicate yet electric and I just wanna give this song a hug!! To be honest, I haven't really heard much of her other stuff, but this song for me is just perfect. Now listening to it again, it kinda reminds me of the BBC series fleabag. I don't know why, but I can just imagine it fitting perfectly. Please give this track a listen and appreciate every part of it. I can't get enough of it!


This song is my FAVE from the Greatest Showman soundtrack! I've seen the film twice with different people and none of the songs in it enrapture me like this one does. I haven't really listened to the soundtrack, but whenever I go home, my younger brother always plays it on repeat, along with a mix of ABBA songs and some from Twenty One Pilots. He always asks which is my favourite song from the film so he can play it and I always gravitate towards this one. The whole soundtrack is so powerful, but this one is just incredible to me. It's such a simple song but has so much feeling and love, and the part of the film makes me angry and upset. It truly showcases the magic of a relationship, how it can be unsteady yet so much fun and it's all worth it in the end. I think it's gloriously written and performed, I adore it. You may love or hate the film (don't know why you'd hate it, it's not cool to hate something just because lots of people like it!!!!), but please give this song a chance. You won't regret it!


MMM YESSS!! Damn this song is just too good. Billie is a true force to be reckoned with, and after loving her music for a short while, I was super excited to see what the album would give us. I was not disappointed, and my favourite is Bad Guy which I think is the main single. I love how it's unapologetic and straight to the point. It's moody, sad, exciting, and I can't help but bop to it and pretend that the world is mine. It makes me feel so cool which is what Billie is trying to do for herself. The music video is on a whole other level, and when she says 'DUH'... I freak out every time!!! When the song changes to a more slow, less upbeat track, it really sets in how incredible Billie is. Her music is so different and challenging to what we are listening to right now, and she isn't scared to put whatever she likes out there! I cannot wait to see what she releases next!


If you know me, you know Bastille are ma fave! I'm currently in a Bastille shirt haha! Anyway, after getting their single QPM last year, we finally get something new and hopefully the album will follow shortly behind it. The song starts quietly, and almost angelic, similar to parts of their last album 'Wild World'. As the beat kicks in, we are greeted with an almost monologue style rant at the world and how we are living in these Doom Days. There are so many references to Brexit, plays, addiction, social media, appearance, the world slowly ending... I love it!! The main singer Dan said he wrote 20 verses for the song and this final version is a shorter collection of it, but I'd actually love to read the full thing! I didn't want the song to end, it's so hard hitting and cool, I just cannot wait for the rest of the album to grace our presence! Give it a listen, it's WOW WOW WOW!


Taylor swift is my current addiction. Her entire discography has been the soundtrack to my life since before Christmas, I just can't get enough of her! I fell in love with her album Reputation, then slowly worked my way through each of her albums! I adore Speak Now with my entire heart but I'm currently on my 1989 phase and listen to the album in full most days. My favourite song right now is I Wish You Would, and the line "you always knew how to push my buttons" is constantly stuck in my head but I'm not complaining! haha! I didn't know this song existed til I started listening to her more and I frickin love it! I don't relate to the song but I just love how alive it is! It's a total bop and more people need to hear it! Her new song ME! with Brendon Urie came out yesterday and it's like something from a musical! I adore Taylor's country songs, and I really hope there is a flare of that in her new album! But for now, the 1989 album is my favourite and absolute perfection!

So that's what you'll be seeing if you look at my Spotify anytime soon! Let me know what your favourite songs are at the moment and what you think of my current faves! Have a great day!


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